Friday, October 17, 2008

Petite Models can Model - if your smart about it

Sure it isn't hard to flaunt your body parts and get a comment on your modeling social site, but really being a model takes a lot more work.

Being a petite can leave a girl to think she can only model in the glamour world and this is simply not true. Before you start to think you are too short for agencies why not do some homework and research on print modeling, here is some insight:

1. Print models are of all heights and ethnicities.

2. If you can handle wearing a sweater or full outfit you might get on a TV Commercial for advil, hair care product, coffee brands, airlines, hotels, furniture, cell phone companies, skincare, shoes, accessories, every retail store from Marshalls to DSW, to Macy's need models, and these models are commercial print models.

3. Use your body in a new way, with parts modeling. Focus on getting shots of your parts, hands, legs, feet, stomach, eyes, backside, and make a parts compcard. You can see mine here:

4. Have bigger goals, think bigger. If you want to be in a magazine, why not submit your best photos that show your personality and style to a magazine like Glamour and Marie Claire, Women's World, Self, Latina, all magazines have a photo department, and it might be unconventional but unconventional works! Mail in your pics.

5. While you are at it, mail all of the commercial print modeling agencies you can find, start Googling, there are over hundred print agencies in NYC. Have you submitted to any?

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