Monday, December 31, 2007

Can I be a Model?

Yes you can. The Internet allows anyone to promote themselves and with careful persistance one can promote themselves and get seen and exposed and get modeling work. I always believe that one source isn't the answer and you need to be promoting yourself in many ways, on the web, through agents and with your own efforts towards mailing magazines, brands, and companies you want to model for. I don't believe in waiting. So grab your bootstraps this year and make 2008 the time to get your dreams to start rolling and coming true.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Modeling Advice for Marketing with Diversity

These tips from from my own personal experiences:

1. Don't limit yourself to only one agent too soon, or one agency

2. Remember that there is no exuse for why you aren't in a magazine or working with brands and products yet. To be a model it can involve making it happen for yourself.

3. Do you homework, research, promote yourself, mail your photos out, contact photographers, be ambitious, and be honest with yourself about where in the modeling business you fit.

4. Modeling is for everyone. No joke. It is for the older man whistling on the street corner, and the high school girl modeling prom dresses in Seventeen magazine.

5. Be open minded, if you want to get ahead you have to think positive and focus on honestly what you can bring to the modeling business.

6. Making money as a model most likely wont be your only income, but getting paid what you are worth can come down to practice, to skip the mistakes, ask a lot of questions before you get booked on the job, ad campaign, photo shoot, commercial, music video. Sometimes a job is worth taking even if it doesn't pay that much because it will benefit your reel and lead to bigger jobs, I think the tear sheet and building your portfolio and reel are more important that getting a paycheck in the start, but once you are getting paid, make sure you have all the details for usage and the day rate and over time.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Isobella Jade in the New York Times

Today I was featured in The New York Times, the story was based on the Apple Store and the experience I had writing my book there. It was a very emotional and important part of my pursuits and I will always be impressed with that store, with the way Apple has a hand on being creative with retail, selling, and exposure, the give and take method works, only I haven't bought a computer yet from the store, but one day soon...I will!

Until then you can read the article in The New York Times today, click here:

Modeling Advice and Goals

Although it is ok to pose nude, flaunt in a bikini and show it off, as long as you can have a goal involved, and you don't limit yourself, I still always believe that modeling involves a product, a story, sure it is easy to take a photo and flaunt it, but do it with a purpose, with a statement, because no matter what type of modeling you want to do, whether it is hand modeling, or nude modeling if you are serious and focused you will get ahead, get tearsheets, get exposed and be able to market yourself, but remember that modeling is an outlet of expression and it is best to express yourself in many ways, modeling shouldn't be just the one goal you have in life, having many goals and keeping them in order and being persistant and doing your homework and putting in the hours, and taking a chance and mostly thinking BIG is the key to any success.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How tall are you?

As a short girl, it is ironic that I am asked all the time about my height, it is one of the most common questions I get during my pursuits as a model. A lot of girls who are trying to be models worry about their height, their weight and if they can be models without being the standard. My answer is yes!

Tonight I talk about modeling misconceptions on my modeling podcast called Model Talk.

Listen in here:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Googling the Words Modeling Agency

First results of a google search of the words Modeling Agency are not very inspiring for a petite model. It is FORD MODELS and Wilhelmina Models, then Elite Models. Which all have very strick height requirement. But there is so much more a petite model can consider but sometimes it isn’t blunt on the page or a Google search.

Don't forget talent agencies, not just fashion modeling agencies, but submit yourself to places where you will be accepted.

First thing I booked with Funny Face Today, FFT was a job on As the World Turns, they needed a girl who was comfortable in a bathing suit, and I was, and I booked another job through another agency called R and L for Teen Vogue fit modeling.

Getting a Modeling Agency is Easy if Your Savvy

Modeling agencies are acceptance into the modeling world, but they are not the door into the modeling world. A lot of girls think if they can just get an agency then their life and modeling goals will be answers and easy, but this is simply not true. In today's world having a modeling agency is just part of the hustle to be a model, just one little step. Although it is helpful, no one should ever rely on someone else, to really care about whether you succeed or not as a model. You can't hope someone is going to make your dreams come true, but an agent is helpful when it comes to getting booked for jobs with brands you originally couldn't have found yourself. Put your mind in the agents perspective, and think about the phone calls that agent gets each day, from magazines, products, ad agency's, the people in need of models. There is a lot of work out there, but the agents job is just taking the best talent they have and submitting it, working hard to get the job booked and get you as the model can get paid. You are sort of catagorized and then a number, a name on the roster, and hopefully you will be picked today, sent out to the casting and booked, but it is hard enough sometimes to get an agent in the first place but here are three tips:

Photos: Do you have photos that bring forward your best features?
Modeling Agency and Talent Agencys- don't forget there are talent agencies that accept petite models as well. Check out the Ross Reports for names and addresses ( Google it)
Using more than just your Face: There is also Voice over work and also Parts modeling, shoe modeling, and hand modeling that can get you into the door.

If you can't get an agent the first time, you should still try ten more times, or how ever long it takes. If you have energy and you are driven, you will get an agent on that alone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Petite Models ask Can I Model That?

You might not rock the runway, or wear the latest fashions for the Chanel ad campaign, but if you focus on your images, and letting your personality come through in your images you will get modeling work. You need to stop waiting for things to happen and start making them happen. No matter your size, height, weight, ect, if you are energetic there is modelig work for you. They set standard height requirements because most girls who are 5'7" are thin, or so-the-agency-thinks, but also girls who are taller and shorter than 5'7' can be models no matter their height and weight. I think so much pressure is put into being a certain height when honestly if your images are quality, if your personality shines through there is modeling work for you. You might not be working every single day as a model for an ad campaign, or print magazine, but you will be getting modeling work. And if your images are great you will be able to get an agency. So yes you can model that!

Petite Models can Advertise Products

Just because you are shorter than most, doesn't mean you can't model products. Alot of models wonder, how can I model for an ad campaign, or model in a magazine, or model a product, and these are good questions but to get there you have to focus on only shooting images that will benefit you and your future, shoot for the jobs yet to come, not for where you are today, and don't waste time with shooting without a purpose. Make plans, make the shoot count, set goals, and stay ambitious.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Modeling Advice: Chapter one

In my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" I highlight the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly of trying to be your own agent. After all my hustling I have come to still know that the work never ends. Just because you have a dream doesn't mean someone is going to find you and make it happen. Just because your body looks great, your energetic, upbeat and capable, doesn't mean you have it easy. Modeling is beyond beauty, it is a constant run of selling, selling and selling yourself and seeking the opportunity.
Really trying.
Set your goals high, but know the pit stops along the way to make them happen, nothing may happen over night, but then again sometimes do with persistance!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Becoming a model: lingerie modeling

Becoming a print model for modeling lingerie in magazines, editorials, catalogs and ad campaigns takes having the right photos. The best way to get ahead is to pay attention to what is already selling and what is already working, For example this can even mean reading the magazines you want to be in, so if you want to model lingerie, sure take the pictures...but even reading Lingerie trade magazines and finding out about any aspiring lingerie companies who might need models would be a good idea too. You should be hunting on Google to get intouch with Lingerie brands you want to model for. A lot of lingerie ads are designed to look sincere, soft, and whispy, not really posed hard and edgy, a lot of lingerie ads and intimates brands don't use models with huge breasts either. Just because you are an A cup or B cup doesn't mean you can't model lingerie

Modeling advice For headshots

A nice clean, beautiful face shot is important. I recently shot one and to relax I laid on the couch and put my face against the arm of the couch and focused on the lens of the camera and looked through it as if I was looking ito the eyes of someone else and telling them " I understand you." It might sound corny but if you think of a calm situation when you are shooting the images WILL look better, calmer, and more like an ad. Also bringing the tear sheets with you from magazines that show face shots of models for creams and makeup is a good idea.

Relaxing and giving a calm look is work! It does take a minute to get into Model-mode and be able to give your honest expression for a really nice headshot.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fitness Shots

Petite Models can be great for fitness modeling. Instead of just a bikini shot, focus on also getting a fitness shot. You might not have long legs but you can rock your fitness moves for a fitness magazine or editorial in a woman's magazine.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do you want a tearsheet? Modeling Advice and Tips for Magazines

Do You Want a tear sheet! Here is a link to my model podcast I did tonight on how to get a tear sheet, it might give you some ideas.


Modeling Advice: Smaller is better sometimes

Sometimes the smaller modeling agencies are actually better for you than the big ones. Especially if you are petite. If a smaller agencies, boutique agency, that gets a decent amount of jobs for models accepts you, then go for it! Just because the agency isn't known world wide doesn't mean it isn't worth it. Sometimes it can be just the in you need. Also at a small modeling agency, if you are liked, sent out and start booking work, you will get more attention more often.
Commercial print modeling agencies and talent agencies accept models of all heights, colors, weight and size. Focus on the print market, the commercial market.
It is more fun to rock your personality in a Mc'Donalds commercial or hair company hair commercial, than to be all stiff and hung liek a hanger anyways. Focus on what a petite model can do...and don't limit yourself. Shoot with diversity, and create a compcard that shows your range. Imagine each picture being an ad or in a magazine, that is how you can decide which photos are best to submit. And keep submitting!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hair Modeling can get you in the Door

Dear petite models,
I think you should look into gettting photos of your hair styled in ways that are used for prom or wedding etc...and send them to magazines. The makeup, hair and wedding market is huge and there is a lot of opportunity. Everything from Wedding magazines, to hair magazines, to Woman's magazines, and there are tearsheets out there you can model, you just need to focus on your images and looking as natural and as easy going as possible. People might think modeling is about posing and being all stiff and un-moveable, but personality and great style sells!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting an Agency Isn't Enough

Ok, so you want an agency, and then you finally get one. But then what?

You have two choices:

1. you can sit and wait for the phone to ring.

2. or you can continue to hustle and pursuie and work on your images and submit to magazines and not leave your dreams up to one person, agency, etc.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Modeling Advice on

Modeling advice can be also found on Models-fashion-advice, you can post your question there and also learn about what other models are going through and doing.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So You Want to Be a Model in a Magazine?

A lot of girls have goals to be in a magazine but they don't know how to make it happen. Here are 3 tips:

1. LOOK at the magazine. Understand what type of shots the magazine uses, is it an Urban magazine, what do the clothing look like, how is the hair, the pose, the model, the makeup. This can tell you what they look for and what the concept of the magazine is and although each issue is different, each issue needs models.

2. Submit: Submit the magazine a photo of your body, your face and then you doing something editorial looking. Talking on the phone, laughing, even cooking, something to show your personality and energy. A Smile is nice. (Girls don't smile enough)

3. Research who is the photographer of the editorials in the magazine, look in the front of the magazine at the magazine Masthead and you will see a list of editors. Submit your images to the photo editor, bookings editor, fashion editor, featured editor, and include a note that says a little about your experience, and highlights that you would be a great model for the magazine.

Submit to all types of magazines too, not just fashion ones, remember that ALL magazines need model, even Knitting magazines.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Petite Model Isobella Jade poses infront of NEW Apple Store

The Apple Store is where I penned my book called: Almost 5'4"- and this week I did a shoot infront of the New Apple Store on 14th Street and I love it over there in the Meatpacking area, nice cobblestone street, good smells, and now The Apple Store@
Media Bistro has kindly followed my story and today they posted the photos from my photo shoot!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hand Modeling and Guido Daniele's Animal Hands

These are not my hands, they are Guido's hands and his work. I love it! The animal paintings Guide Daniele create inspires me to share how hands can be used for unique hand modeling jobs. You wouldn't think your hand could look so artist, but it can. It might inspire some ideas for putting together a portfolio of your hands for hand modeling.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Managing yourself as a Model

I think of modeling like a business. The Photos, the research, the investment not only out of your pocket, but also in your heart,mind and body. From running around, to preparing for shoots, putting together a perfect compcard, and trying daily. Getting the jobs, not getting the jobs, waiting, not waiting, rushing, and thinking of what is next.

Inspiration to strive comes from the challenge I chase. As a petite model the challenge to model might be on your mind. Think of yourself as an underdog but there is a lot of opportunity out there, you just have to create it yourself.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Compcard hustling

After googling the word compcard I found a great compcard place called
go figure!
I think petite models would enjoy the advice and helpful tips the designers give you as well as the price!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Modeling and Acting tips

Maybe you want to be in commercials, or do some television work or even want to just learn to be more comfortable infront of a camera. It will help your modeling too.

Check out this link. Sometimes the word model is followed with rolling eyes, but modeling is work! I think modeling takes a lot of work, practice, and over and over shooting and focusing on marketing yourself. It is similar to actors, constantly working on their craft. They need a headshot, they have to market it out and stay driven.

I think modeling and acting go together. I think modeling is about telling a story and so is acting. If you want to take an acting class and you don't have huge funds, check out the link enclosed for Affordableacting classes.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Think Big Petite Models, Think Local

Being the face of an ad campaign might be your goal, and to get some tearsheets which can lead to that, think local!

Is there a newspaper in your town that uses models for their ad section?
Do you notice any new stores opening in your town?

When you are interested in modeling and starting out, it is ok to look local.
It leads to the bigger jobs.

As always photos are the most important thing, you can call a modeling agency in your town and ask if they can suggest a photographer, or go to a local college ( I have mentioned this before and it works!) or research photographers in your town who do photography full time. They will be more professional to work with and unless you can manage yourself, I would stay away from modeling sites until you can handle meeting someone you don't know. And it is always ok to bring a friend with you.

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.