Friday, January 30, 2009

Being a Self Made Model: Contacting Brands

Here is a video on Contacting brands and how an aspiring model should contact ASPIRING brands to get some modeling experience and have a better chance with working with a modeling agency.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Models Should you contact Avon to Model? NO

A new model recently asked me about contacting a brand like Avon. I have also had models ask me about approaching brands like Victoria's Secret about modeling. My answer is no. New models should be trying to get experience but also be realistic, because even the models who work with Victoria's Secret are from an agency. A new model should be focusing on her photos, and marketing herself to a print modeling agency. Since many girls who want to be models these days are short they should stick to print modeling. Not fashion. Beauty, print, commercials, and modeling lifestyle products could be an area she pursues.

I like that these models want to seek out brands, but you have to do it in a smart way.

This was my reply to her:

Re: how to contact a brand
Avon is too big of a brand for a new model to approach since they work with top agencies. But she could try contacting local or aspiring makeup bands at makeup tradeshows. The International Beauty Show. Maybe she could work with a brand as a model from networking there. Or maybe there is a local brand in your city?

For a new model she needs to focus on getting expeirence and calling up Avon won't make it happen for a girl with no experience. So she needs to build her experience level, getting experience with aspiring brands is a great way to grow as a model and it can lead to working with an agency and better modeling opportunities. Sometimes you have to show you can model before you get an agency and top brands working with you but her efforts should be put into beauty shots, headshots, targeted in that direction, being realistic is key. She won' be jetset, on a runway or billboard right now and she might not ever but if she can handle the doubt, the letdowns, the no's, and keep her confidence she might find some great work, but it is up to her and her own will to try.

A headshot is the most important photo a model needs. Then comes an energy and smile shot and also a shot involving a product. So create photos that speak about what you can model and hopefully one day you will for a brand like Avon, but as a new model you should focus on the images you need to get the agency you need to get the work you want.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you need a modeling compcard? Yes!

A girl recently wrote me saying, "i've sent photos but not much replied, only one, saying their full. I'mthinking just taking new photos again and sending pictures with no make up just a natural look..umm i have no compcard yet.. do i really need one?? any more advice for me?? please write back, thank you."

My answer:
MMmm I think the real reason they said that is because your photos might not be that great. You photos may not make you marketable for the modeling business. I would try again and if you have some photos that express your personality and energy, skintone and look I would make a compcard. Try

If you need ideas for photos look in Marie Claire and Glamour magazine are also good. But do not just look at the fashion editorials, look at the ads. Ads for everything from shoes to tampons.

Also know what agencies you should approach, and based on you height it is commercial print modeling agencies. Print modeling agencies. But submitting to the agency isn't enough you have to submit the right photos. Here is a blog post I wrote on photographey for commercial print to give you some tips, but looking at ads can help. You want your photos to look like an ad, to tell a commercial print modeling agency "I can model products." so hold a handbag, put on some cute shoes, put on some makeup in the mirror while your friend, or mom takes the photo, it can be simple at this point. But the shots should be clear and should NOT be sexy.

A commercial print agency wants to see your personality and energy. A commercial print modeling agency wants to see your smile, and the real you, not some diva, or a fashionista, or a glamour girl. So think ads for everything from skincare, to hair care, to furniture,computers, shoes, handbags, lifestyle products. They want to know you can work with products in a natural way.

And check out my blog for more insight, I think you will find it very helpful.

Here are some links to start:

Creating commercial print modeling photos- DO NOT find a photographer on a model website, they are amatuer, instead go to a photography school and try to work with someone who knows the craft of photography, not just any old guy with a camera, it is not a good idea, here are tips on how to create your own photos:

And here is an article about the good and bad of the internet model:

Real models are modeling brands, not just themselves don't be mislead or make mistakes. And you do need a compcard to better promote yourself.



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Modeling advice: How to submit to a brand

A girl recently asked me on Facebook what she should put in a letter when mailing her compcard or photo to a brand.

This was my answer:

As a shorter model the magazines and brands you should contact are not Bazaar type magazines, nor, vogue, nor elle, instead focus on lifestyle women's magazines, magazines for lifestyle interests including, Marie Claire, Glamour, knitting magazines, travel magazines, jewelry, bridal, etc. And brands should be accessory brands for better results. Shoes, jewerly, handbags, scarves, haircare, etc. NOT FASHION.

Of course send photos that match the style of the magazine/ brand.

Mail a professional photo,-aka: photo that fits the style of the brand to the photo editor at magazines, and mail to the marketing department, creative director, or photographer for the brand.

Include a letter that reads something like, "Hi, my name is ____ and I really love your product...(magazine, whatever...), I would be interested in modeling for your up comign editorials/ad campaign, print advertising needs ( depending on who are mailing). My number is: ________ my email is ____________. Do not send them to FACEBOOK, or MYSPACE, it is corny and unprofessional.

It would be smart to go to tradeshows and craft shows and introduce yoruself to some vendors. Try to promote you and bring your compcard but remember, modeling is a tough business, you could mail out 50 cards and only hear back from one, or none. So you have to have enough confidence to continue on and keep trying, which is why many girls give up. Self promotion is NOT easy. And it takes more than a pretty face, and nice body to be a model - IT TAKES DRIVE! And not just ANY DRIVE, it takes a smart marketing mentality and it is a TON of work.

But hustling to get some of your own tearsheets ,experience and credits can lead to bigger things an an agency getting more interested you.

I am blogging today about why a model needs an agent at, and tomorrow speaking on my model talk radio show about the body part modeling world at 1pm EST, tune in.


Model Talk Radio Body Part Modeling 101

Enjoy this segment on Body part modeling this week on Model Talk Radio. Body part modeling is a great way for a petite model to get with a good agency and start booking work as a print model. This segment will be about parts modeling, what it is and how to start.

Isobella shares how as a body part model she models for top brands and magazines and how a girl can do the right steps to become a parts model. You can see Isobella's parts in the Easy Spirit shoe campaign, Bon Appetit Magazine, and her legs and feet have also been used on the Victoria's Secret website modeling the fit flop, she has also done shoots for Time Magazine, Braun Razor and was featured on TLC Stacy London's show as a body model.

Monday, January 26, 2009

There is more for a Short model

There is more out there for a short model, but she has to be willing to chase it, find her opportunities and really strive. There is only so long a glamour model can book work. The better route is through commercial print modeling which is based around modeling for ads and commercials. These models are not all tall but they do have to have good photos and know how to market themselves to the proper agencies.

If at the end of the day men are the only ones thinking you are a model, then you should question whether you are really a model?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Modeling Agency Rejection and Marketing Yourself

A girl recently shared with me rejection letters from an agency, she wanted to know what to do next?

This was my reply:

The letters you have received are the standard "not interested letter". It's corny. And not helpful. But it is a good job that you even tried. Alot of girls do not even try.

From here I suggest you work on mailnig other agencies, print modeling agencies, talent agencies, others. Move on. keep striving, it is bad to be stuck at a moment of doubt, in life..and during your modeling pursuits.

Behind height, and measurements, you can still find modeling work but you should consider commercial print modeling where height,weight are not judged as muc has personality and having nice skin and energy.

When it comes to contacting brands and magazines. You should submit photos, snap shots, or your compcard to the photo editors. Large magazines do go through modeling agencies to usually find the models they use, but smaller magazines, smaller as in the distribution is not as widely known. Maybe a local magazine, or a weekly magazine, would be more willing to work with a model who submits her own photo.

I also think you should ONLY work with professional photographers. There is alot of hands on work that a girl who wants to model has to endure, it is best to ONLY work with people who understand the craft of photography, the business, and who have goals or credibily acomplishments themselves. My first tearsheets and modeling jobs came from my own will and effort and also by working with a photographer who worked with magazines and he thought of me for a job with Woman's World and that is how I got my first tearsheet and that tearsheet helped me get print modeling agencies working with me. You should mail the photo editors at magazines such as Marie Claire, Glamour, etc, it is always good to share in the letter your interests and other goals. You play sports, or something you like to do, a passion of yours. TeenVogue has a program called IT Girls and they have modeling castings sometimes. Yes write a short hand written letter. I think handwritten leaves more of a mark.

When it comes to getting an agency working with you:
A photo alone doesn't always tell an agency/agent or booker that you can model, it just means your cute,pretty, etc or certain size, it doesn't mean you can model. So sometimes it is a very good idea to try to get your own work if possible in a professional manner, such as, modeling for an aspiring handbag designer, jewelry designer, hair salon, etc.

I suggest if you do use the internet that you are VERY careful, and when you are looking for photographers, go to a photography school or somewhere professional, DO NOT waste your time with internet photographers.

When it comes to contacting brands and small biz owners:
I always think it is better to go to a craft show, or tradeshow, or into the salon, and ask if they need models or who is the marketing person you can speak to.

When it comes to contacting big brands: it is highly unlikely that the brands will work with you without any experience and without quality photos that fit tell them you can fit the style of their brand. however contacting the marketing department is a good start. Most brands want to work with professional models. They go to agencies because they will most of the time get a very professional model, who knows how to pose and who can get the job done in the matter of time they need it done. As a model I have even had to 'come up with the next shot idea" on the spur of the moment during a job when everyone, the art director, photographer, assistant were all stumped modeling isn't just about you, it is about what you can do as a model, and showing you can get the job done.

Little credits can become big ones. So I would try to contact local brands, brands and small biz owners based in your area. Ask if they need a model. Try to get some quality photos, and always think of the goals you have and how each step you take can lead you there. Grow from your experiences.

Years ago I modeled for a handbag designer and to this day we are great friends, and when she gets buzz on her brand, and usually the shot that is used is of me, which helped when I was growing as a model when I started years ago.

It is hard to manage yourself, your goals, and especially at your age. But you can contact small marketing companies, prodution companies, fashion schools, you can start right in your city by taking little steps and trying. It means more to send a photo and a tearsheet to an agency from a good magazine-even if it is small_than just your photo and a clueless mindset. It is a good idea to be smart and to be able to manage yourself. You always want to. You don't ever want to let someone else control you.

I make my own compcards, give them to my agencies, and I work with top brands, I recently leg modeled for Nine West, and the Easy Spirit shoe campaign out this Feb. But I make my compcards, I am very much apart of my pursuits. I do not wait or expect someone else to do it for me. Just doesn't happen.

Fashion world might be different but for commercial print modeling it is hands on work.

So, think of jobs you want to do. Now think of jobs you realistically can do that this point. Keep your direction.

Remember many models are not booked because they are the most beautiful, etc, it is because they are available and time and place and step by step got them there.

These days it is not about being discovered it is about discovering you, for anything you want to do in life, work is the main word.

Also, most people, even succesful ones had a journey and ALOT to do with their own success. So don't expect it to come with one or two submissions. Move forward, look at all options and strive.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's too sexy for a Model Compcard? Video

This is an important video for girls wanting to be models. Unlike the glamour modeling websites on the internet a girl should be very careful of what she shows and especially her body shots. Sometimes the wrong body shots can actually turn off a modeling agent. Ask any girl who wants to be a model and she is thinking of ad campaigns, ads, commercials and big things but why doens't she get there? Well it comes down to the way she markets herself, presents herself and when it comes to what is too sexy for a compcard this video will help:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sending photos over the internet to a modeling gig?

You have to be careful when using the web for submitting to modeling jobs from casting sites. The best advice I can give you is to NOT send a naked photo so bluntly and easily. Respect yourself and your body and do not flaunt it randomly. It can even turn casting directors off.

Also to send small files. No file should be over 150K. Make sure your jpeg size is adjusted to be 72 dpi. 300 is print size but print size is not a good size to email.

Also becareful and do your homework before you submit to a modeling gig you found on the internet. Research the name of the production, photographer, and ask questions before you submit. You don't want to waste your time with crap. There is a lot of crap on the internet to becareful.

I only suggest using and for online casting sites.

Even there, you have to read the fine print and ask questions,don't be so desperate to submit to a modeling job that you disregard respect for yourself and your pursuits. It isn't worth it.

Focus on jobs which will only lead you to bigger and better things, not just because you are bored, want to show off, or just naive.

Be a smart model, it is the right way.

Height and Modeling Agencies

I recently wrote this back to a girl on Myspace about approaching modeling agencies and the right ones, with the right photos, depending on your height.

I do not know how tall you are but make sure you are marketing yourself to the "right" agencies.

I think your photo on your comp is fine. Perhaps it could be a close up of just your face on the front, or crop that image to your hand. But the energy is there. I like that and print modeling agencies will.

If you are shorter than 5'8", you should be marketing your self to commercial print modelnig agencies, -it doesn't sound like you are doing this???

Because for these agencies there is no open call and submissions to agencies is based on "postal mailed submissions only."

So sure you could go to the open call, but honestly a print model or shorter model should not waste time with them. In the print modeling world you mail your photo to the agency and it could take a few submissions, but that is how it works.

So maybe you are not targeting the right agencies?

It is very rare you can walk up into a print modeling agency or talent and get a meeting and these agencies do not have open calls, and most of them can be found "word of mouth." They only want to see people who are serious, no flakey and who have great smiles and energy because the agencies clients are brands and services based around lifestyle models. There is even an agency in NYC called Lifestyles, there is also Gilla Roos, FFT Models, R&L models, Rick Miller Talent, Cunningham Escott and for "parts modeling" there is the Parts Agency. If the agency invites you to sign with them, or use their photography, or pay them or sign a contract, it's a scam.

No legit print modeling agency makes you do that. You freelance and pay your own taxes, and treat the modeling like a side business. Kind of like a handbag designer, you want your bags in many stores, not just in one to start off, you will limit your opportunities and in print modeling it is the same attitude.

I started freelancing with 4 agencies. All print. No one is jet set in the print modeling world, so give up the fantasy and be realistic. You might work one job a month but it will pay you well and it will be quality to start.

I would focus on making your photos show you interact with products, if you notice ads in Redbook, or O magazine you will see the ads I am talking about. Sometimes you see them in Glamour and Marie Claire as well. They are ads that involve models working with products that are not high fashion, more jewelry, and even tampons and household products. OR glasses or contact lenses, or hair products. Anytime you see a girl with a smile in a shot, she is a print model, and for print modeling, commercial print, the commercial part of the word means energy, personality and commercial products. Ask yourself, what products could I model, have a seen a girl similar to me modeling, and try to create some simple shots, even one or two based around products. Show your range from dresses to fitness clothing, but keep the makeup minimal and the styling simple.

I hope this helps.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Submitting to Modeling Agencies- how to do it

A lot of girls ask me about finding agencies and submitting to them, here is some insight from a question I recently got from a chick on Myspace asking "
I submitted to an agency a couple of months ago. Then, I went to their open call not long after. I didn't get any response from them.I've submitted to many agencies and magazines,ad agencies, etc. And only received 1 response of interest.
So, I'm sure that I need to get better photos for my comp, but won't have the money for a few months. (just got laid off)In the meantime, I don't want to sit by and do nothing. The same agency is having another open call next month and I was wondering if you thought it would be smart to go again (I want to)when I know that my Comp could be better??

My reply:
So sure you could go to the open call, but honestly a print model or shorter model should not waste time with too many open calls. So maybe this agency is different but usually in the print modeling world you mail your photo to the agency and it could take a few submissions. They call you only if they are interested, they do not waste their time, might souind cut throat but that is how it works. Your photos look decent enough to start for sure. Nice smile and energy. Maybe try another agency or keep submitting. Maybe try more shots that look like ads with handbags, or beauty products?

Keep trying, the reason you don't see many short models is because it is a hard thing. doesn't mean you shouldn't try, but also hit up other agencies, and try to look in a local magazine or newspaper, product companies, think bigger, be inventive and strive, maybe chicago has a local magazine you could check out?

Look inside the magazine, try to notice who is the photographer for the editorial shots, not fashion but in general. And maybe try to shoot something with that photographer, reach out. You need to show you can model something so approach aspiring brands, handbags, jewelry, etc, lifestyle brands, not fashion, and try to model for them. Any experience with a growing brand would be good to show an agency. I had three tearsheets from magazines on my own which helped me get an agency.

So hustle and don't expect getting the agency to be simple, and happen just from one submission. You might need to make a few more with different photos and also some experience DOES help and impress an agent.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Modeling Talk and the Catwalk for the Short Girl

I will be chatting about modeling and the highs and lows, good, bad and ugly and my blogs on another radio show called Somewhere in Vegas on Blogtalkradio on Monday the 19th at 8pm EASTERN Time. Tune in or listen to the archived segment here:

The Model you REALLY are not America's Next Top Model

If you are calling yourself a model but you have not modeled for a product or brand that is something you should work on. Just because the internet allows you to call yourself one doesn't mean you are.

Becareful how you present yourself. When someone asks you "Where could I see you or what modeling work have you done," reality hits. So ask yourself, what can you do to better yourself, your goals and your pursuits?

Modeling is not an internet business, it is a real business. And the model you really are might just be a fantasy. Make sure you are striving realistically.

If you are shorter it won't be the fashion road that gets you in the door. If you are a glamour model you might want to tame down your sexy photos. And start paying attention to what it really takes and means to be a model, and it isn't found on America's Next Top Model or on the internet for that matter.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to get a modeling agency blog posts

These are posts I have written on how to get a modeling agency I hope they hope, this seems to be a constant question among aspiring models who have no idea how to market themselves and how to find a decent agency:

Understand what opportunities are out there for a shorter girl:

What Does it Take to Model as a Shorter Girl:

Why internet modeling sucks:

The Difference between Fashion Modeling and Commercial Print:

Photos Shorter Models Need:

Creating the Photos you Need:

How to contact the modeling agency:

Getting the Modeling Agency tips:

Marketing casting Modeling Tools:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Actors and Models need Passports for ID

A passport is not just for jet set models on the way to Paris, passports are also good for a model or actor to have for certain jobs that requrie ID. Such as background work or any work on TV or Films.

You can bring your photo ID, STATE ID, AND an original birth certificate, no copies.


A Passport.

To me the Passport is the easier choice.

You MUST bring ID when you are shooting background work or any work on TV Shows or Films and commercials, because you will need to fill out of a talent voucher and you will need these items.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Photographer's name + Scam

If you are curious if the photographer is just a guy with a camera then Google his name plus scam.

If you want to be serious you have to work with people who have the same aspiration and professionalism.

Do not waste your time with modeling scams and people who scam people.

Take it upon yourself to do your homework and not fall for modeling mistakes, because they can lead to photography mistakes and for an aspiring model, or girl who wants to be one, you should ALWAYS do your homework and be aware of who you are working with ahead of time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Too many models for trade not enough reality

I feel that there are too many girls willing to show their body, shoot with any random photographer and not think clearer about what they are doing. Afterward they are full of questions and I try to answer them daily as best as I can. Too many of these girls are falling for a sad situation of just being "another model with a rate." Another TFP model. Trading their time, body, and creativity for the thrill of some foolish guy with a camera. Why? Why? Do girls do this?

I was that girl when I started playing with the word model/modeling in 2001. But I learned that modeling involves a lot more than just a camera and a person infront of it or behind it.

I wish more of these girls on stupid internet sites would.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getting Professional Pictures and Headshots


My Answer:

You can pay anything from $100 up for a good headshot with a professional photographer. Make sure you get everything in writing, when it comes to working with a photographer for headshots. Read this blog post I wrote on Usage rights, alot of models run into problems sometimes if you do not discuss everything ahead of time, such as how many pics you get, are any of them touched up, etc:

You don't have to settle for crappy pictures. But do be prepared to research to find a good one. Some photographer that are very reputable test models, and the best thing to do is to research and try, let the photographer know your budget upfront, maybe you could discuss a reasonable rate.

It is worth a try. When I started out and was seeking a good photographer I experienced this work when I had something to offer more than just shoot me. Like I brought a cook dress or shoes, or researched a location for us to shoot in. Found a great makeup artist.

The main thing when it comes to working with a photographer is meeting them ahead of time, knowing they are professional, not full of crap. Too many people who are "guys with cameras" so even if it takes longer, it is better to work with someone who knows what he/she is doing!

When approaching a photographer: Stress your interests in modeling, the area you want to work, commercial print photos, headshots, etc, your focus, and be prepared to afterwards make a compcard and mail it to some commercial print modeling agencies: is pretty affordable.

And SKIP model sites, seriously!

You will have better luck going to the yellow pages, or a photography school, or a photo lab and asking if they can suggest a photographer, if you go to the photo store Adorama on 18th street in NYC (google it) you can see in the pin board there is a list of headshot photographers.

When it comes to the style of photos for commercial print see this blog:

And this one:

I also enjoy cropping a photo and making it into a headshot, it looks more natural sometimes.

:)I hope this helps, Strive hard and goodluck girl,


Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby Models take first steps as Models

The Boston Globe featured the baby agency Dynasty Models as Dynasty owner Joe Freeman and he shares how a baby can take it's first steps into the modeling business.

"The baby modeling scene in Boston may not be as active as it is in New York or Los Angeles, but it's steady and competitive enough to support divisions at agencies such as Dynasty Models on Newbury Street and Model Club in the South End. Local companies like L.L. Bean, Hasbro, Summer Infant, Safety 1st, and Tufts Health Plan provide a regular stream of work. Regular casting sessions draw parents eager to see their kids in ads (and to fund their 529 college saving plans), but they have to be thick-skinned enough to tolerate industry euphemisms about their bundle of joy being "not right" for the job. "

To read the full article on Dynasty from click here.

Modeling no matter your age is not and easy pursuit. Also getting paid from a modeling agency can take 6-8 weeks or longer, so a person should not model if they are looking for a stable side income, while modeling can offer a great income it is not something a family should rely on.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Modeling Tips Videos by Model Isobella Jade

Here are a few of my latest modeling tip videos on

Meeting the Modeling Agency Tips: What to expect at the first meeting?:

How to start modeling: Isobella shares how to start modeling and what you should be doing before you have your photo taken and make mistakes.

Photos Models Need to get an Agency:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Make the Modeling Agency want to Work with You

Give the modeling agency a reason to want to work with you.

Show them you are more than just another model submission. Or face.

A shorter girl should bring some experience and ambition to the table.

If you want to know why there are not many short models out there it is because not many of them work hard and many of them give up and settle and don't really try.

You have to make the modeling agency want to work with you and it won't just take one photo submission, sometimes it can take 4-5 and it takes having some experience too, such as being in a magazine ahead of time, working with a few brands ahead of time and the pre-hustling of a girl who really wants to work in the business.

You should always be careful who you work with when striving to get your own tearsheets and work but if your goal is to get an agent always ask yourself,"How would the modeling agent think of this job?" Would the modeling agency I want to be with be impressed with this photo, situation or job?" If the answer is no don't do it. Don't be a fool, don't be desperate and be skeptical and careful.

However if you get some tearsheets, and show you can model, you might get a chance to work with a good agency but it does take work, and don't expect the whole " discovery! Moment." Understand that it is very challenging pursuit.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Models and Advertising and marketing yourself

Wherever there is advertising and the need for it, there is a need for models, wherever there are brands and companies and business there is a need for models.

Products big and small need models. You can start getting your own modeling work in a legit way by approaching small companies, local magazines, newspapers, and even hair salons, restaurants that might need models for their ad campaigns.

Modeling is not just posing it is represents brands, services and products.

Even colleges need models for their school campaigns. Models are needed to model everything from jewelry to tampons. To grocery stores, and shopping malls, Modeling is all around you, but do you see it that way?

Chase what you want or don't complain. There is no short easy road when it comes to modeling, modeling is not just beauty, perfection and all that stuff, it is pure work.

As I have replied to girls with questions about how they can start modeling,
"Be ready to research and work and put the effort in, being a model is not an easy pursuit. A legit model that is shorter has to really work to get ahead. But if you want something the work is worth it. Having realistic dreams and goals is important and of course being careful and perceptive of who you work with and how you market yourself."


Monday, January 5, 2009

Modeling in A Smaller City Tips

A girl on Myspace recently said to me, "i have some pictures on myspace but can read just i stay in st. louis and dont know if the models make it here,where can i get a good start?"

I replied to her her on what she should do:

"I would start researching some commercial print modeling agencies in your town. Near by cities. Also consider small ad agencies, and small companies that you see advertise in newspapers and local magazines. They might need a model.

I would mail them your photos. But having the right photos is important.

I would not rely on your Myspace page or any internet modeling site for that matter to make you a model or be discovered though, -showcasing on the web to get modeling work is purely amatuer and it only leads to scams and mistakes. I also would not direct agents or professionals to your Myspace account it is purely amatuer as well. If you want to model, be prepared for the work and research involved. And you need your photos printed and able to be mailed directly. Or made into a jpeg you can email. However emailing an agency is not the best idea, it is better to print it and mail their offices directly.

Like it or not a short model can find modeling opportunities but only if she stops trying to be so fashion like, and stops trying to show off her body photos and be sexy. There is work in advertising for products and brands even in a small town but a girl has to want that. It takes ALOT of work and research to be a REAL model, working with brands and getting legit work, there no easy road, it doesn't happen by half ass trying, it happens only when you put in the effort and really work at it.

Mainly to promote yourself properly you need to get a headshot, and some shots that show your personality.

Modeling in a small town can happen, but it takes take research and work, like always, and it comes down to you, how you market yourself and how much you put in!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Myspace is not your Modeling website

Remember DO NOT ever direct a photo editor or agent, to your Myspace or online portfolio, it is amatuer and you will not be taken seirously until you are credible and have experience. I never would tell an agent, or magazine editor, "to see more photos go to my online portfolio or myspace." it just just screams amateurs.

People who are professional don't want to work with amateurs.

Focusing on how you market yourself, take yourself seriously and focusing on what you CAN do, not what you can't do, and be realistic, is best in life and in modeling. :)

isobella jade

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photos Petite Models need on their Compcard

You compcard might not be working. It might be terrible for the modeling business.

Not because you are not attractive but because the photos are not what an agency that would work with you, considering your height, and what an agency wants to see.

You need to forget fashion shot, and forget being overly sexy. You need to start focusing on what commercial print modeling is, and what you should be showing on your compcard.

You get a few moments to intrigue an agency without even talking, and only within your photos so do your best to showcase the best of you, and that you can in deed model products, that you have personality, and that you have a nice smile.

A lot of girls forget the smile shot.

As short model can find opportunities within Commercial Print Modeling, where the jobs for ad campaigns and commercials are more based around personality, than height. This can mean taming down the sexy photos.

The commercial part of that type of modeling involves lifestyle products. The idea is not to just take a photo of yourself, but you need to focus on getting more shots that involve products and ads, shots that make you look like you CAN model something. Think and look at, jewelry ads, shoe ads, watch ads, hair care ads, skincare ads. Cell phone ads, tampon ads, all types of ads that involve products.

If you do not show you can model, it is not ironic that you don't have an agent, it makes sense, you are not showing you can handle the job they will send you on.

Be a smart model, and get over the flaunting, and wasting your time with photos that do not get you anywhere, start being more productive, more ambitious, and get what you do need to get ahead and do what you want to really do.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Petite Models in Advertising Campaigns

I think of modeling as a marketing business. It is a good thing for a striving model to know about the marketing side of business and the impact the advertising world has on models.

Modeling no matter your size or height is a competitive business, and it is also competitive for the brands you might work with. There are so many brands out there and these brands need models. Most of these models are not fashion height. Most are actually "commercial print models" and you see them in print ads and commercials for lifestyle products. For a shorter girl, who wants a modeling agency, I would think about advertising and target your photos and submission to the agency based around ads you want to be in.

With so many brands becoming more commercial and trying to compete with their competition with online advertising, TV commercials, print ads, there is opportunties for a shorter model working within advertising campaigns for lifestyle products.

For example:
Modeling for an ad campaign for a cell phone company whether it is print or a TV commercial would be a better modeling job to pursue than to be on the runway.

A petite model or shorter girl, should think of advertising and marketing campaigns when it comes to creating her compcard and mailing the modeling agency her photos. To get the idea of the photos you need notice the energy and smiles within commercials, product ads, where you see a girl, who might not be of fashion height modeling for the product's image. Then create shots that involve holding a product or using one in a natural way. Monkey see. Monkey do. Looking at ads is the best way for a model to understand how she should stylized or not stylize her photos, how her makeup should be(less is more), and that a smile is actually her best selling tool when it comes to getting a commercial print modeling agency, and the ways she should use what she does have to get ahead.

Modeling involves modeling something. So when you are presenting yourself to an agency keep in mind that the agency gets calls from ad agencies, art directors, editors at magazines, marketing professionals, and those in the advertising world, so create your photos to look like you can handle modeling something, even for a dish soap, modeling is more than fashion and if a girl understands this, and promotes herself with marketing and advertising in mind, she will have a better chance getting an agency.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Modeling Competition And Pageants

Pageants in my mind are a Southern thing. I never knew anyone who did a pageant in the north, aka, NY area. But a girl recently emailed me upset that she did not get any exposure from a recent modeling contest for ethnic woman in NYC.

I answered her with some tips and also by saying that contests pageants, comptitions although popular in the past are not credible today. Even the girls who win America's Next Top Model really don't go anywhere. And the losers you never hear of again. So it is a waste of time in my opinion to go for a contest. Contests are not credible in the real modeling world. An agent that works with top beauty brands and skincare brands and magazines isn't going to care if you won a contest. They want to see your photos and know how professional you are and if you have personality. Yet if you are considering a contest, please don't do it on the internet, internet competitions are very lame, and not credible at all. But if you still want to be involved here are some suggestions to consider.

Put your marketing hat on and ask...

Is the contest sponsored by a magazine?

Will there be press at the event?
If so who? It would be good to contact them ahead of time if possible.

What does the winner get? Get in details what the winner receives, not just the fine print on the website...ask to be clear. Don't trust in what you might read.

Ask about speaking to the past winner, or research who is was and ask her about her experience at the competition.

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