Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting a Modeling Agency- are you having a hard time?

Remember there are agencies out there that accept models of all heights. Come on you see models in ads all the time that are just as pretty as you and most likely about your height too. But the models have an agent. And for a new model it can seem impossible to get an agency, but honestly it comes down to how you market yourself.

Getting a modeling agency comes down to your own persistance, work, and will. You have to strive and be smart about it, you have to remember these things:

1. that most agencies want mail submissions, Not email.

2. Are you mailing the right agencies with the right photos? Are you short and only mailing fashion agencies, are your photos too sexy, are they not what the agency wants to see? most commercial print agencies DO accept models of all heights and focus more on attractive people with personality and clear skin.

3. So make sure you have a headshot, compcard or photos that show your energy and skin.

Many girls wonder why they do not have an agency, and it is mostly because you have the wrong photos and you are not marketing yourself to the agency in the right ways. You do not want to limit yourself by only submitting lingerie photos or half naked photos. The agency, especially commercial print modeling agencies do not want to see that. If you want a modeling agency you might need to tame down your images and make your shots more about the product, than you.

You want to submit casual, energetic shots, of you do something, -talking on the phone, walking your dog, walking down the street, running on the treadmill. Because Modeling is about selling, and you have to show you can sell a product, and a brands theme and vibe from your look.

Think of ad campaigns, think of print ads, notice the models, the shot involves them, but it is about a product.

4. You have to buy some stamps and envelopes and mail, mail, mail, it might take 3-4 submissions or more to hear back from an agency.

You have to try, and try in the right ways.


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