Monday, October 13, 2008

Is this Legit, Modeling Jobs that are not opportunities but scams

These days many girls are trying to freelance as models, and build their portfolios and trying to get agents, but do keep in mindm the internet can hurt you.

It is hard to tell the difference between real and amatuer or BS sometimes, so before sending your photo or applying to a modeling job remember these things:

1. Your photo could end up on some random website, so becareful of the size and image content you send. Don't send a half naked shot without knowing more details about the job, who is casting it, and the details.

2. Payment isn't everything. Don't get sucked into doing a modeling job just for the money, when you are starting out as a model, what means more is the quality of the job. The bigger paying jobs will come, but don't get sucked into legit situations, and risky ones because you are desperate to call yourself a model.

3. Ask questions. I always think this is important. When you are managing yourself as a model, and trying to associate with good brands, projects, and jobs to build your portfolio you want to ask questions. It is ok to ask. It is smart to ask.

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