Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bi-coastal Modeling tips- should you work both East and West Coasts?

An ethnic model recently asked me: As a resident on the west coast, do you advise me to seek representation in NY? Do you know any modeling agencies in LA for print modeling?

I suggest contacting some commercial print agencies with your compcard, such as: click LA. mail LA

How do I know of these and others? I picked up a Ross Reports at Barnes and Noble, it has a list of casting directors in NYC, LA and San Francisco. Pick it up! The biggest thing in finding an agency is your submissions, and persistance, working on your photos to caiter to the agency needs and focus. It takes your own work, and research, and you own will.

Should you submit to agencies in other cities?

I think it is best to stick to your local agencies, or try to build a portfolio before hiking to NYC or another city. Of course, to test out the idea you could mail agencies in the NYC market. But the thing is...honestly, Modeling is a very competitive business, even more so in bigger cities, and even if you move to NYC you might not find success right away, even if you have a few agencies here with your cards and working with you, it could take time to start booking commercial print work. I am a risk taker, but I do not suggest leaving one life unless you have done the research and prepared enough for the ups and downs of the next chapter. I would start where you are, and build your portfolio first. Get some tearsheets and experience to bring to NYC or the next city you go to. That way you have something to showcase, compared to just coming and being new with no experience at all.

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