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Isobella Jade on tonight's Radio Happy Hour LIVE

9/29/09 tonight 9pm EST, speaking on Dr.Blogstein's Happy Hour on Blogtalkradio.com, tune in if you can no matter where you live.

Just Twittered: Tiny model @IsobellaJade and singer @kimcameron on tonight's Radio Happy Hour LIVE.

Tune in to listen here at 9pm EST but with Internet radio, podcasting, you can listen anytime, 24/7 if you happen to miss it, no matter what time zone:

You Could Be a Victoria’s Secret Runway Model!

You Could Be a Victoria’s Secret Runway Model! If you're 5'8"! :(

Ok, so NY MAG featured an article on Victoria's Secret having a Model Search, so I think it is so cool that Victoria's Secret is offering a girl a chance to walk in the Victoria's Secret runway show on CBS this December. The Victoria's Secret Runway Model Search is thoughtful and all but you have to be 5'8" barefoot to enter or even show up.

On the website to enter, it reads: "Entrants must be 18-30 years of age, 5’8’’ or taller in bare feet and come ready to pose and walk in your swimwear and high heels."

Are they just saying this to scare the short girls or do you think a few will show up?

What the heck, that means all the agency girls from Ford, Elite, etc can show up but the girls who are shorter can't?

That sucks,


Photo tips for short models

A photo concept might be cool, but that doesn't mean a modeling agency will like the image of you. For print modeling it is better to stick to natural looks and not trying "so hard" to pose, too much posing is actually a bad thing in print modeling sometimes. Being "more natural" -bringing a smile to your photos, can help you attract an agency as a shorter model.

Many times shorter girls take off their shirt before using their smile, their energy, personality, and before stopping to think what can I "really model." And asking themselves " How can I use what I have to get ahead."

In any pursuit in life using what you DO have and marketing it will help you get ahead. The same with modeling. When you are preparing to make a compcard and submit photos to agencies here are some things to consider:

1. Does this shot have a commercial print modeling feel? (Print agencies are best to send photos to as a shorter girl and a print agency will actually be turned off by your half naked photos or too fashion posed photos, they actually want to see your smile and energy more than you ass.) Unless the shot looks like a product ad for skincare, a catalog shot for lingerie, or something with a product ad feel, don't shoot it or send it to an agency.

2. Do your shots only show skin, or show smiles? Showing your energy and personality might sound corny but actually print modeling agencies, and talent agencies want to use your energy, smile, and personality. The real you. And they will market you as someone who can model for lifestyle products and many of print models are not all tall but they do show their smile in their photos.

3. Are you photos taken with good lighting and with a professional. It is worth it to invest in yourself if you are serious about modeling and getting a modeling agency to work WITH you. Modeling as a shorter girl is a self-made pursuit many times and it is a self marketing, self promotion type of pursuit. You have to becareful who you let photograph you. You have to be careful the way you market yourself, and aim high. It is easy to be called hot on the Internet, but is that really modeling??? To me. It is not. You are not a model until you are modeling for something, a product, a national magazine, and showing your look and personality and even your smile, and positive appeal can be used to model for brands, ads, campaigns, and mags.

Ok, one more thing. When you are shooting think about who will see the shots and ask yourself. Would I hire me? Would you hire yourself to model for a certain brand, for the magazine, would I call myself back if I was the agent? If you want to model for skincare, beauty, and accessories and lifestyle products and do print modeling, you have to think of perfecting your photos,---*** because what you show, is what people will think you can do. If your photos are not easy on the eye, have a print modeling appeal, if they do not represent someone who can work in the print modeling world and do not bringing out the best of your assets (no matter your height). Then you most likely will not get a call back.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Self marketing is key for short models

Short models have to be even more energetic and positive about their pursuits.
It takes a lot of self-effort to get ahead. There is not short-cut and if you think self promotion on the Internet is enough you are totally mislead. A shorter girl has to focus on making the best photos possible that show off her assets. Not just her ass. The photos have to come off to look "as if" you are a model who can model products, and have a natural way of working with them. Including a smile, a product such as a handbag, or making the shots look like an ad for a lifestyle product, a hair ad, jewelry, ect. Items every day people use is best. You want to show the print agency that YOU CAN MODEL, that you have personality and use that personality within your photos. Show off that smile, show you are more than just a pretty face, body,etc, but that you know your assets, you know that beyond height you can model for product ads and editorials in magazines. It is not easy. It is extremely hard, it takes time, effort, and energy, mostly a positive attitude. Rejection is Modeling's best friend so be prepared for massive rejection, but hold on to and believe in what you DO have, focus on what you CAN offer the industry, it might not be your height for the runway, but did you know leg models are not all tall? I have leg modeled for many major brands, and I am the tiniest girl in the room.

Show you can, believe in you and they will believe it.


Isobella on Zap2it.com ANTM cycle 13 recap #3 here

Here is an excerpt from my recap of America's Next Top Model cycle 13 last night, the runway challenge on Zap2it.com:

Instead of the "You wanna be on top" theme song, the song of the night should have been Run DMC and Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."

Never too much self analyzing.

The show starts with Bianca admitting she needs to focus on modeling her facial features and creating a more relaxed presence in her photos. Ashley mentions how nervous she is about walking because of her dancer background. I think Ashley's dancer background is actually a benefit. Haven't you seen many dancers in ads and in commercials? I have even seen a girl dancing in the air in a tampon ad, ads for music brands and clothing. Also understanding your body, knowing how it moves, what it looks like when you move, understanding balance and proportion is a good skill for models to have. I just don't see the flaw in her dancer background. I wish Tyra would show the other girls how using other skills can be applied to modeling.

Read the whole recap here:

Wilhelmina is looking for Hot Body Models

EXTRA, EXTRA read about all about it. Tomorrow, Saturday September 26th, Wilhelmina is looking for Hot Body Models. The agency does not welcome petite's and stresses this on their website bluntly, but I don't see a height requirement for this contest, and in fitness and body part modeling sometimes a shorter girl can get in the door. If you want to do it, it might be worth it. Up to you. Here is the headline:

Wilhelmina International Expands Special Event Activities in Partnership with
American Media Inc.

Here is the scoop:

DALLAS, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Wilhelmina International, Inc. announced today that its special event activities have been extended to the category of fitness, and that the first-ever Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search presented by Shape and Men's Fitness is off to a firm start. In partnership with American Media Inc.'s leading publications, the Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search seeks to discover the next hot body and it could be you!

Through Wilhelmina Models and its other subsidiaries, Wilhelmina International is one of the world's leading model and talent management companies. Wilhelmina Models represents a wide range of talent including top fashion models and celebrities, as well as professional athletes, fitness models, Olympians, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and fitness enthusiasts.

The Wilhelmina Hot Body Model Search presented by Shape and Men's Fitness is Wilhelmina's first model search focused on the growth category of fitness. Model searches play an important part in Wilhelmina's special events business and its scouting activities, and also highlight the power and dynamism of the Wilhelmina brand.

Men and women ages 18 or over can enter the search in person at one of several nationwide open call events, online by visiting wilhelminamodelsearch.com or by submitting an entry in the mail, subject to applicable rules. The first open casting calls are in New York City and Salt Lake City on Saturday,September 26, 2009. A complete schedule of open calls is located at wilhelminamodelsearch.com/pages/opencallevents.

Event sponsors include Bulova, The Vitamin Shoppe, Beaches Resorts and Gold's Gym. LifeStyle Beverages' TrimWater -- an emerging four-calorie water beverage for health and weight conscious people -- will be available at selected castings for the search.


Wilhelmina Modeling Agency
300 Park Avenue South (bet. 22nd and 23rd Sts.)
New York, NY
Hours: 10AM – 3PM

Saturday, September 26th, 2009
Wilhelmina UTG
6415 S. 3000 E. Suite 210
Salt Lake City, UT
Hours: 12pm–3pm***

Saturday October 3rd, 2009
Wilhelmina S2
2029 Riverside Drive, Suite 201
Columbus, OH
Hours: 10AM-3PM

Saturday October 10th, 2009
Wilhelmina Modelogic
2501 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA
Hours: 12PM – 3PM

Saturday, October 10th
Wilhelmina Harman Agency
101 S. 38th Street
Harrisburg, PA
Hours: 12PM -2PM***

Gold’s Gym
4817 West Park Blvd.
Plano, TX 75903
Hours: 10AM – 3PM

The Vitamin Shoppe
1101 5th Street
Miami, FL 33139
Hours: 10AM – 3PM

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Model Talk Radio ANTM cycle 13 Walk this way

On Model Talk Radio the chat will be about how girls of America's Next Top Model cycle 13 learn to walk with the Tall Giraffes for episode 3.

For a petite perspective with Isobella Jade, Tune in here to listen live or anytime to the archive:


Also Isobella will be sharing insight on her experience attending the 61st Emmy Awards this past weekend. Petite Kristin Chenoweth won an Emmy!

Coming soon is Isobella's graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint Size Fashion Warrior and her original memoir Almost 5'4" captures her experiences as a petite model.

For more www.isobelladreams.com

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Attending the Emmys was amazing (Photo)

Attending the Emmys was amazing, worth it and I might be now addicted to award shows, I would love to now attend the VMA's or something.

When Venessa Williams, walked by me I couldn't help but stare at her body and beautiful skin and star-lite eyes. Kristin Chenoweth is a favorite. She won! She is so classy and also a follow petite and also has a memoir, and her dress was stunning on her.

It was great to see some mature aged winners at the Emmys last night! Kristin Chenowith, one of my favorite shorties won! Her sparkle dress was so cute on her. Jessica Lange wore a beautiful green gown. I loved how the speeches gave props to writers ...and how they go where good writing is. I liked it when Cherry Jones said holding her Emmy award statue: This will be on the craft service table tomorrow

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Video: America's Next Top Model cycle 13 episode 2 recap

My thoughts on America's Next Top Model cycle 13 episode 2, and how Tyra kicked off one of the shortest girls too soon, and discusses their horse photoshoot, and also the smile with their eyes and Wilhelmina presentations. Why did they kick off one of the shorter girls so soon? Stupid on Tyra's part.

America's Next Top Model is not in touch with reality

America's Next Top Model is not in touch with reality but tomorrow night is episode 2 of "season of the short chicks" and at 10:30pm EST I will be giving a recap of the cycle 13 contestants. Here is the scoop:

I love Seabiscuit, and ironically this week's photo shoot on America's Next Top Model takes the girls to Santa Anita Race Track where they give Lady Godiva a run for her money. This week's guest judge is "The Hills" star and clothing designer, Lauren Conrad. I'll let you know how I thought it all went. I hope Tyra doesn't still my quote: "When the little guy doesn't know he is the little guy he can do great things"- Seabiscuit

I will be pissed.

Tune in here or listen to the archive later my shorties,


Tyra misleads the short girls to Wilhelmina Models

This past week, during episode one of cycle 13, Tyra mentioned that Wilhelmina Models works with models of all heights and the winner of this cycle will get a contract with the agency. However, Tyra is misleading girls to think Wilhelmina actually does represent petite models. In fact on Wilhelmina's website it bluntly states that Wilhelmina does NOT have a Petite Models Division.

Under "Submit Photos" to the agency the question "What types of models do you represent?" is answered. It reads,"At Wilhelmina we represent different types of professional models, in almost every age, size and ethnicity. We limit ourselves to a specific amount of models in each catagory. The height requirement for female models is 5'8" and above."

Tyra, please STOP misleading the shorter aspiring models!

Shoe Modeling contest winner

Petite Models are perfect to model shoes. Most shoe companies hire a size 6 shoe model, because the samples of shoes are a 6 usually and a model is needed to wear them in the showroom or in the print ads. I have modeled shoes for Marshalls, Easy Spirit, Victoria's Secret and many others. So on Facebook I recently asked "shorter models" to submit to me photos of themselves modeling their favorite pair of shoes to win a signed copy of my memoir Almost 5'4". Above is the winner Maria, because she shows the shoes with smile and personality and the shot has a commercial print vibe that looks like an ad.

Here are some other submissions that I think look very nice and would be good shots to apply when marketing themselves as a model to a print modeling agency.





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Getting a print modeling agency

To get a print modeling agency you need to think about what agency wants to see.
Just looking at a print modeling agencies website and you will see it is personality, energy, natural smile, and the shots involve models "with an upbeat appeal". Watch commercials and you will notice the people in them are working naturally with a product, as if they owned it, they are models, but they have a more "natural" feel.

Fashion and commercial print modeling are totally different worlds and a girl who wants to get into print modeling should know that she has to target herself towards the agencies with the right photos that the agencies can work with.

You will have to roll up your sleeves and get busy creating the photos you need and creating a compcard. It all takes time, energy, and many girls give up before they really try. It can take months, or even years to get in the door with the best print and talent agencies.

Perfecting your photos and showing that you can work with products in a natural way should be your goal. Whether talking on the phone, holding a handbag, cooking, cleaning, shopping, brushing your hair, putting on a shoe, walking a dog, typing at the computer. You will want to show the print agency you can model products, and that you have energy that can translate into modeling any type of product.

Philadelphia modeling agencies

A girl from Philadelphia asked me about starting to model there. In Philadelphia, PA, it seems to be mostly about working with casting agencies and talent agencies.
Once you have a headshot or modeling compcard ready, you can mail these agencies y postal mail.


There are others but these are good places to start.

Again even though I am sharing the websites, Do NOT submit through email, electronically, it is more professional to POSTAL MAIL your photos. Always is.

Model Isobella Jade at Gottex Fashion Show 2010

After my interview with Sirius Cosmo Radio I scooted over the Bryant Park to watch the Gottex show, I enjoyed it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Isobella Jade on Sirius Cosmo Radio

On Monday September 14th at 6pm, Isobella Jade will be speaking on Sirius Cosmo Radio on Cocktails with Patrick
about her memoir, modeling, and sharing stories of being a petite model.

Ch. 111

Top Model cycle 13 episode 1 recap

It's live! My cycle 13 episode one radio show segment recap: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/isobellajade/2009/09/10/Americas-Next-Top-Model-cycle-13-premiere-recap

Also a video is here sharing a petite perspective for the Top Model cycle 13 episode 1 recap as well:

Anyway you want to hear it! :) Petite pride,

Isobella Jade

Print Modeling Agencies in LA: Los Angeles, CA modeling

Los Angeles, CA modeling for a shorter girl could appear to be tough. A google search isn't that inspiring, but here are some agencies that have print modeling in LA, which are worth checking out.

I would also go to Barnes and Noble or a bookstore and pick up a booklet called CallSheet, in the magazine section under TV and Film magazines.. $10, you'll thank me later because it is a GREAT source for aspiring models.

As a new model I would aim high but remember it will take experience to work with the really great established agencies sometimes. You must have professional well produced photos and a compcard when mailing these agencies. So far I'd check out:

CESD http://www.cesdtalent.com/divisions/go
AbramsArtists.com www.AbramsArtists.com

SWB Commercials Unlimited, 190 N. Canon Dr., Ste. 202. Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Avalon Artists http://www.avalonartists.com

Don Buchwald & Associates
6500 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90048

DDO Agency: http://www.ddoagency.com/about_us.php

The Daniel Hoff Agency
5455 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Talent Works: http://www.talentworks.us/twaboutus.html

Clear Talent Group: http://www.cleartalentgroup.com/contact.htm#

AKA Talent: http://www.akatalent.com/commercial.html

Arlene Thornton and Associates: http://www.arlenethornton.com/main.asp

McCarty Talenthttp://www.mccartytalent.com/

Also I thought this post on YAHOO on LA Modeling Agencies was very helpful.

You can also find other agencies here. Make sure the agencies have a State license. This is also a list of agencies in LA that you could mail compcards to. Do your homework, research the agencies, find the best ones to submit to can involve work but if you want something the work is worth it

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what modeling agencies are you with?

A girl on Facebook sent me a message that read:

So I was wondering what agencies are you with?

My reply:
Well I am always with myself. Seriously I think self promotion is the best thing towards a girls modelig pursuits and her own will to try. The status of "being with" an agency is so played out. An agency is a wonderful part of my modeling pursuits but I don't think "someone is going to make my dreams happen", I always knew that the will of myself was what mattered most.

I "work" and "have modeled with" with CESD, PARTS Models often. Over the years I have also worked with Flaunt Models, R&L, Abrams, FFT, and many others. A shorter girl typically doesn't get "signed with" an agency, the 'signing' happens only with fashion agencies. But shorter girls can work with print agencies without the contract and actually being "free" to promote myself the way I want has been a lot of work, but if I was tall, I'd have a 3 year contract with an agency and who knows if they could get me the work anyways. So the whole "who are you with thing" is , really to me, about being for and "with" yourself and knowing how to market what you've got!

Being more than your boobs-I have small tits essay

(Jane Mansfield's big tits and Sophia Loren taking a peek)

I have small tits. But I like them. I once posed topless for a Time Magazine shoot and I was hired because of my smaller breasts. I have had agents say "I would submit you for this lingerie job, you have a great body for it, but they want a C-cup." Ok. Oh well. Also I have been to lingerie showrooms for castings where "I just couldn't fill out the bra," and didn't get the job. But if you think big boobs are only for bikini models and lingerie models you are wrong, many girls with A cups and B cups are modeling bikini catalogs and lingerie, it just depends on what the brand is looking for. If you have smaller breasts sure you might be told "your boobs are too small" sometimes during your modeling pursuits but just remember "you are more than your boob size." Here is my boob essay:

I can feel, when I walk in the room, the females looking at my breasts, noticing how big they are, or aren’t, asking themselves if they make me more pretty. I can feel this and I see it too. Nice to meet you, -their-eyes-at my chest-...um...ok.

It makes me wonder if guys would stare at each other crotches if they wore super, super tight jeans like girls do, where you could see the bulge.

I hate reading about celebrities having low self-esteem because of their tits being small. I roll my eyes again. I can’t admire someone who is only about appearances. I just can’t. I don’t care if someone is pretty, sure it feels great to dress up and put on a cute pair of shoes and feel gorgeous in a sleek dress, but I care more about: doing something for someone else. When I look at a female, I don’t think: oh she has nice boobs, she’s pretty, she’s lucky. Instead I think to myself: What is she leaving besides just a smell of perfume, or pin up posture, or their whine about their tits being not perfect or big enough?

I wish more women would love what they do have, work with it, accept the challenge with energy over loving what they were born with, the confidence found in just saying “this is me, take it or leave it, this is me”…. yet instead I hear too much about women wanting to "change them selves.” Honestly. I wish more women would just love themselves.

Many style shows also bash women so badly. For drama sake. So much on TV is negative towards women, about how terrible someone is dressed and how someone superior can fix it. YAK, it is terrible! You don’t have to fit in a size 0 or have a C cup to be beautiful.

What if more women loved themselves and what they have? What would our world be like?

The obsession over boobs is crazy. I do remember photographers saying “you’d be perfect if you had bigger boobs.” And overhearing a photographer say “She’d be great if only she had implants”

I do have a curvy behind and if my boobs were slightly bigger sure I would be 100% proportioned, but screw it, I like my boobs. They fit me. I like my nips, and the shape of my boobs, it’s all fine to me. Whatever. I wear padded bras, and if I want my boobs to fit a sweater better or a dress I just put on a bra. The process of “getting implants” freaks me out. I can’t get my head around having something plastic, some sort of saline inserted under my skin. Cut, insert, and sew. I am not a rag doll. Think about it! Sticking a cutlet of plastic in your boob!!? No thanks mamma!

My boobs don’t make me. Or define me. I am more than my tits. I don’t judge a girl’s tits. I think confidence is working what you got, loving what you have, and knowing it's ok not to be the- girl -in- the -room -with- the -biggest, -fakest,- rounded- tits -ever. You are still worthy and a whole person.

Something squishy, curvy, and soft flesh does attract a man but I'd rather have him look at my eyes. Compliment my features beyond my boobs, ass, etc. I get more flattered, and feel prettier, when I am complimented on something I did, said, or created. What ever happened to that? What if women and men started to compliment more of people’s actions? Complimented a person on what they did for someone? What if pretty, meant the word giving. What if the definition of perfect meant loving what you “are” as a person, flaws and all? What if beauty was just waking up and saying “I mean more than only how I look today.”

Suddenly your purpose wouldn’t be based on pure appearances.

I personally feel more complimented when it is on something that I used my mind to create or my heart to affect.

It is nuts how some women obsess over boobs. Their own boobs, and stare at other women's boobs, compare, judge, jeez get off my tits!

5 things for models to check out this fall

Skin: Best thing I've bought recently: Noxzema bikini shavers, they are tiny, itty bitty shavers, easy to keep in your bag, just in case! $3.49, or check out soaps from Fresh, or stop by the LUSH store and treat yourself to eco-friendly beauty from head to toe.

Fashion: Get a pair of booties. They are a cute way to gain some inches!

Art: Dress Codes, International Center of Photography, OCTOBER 2, 2009 – JANUARY 3, 2010
info here: http://www.icp.org/site/c.dnJGKJNsFqG/b.5394877/k.97DE/Dress_Codes.htm

Film: The release of the film Coco Before Chanel (September 25)

Books: My graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint Size Fashion Warrior (November 2nd)

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Cycle 13 recap on Model Talk Radio Sept 9th

Happy Labor Day!

This Wednesday, the 9th, I will be sharing a premiere-recap of America's Next Top Model cycle 13, catch a petite perspective on my blog, radio show, and youtube videos based on commentary for cycle 13 every week of the season. First and foremost Tyra didn't pick short enough girls!


I will also be giving a petite perspective and commentary on ANTM cycle 13 at Buddy TV and Zap2it.com during cycle 13.

5 Top Model Spots in NYC- portfolios, printing and more

1. The Apple store of course! The Apple Store on Prince Street was where I wrote my modeling memoir Almost 5'4", when I didn't have a computer and was striving as a model. I had given up my apartment and was using the store as my office. Of course the 5th Ave Store rocks and 14th Street and 9th but Prince Street to me is a second home.

2. Adorama. The store 42 West 18th Street (Between 5th & 6th Ave.'s)
New York, NY 10011, is great and the website is as well for printing prints for your model portfolio.

3. Art Stores and Photography Stores to buy portfolios.
I like the Prat brand portfolios 9.5 by 12.5 to hold portfolio images of 9" x 11". I've bought them at Lee's Art Shop.
220 West 57th Street 2nd. Floor
Between 7th Ave. and Broadway
NEW YORK, NY 10019

B&H Photo, 420 9th Ave, (9th Ave between 33rd st and 34th st) to buy a portfolio. I have bought portfolios here for $100 or less.

Also try HouseofPortfolios.com at 48 West 21st Street (6th Floor)
New York, N.Y. 10010

4. Compcard and Headshot Printing in NYC:
And of course www.compcard.com
Although the internet is great, if you have the option to make your compcard in person, do it, regardless of whether you use a service like www.compcard.com or walk into a printing studio, make sure you ALWAYS see the proof in person or have it mailed to you, so you can in person, physically, hold it in your hand and see the colors and how the card looks. Colors can look different when shown on the computer screen so ALWAYS see a proof before you approve it. Also feel the card stock and look for quality in the printing you use, your comp card represents you as the best of you so make sure you are selective and comfortable when printing your card.

5. Bookstores. Go to book stores and look in the magazine sections, look in all types of magazines, from travel, to fitness, etc. Notice that the models used in many different types of magazines are not all tall and fashion models. Notice the energy, smiles, expressions and personality seen in magazine ads, and editorials, not just fashion magazines.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

America's Next Top Model-being a top model means?

Yup. No Doubt. I have issues with America's Next Top Model. But since cycle 13 is for the shorties and since I support the shorter models, I will be watching.

However I just want to say: if you lose America's Next Top Model, or get kicked off, life does go on! :) There have been models modelin without America's Next Top Model, before it and after it there will be models still modeling with brands.

Tonight while watching cycle 12 Finale, for the last ten minutes I notice how much Tyra says the word "I". "I think" "I feel" etc. But what about how the models feel?

I listen to the judges say "You know how I feel about ___so and so___ model." It is negative.

And it is so dramatic when Tyra shows the photo of the girls who are going on to the next level (whatever that is) and chance to be America's Next Top Model.

Maybe let the girls be who they are. Who they want to be.
Tyra says, "you look too commercial" You are not fashion enough." Well what if the girl could end up being a great commercial print model,-no matter her height??

Why doesn't Tyra mention enough of how each is selectively able to get ahead? The girls end up crying their eyes out and end up being really distraught, like the show likes that these girls are crying?

Crying isn't the answer, they want to make the show hyped but still, I wish the girls were asked: So what are you doing to do when you lose ANTM? Whats next for you?
What if you don't win and you are not in Tyra's favor?

What does it mean to be a top model? What happened to just "working as a model with real brands and making real money and working with real agencies?" I reality show like ANTM makes it seem like the end all if you do not get picked to be on the TOP M. (Shaking my head)

P.s: Way too many blunt in your face, obvious, product placement, like BriteSmile.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Modeling and making legs look longer

An aspiring model in Philadelphia asked me: "I was wondering if I should use short dresses and skirts for my advantage when I shoot because I am short, I am 5'2"?"

My thoughts:
Wearing a denim skirt or dress that is 6-8inches should be fine, above in the knee skirts are fine too, but don't go slutty with it. It is easy to quickly make a hot mini look trashy if your pose is too glamour-ish, stick to making your shots show your personality with energy and happy expressions. You could apply "the walking" appeal when you do the shoot. Walk and smile while wearing the skirt/dress, something that simple, maybe with a handbag on your shoulder, can look very nice. Similar the image above, keep it up beat, commercial print styled, and full of energy. Sitting at the edge of a couch can make your legs look longer, and bending your knee and creating space between your limbs can make you look longer. Observe the images above and create something that shows you have nice legs for skincare, shoe ads, and commercial products and apply your personality. Don't make it too stiff, no pouts, no hard looks, fresh, happy, catalog, up beat energy is what you want to show while wearing a skirt.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Catch me on Zap2it.com for cycle 13

As one of the tiniest models out there, I mentioned previously I will be giving video insight and tips on my Youtube page each week based on cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model.

However, something else that is very awesome is going on: I will be giving a petite perspective and commentary over at a popular TV news source and guide called www.Zap2it.com for cycle 13 of ANTM. So after each episode my posts will be up, so check those out as well. I will not be holding back my thoughts on Tyra and how the show is conducted and the way the short girls compete.

I personally think America’s Next Top Model as a whole needs some serious help. And you can read more about my thoughts on the show here.

Isobella Jade's birthday podcast on models aging

It's Isobella Jade's birthday today and she talks about getting older as a model and how age has little to do with modeling. Also she will be giving insight on America's Next Top Model cycle 13 and her Short Model Handbook she plans to publish asap!


Next week I will be sharing insight on the first episode of Amercia's Next Top Model cycle 13!! :) Tune in for a petite perspective of the America's Next Top Model cycle 13 premiere. Recap at 10:30pm September 9th here:

Also I will have video commentary as well on Cycle 13 here weekly: www.youtube.com/isobellajade

When meeting a modeling agency tips

When meeting a modeling agency keep in mind YOU are also interviewing THEM. I have learned while working as a model that there is not one set person who can make you a model or make your dreams come true, no matter your pursuits, it takes a whole lot of YOU to get there. So always be prepared for the work of being a model, it doesn't end with an agency being interested, infact the work you do only increases.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

GQ Italy

Hey my Shorties! :)

Guess what, as mentioned on Petitemodelingtips.blogspot.com I did interview this week for GQ Italy today. Found out: It is for the October issue, you will find my intv and insight on my graphic novel Model Life, due this fall!

How to model handbags

A girl on Twitter asked me: If I was wanting to model handbags for example, do I approach random stores, agencies or the actual brand first?

My thoughts:
One of my best friends is a handbag designer. I met her at a young designer showcase event in NYC. I have modeled for her line, appeared in magazines modeling and together we have given her handbags exposure to the media and at the start I gained not only modeling experience that lead to bigger things but a great friend.

I think it is best to first start with getting some shots of yourself modeling handbags, even if they are your own handbags. Showing you "can" model handbags. Practice posing in front of the mirror, get a handle on how to work with a product first. Look at ads that involve handbags as well. (also showing a smile in a shot for a handbag can be good as well, because handbags and accessories are fashion items but often when shows in ads are not shown only with a high fashion forward vibe, so create photos that also involve smiles holding the bag, walking with it, etc-Also hand models have modeled handbags as well. So also consider getting some shots of just your hands holding the bag.)

Then I would get a comp card made. (www.compcard.com)

You always want to be as professional as possible, always, when presenting yourself. So it is more professional to have a comp card. The reason is that when you approach an agency, a small company, or smaller stores you want to be able to "show" you know how to model something, aka, in regards to your question: the handbags, accessories, etc.

I do believe an aspiring model could and should strive to work with aspiring brands while trying to work with agencies as well. However, when it comes to approaching stores and brands, and designers, I would NOT walk into a national chain or brand that is known throughout the world, instead I would start with local brands, aspiring brands, aspiring designers, fashion students, people who are striving to also promote their goods (products, brands), they will be more likely to take your comp card, photos, and work with you.

Sometimes having some experience modeling in a product catalog or online catalog for a product (handbags, accessories, jewelry) can help you when it comes to working with an agency. Showing you have some experience can lead to an agency having more interest in working with you. I had tear sheets in magazines I gained myself, and experience working with aspiring brands, designers, I approached, and then presented these experiences/images/on my comp card to prove I "could" model. Having some experience helped me get in the door at some agencies I have worked with over the years. So experience can help.

I would stop by a tradeshow, a craft fair, a local fashion show, a local college, I would try to meet aspiring designers, stop by a local boutique who might need a model, and ask "who handles the marketing for your company? And ask if you can drop off your comp card? Or ask how you can share some images with the person who handles the marketing, because you love their bags and would love to model them? Sure, later, you may not get paid a TON of money for it, or anything even, but it is the experience that will lead to bigger thins.

It is always worth trying, but it is helpful to try in a professional manner.

Also, remember, modeling is a self-serving business for a shorter girl, it is all about what you put in, if you expect it is be easy it sure won't be!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Older models are in demand

I got a message on Facebook from a woman saying how she is 40 but wants to model. This was part of my reply on how older models are in demand.

Your message made me think about how models of all ages are working.
All you have to do is watch commercials, and observe lifestyle products and you will see models are all ages and infact 28-45 is a major age for commercial print models. Think about who spends money, who many ads are targeted towards?
Modeling has no age, but you have to know what you can "realistically model", if modeling is just fashion and sex appeal then you might have a tough time because many brands that target those areas want young models, however if you see modeling as "more" as "selling lifestyle brands" and products you will see that models are ALL ages. I would focus on getting some shots that bring out your personality, energy and show you in lifestyle settings, at the dinner table, smiling, drinking wine, wearing jewelry, leaving the house in a pretty gown, coming out of a car, laughing with children, cooking some food, running in fitness clothing. All of these movements are seen in ads for lifestyle products for mature models. Think of magazines like More, Redbook, Travel magazines, parenting, and ads for furniture, cell phones, business brands, Staples, Banks, models are used for wayyy more than just fashion and commercial print modeling is an area you should target.

The problems for older models happen when they try to be "too sexy" and struggle to fit into a business based on only glamour and instead miss the advertising and editorial sides of modeling.


Model inspiration, pick up Vogue September 2009 issue

My favorite part of Vogue is not even the fashion spreads, it is the little part at the start called Nostalgia. This month features a story of a memory of Beverly Johnson. She shares the moment she got her Vogue cover and what it meant to America and models, and the whole fashion history. I love reading stories about other people's journey to success and acomplishment, but it isn't just the top of the rock success I like to hear about, I like reading the moments of self-discovery, when things started, the roots of a story (it is the reason I wrote my own memoir,) I think it is interesting, inspirational and comforting to read about a person on their way to success, and the experiences they have had.

This article about Beverly shows her beating the odds, given a chance, and speaks on possibility, although only 2 pages, make me want to read more about Beverly. I wonder if she has a book, she should have a memoir, I will Google to found out now!

I'd love to meet her one day and swap stories.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

5 ways to improve America's Next Top Model

There are many things about ANTM that upsets me. Here are my top 5 ways to improve the show based on what I think is wrong with it. I don't really obsess over America's Next Top Model, or the winner, or the contestants, but this season I plan to watch and observe and obsess a little over the good and bad of the show and the perception it gives girls of all heights. It is the season of the shorter model on ANTM (or so-called shorter girl, I don't think 5'5" or 5'6" is really that short), so as one of the tiniest models out there, here are my top 5 ways to improve the show based on what I think is wrong with it.

1. Tyra leaves the girls cold and when they are kicked off....they are left thinking...what's next? Improve this!

2. Tyra has the models hold items like a snake or do weird things that have nothing to do with real modeling. Sure, I have posed with a live animal, a Tiger, but most models need to learn how to pose with products mostly! Improve this. Add products to the show of all types, handbags, shoes, etc.

3. She only talks about fashion modeling which is the smallest percent of the modeling business. Especially when the average American viewer is under 5'4" and all Tyra talks about is tall chicks. How depressing! There is no relatable aspect to the viewer.
P.s: Your short chicks for cycle 13 really aren't that short hun.
Thumbs down. Wish you thought of this stuff earlier.

4. She has never shared the language of the modeling business, the real day and the life aspects of being a model, and elements that a model should have, know and use such as: what is a voucher, the meaning of a portfolio, why a comp card is important, what happens at a casting, etc. Please improve this!

5. It is hard to watch without thinking what is the real point of this show?... "Is this show full of ****"

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