Sunday, October 26, 2008

Teen Modeling Tips

If you are 15- 16- 17 years old and want to be a model, then remember: It is ok to have photos that make you look the age you are. So many girls who want to be models think they have to show their shoulders, pout their lips, and put more weight on one hip and stick out their butt! I even see it all over Myspace. I recently told a girl to TAKE OFF the photos of her posing with another female in a sexual way off her Myspace photo page! It looks really bad, slutty, and professional modeling is not about teasing the camera or a silly "haha" moment. If you have photos like this out there of you on the web, take them off your profile. The internet is not a joke and either should your modeling pursuits. If you are serious about it, act like it.

If you want to get legit modeling work and be in magazines, and work with brands you have to take YOURSELF seriously. Of course that doesn't making a plain face and not showing your personality. Taking yourself seriously does involve personality and smiles and energy and to get inspired for ideas for the photos you should have here are some tips:

Look in magazines like Seventeen, TeenVogue,, and notice the photos they use and the girls/models expression.
Also look at ads for brands like MUDD,L.E.I and Alloy, and get inspired by the energy the photos on their website and ads show.
Your mother could take the photos of you even, the main thing is: look like yourself, and show your personality.

When it comes to finding photographers, if you a teen model you SHOULD NOT use social sites, and you should speak to a parent about modeling. You should not keep it a secret. If you want to model professionally and with legit agencies, and brands, speak to your parent about it. Modeling should not be something you keep secret, and you want to go about it in the right ways, and not get scammed or make mistakes.

To get modeling photos you can have your mother even take the photos. They should be simple and imply your energy and personality. It helps to look at ads and magazine editorials to get inspired first. It could be as simple as a headshot or senior portrait but with more personality and more of an ad feel.

Sexuality shouldn't be something you are pursuing at a teenage age.
You do not have to be sexy to be a model. You can just be you. Think of ads for everything from hair products (even curling iron's and Conair need models), think jeans, shoes, sneakers, athletic wear, think school supplies, and casual clothing, even stores like Walmart and Target and Sears, Claire store, and Macy's hire models for their ad campaigns. Think Prom, there are prom magazines advertising dresses and they need models, think about get some shots of yourself in dresses, and gowns,-your mom could take the photo, just make sure your shots are clear and there is not a busy background. Simple shots and be energetic, and smile and be natural, laugh and act asif you are off to the dance. These are good shoes to send to some brands that create prom dresses, or magazines that advertise them, like or contact some agencies that work with models of all ages and heights. Don't think modeling is ONLY fashion, but it is nice to show shots of yourself modeling a product, using a product, or even just walking your dog, showing you in action doing something.

If you want something you don't give up. If you really want it, you find a way. And Moedling is not just Fashion and Not just Sexy Magazines, so if you are a teenager, use what you have...focus on your strengths, and remember modeling is not just about showing off and teasing the camera, it is about products, and working with them. And their are many products that are meant for teens. So think about the products you use, and ask yourself,"what kind of ways are they marketing their product," usually it is with a girl that has energy, a friendly smile, and probably looks like you. So focus on getting these photos and don't think modeling is about teasing, and Myspace, and social site comments. Modeling is about really just being yourself.

There are models who are teenagers, but you do need an agency and you do need to act professional to get professional work.

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