Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This week on my Model Talk Radio podcast Today at 1pm!

Today at 1pm, on my podcast Model Talk Radio, I will be share the things I've learned along the way about being a self-made model, and the things the don't tell you about the day-and-the-life of working as a model, when you're not giraffe tall, and how to handle the highs and lows of the pursuit.

Title of show: Being a shorter model: the things they don't tell you

Date / Length: 6/30/2010 1:00 PM - 15 min

Monday, June 21, 2010

Short Models Shoe Modeling Contest Starts Now

Right now you can start submitting to my shoe modeling contest. Win a pair of Michael Antonio Shoes (size 6) and Clarins Self Tanner, and a copy of my memoir Almost 5'4". This video shares how to submit! :) (email me a photo of yourself shoe modeling your favorite pair of summer shoes to deadline is June 25th 2010!) The winner's photo will be posted on this blog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Model Talk Radio at 10 am tomorrow morning

Tomorrow morning 10 AM Model Talk Radio. See you there! I will be basing the segment on some recent topics on the blog on the importance of posing naturally and not relying on the photographer to tell you what to do as a model, and also some tips when it comes to approaching a modeling agency and how you should be interviewing the modeling agency as they interview you. The segment is called Why There are not petite modeling agencies. And I will tell you why! :) ~isobella jade

If you haven't checked out my memoir Almost 5'4" check it out here. And "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior" can be found here. (amazon and bn)

Some recent posts from my modeling tips blog here:

Self publishing means freedom BEA

I first self-published my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" by choice, and recently at BEA I spoke on a panel about the experience, "Self Publishing means freedom", is my quote in the Kirkus Review from BEA above. I've worked w big, small publishers & myself and you are always your own hustler, no matter how you are publishing, you are always your best marketer, and passion and persistence is a major part of it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

use each day, set goals, prepare,

"Don't let the thought of what you don't have yet hold you back, focus on what you want to accomplish, use each day, set goals, prepare, and be prepared for the highs and lows of striving." ~isobella jade

More quotes and modeling tips at daily.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

when creating a model comp card natural is better

Today I am sharing the latest insight on model casting and comp cards and how there is no need to spend a fortune on compcard photos or portfolio photos anymore, and how professional images does not mean overly photoshopped images, she shares how your natural self is better for booking modeling work these days.

Tune in here:

Listen to archive anytime and other segments on Model Talk Radio here:

Houston Modeling and Talent Agencies

Hey, ya'all, I am visiting Houston, TX next week and I wanted to share a modeling agency highlight on the Houston area for aspiring models of all sizes. Here are some agencies to check out these three in Houston appeared legit and work with all ages.

I am looking for more legit agencies in Houston with a great rep, email me if you have had a great experience with an agency in Houston. Email:
I don't care how long you have been around or who you've helped succeed, I care if you are legit, and not a scam!

( I do not support modeling schools or classes to be a model, or believe in paying crazy fees to work with agencies. Agencies take 20% of your pay from a booking. These days for print modeling agencies do not invest in their models such as making their comp cards, getting their portfolio, etc, this is something a model needs to buy on her own, go to the art store and get a PRATT portfolio. Use a printing service for your comp card and headshot. Don't fall for scams. These days it is about you discovering yourself and this doesn't involve getting scammed.)

Keep in mind these days anyone "scouting models" is a scam. Scouts back in the day seeked tall models and these days it has become scam-ville for a person to say "You could model!" so beware!

To work with a modeling agency you do not have to pay to use their photo services, and you do not have to pay for a modeling school or lessons,******** however you should be prepared to create and make your own comp cards and I suggest doing this through a printing service such as and a professional agency that wants to work with you will at the very least work with the card you give them, even if it is not perfect, until you can improve it. DO NOT pay thousands for comp cards and photos, beware, it's a rip off! Also keep in mind you don't need a whole freaking portfolio to start modeling, you just need the basics shots. headshot, smile shot, standing catalog like shot, and a shot showing you CAN model a product naturally, like a cell phone, a handbag, a close up beauty shot is nice, and these shots can be basic, good lighting, and a professional photographer who understands print modeling is BEST to work with. But YOU should know ahead what YOU need for print modeling. Do your homework!

I believe in investing in yourself for yourself, not for an agency, until the agency is booking you consistant work, I would freelance non-exclusive with the agency and understand that you are your own best manager. Eyes open and do your research on the agencies ahead. Goodluck!

Aim high and Strive!

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