Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Older Models Can Fine Great Modeling Work

Older Models are in demand. Recently a 28 year old model contacted me about modeling and her pursuits. This was my answer to her email back to her:

Awww..Thanks for writing, I know you might feel 28 is old but it isn't for modeling. Actually if you look at any haircolor boxes at the drug store, you can see most of them look about 28-30. There is such a market for women models who are 28-40. Also think of not just fashion, music videos, ect, think of also that the older women is the one spending money and shopping. For everthing! Panty hose to diapers,even advil commercials. Commercial print modeling is your market, using your smile, energy and personality, and I am glad I inspired you.

So focus on using your personality and what you do have...there is work out there and I am glad you are trying! Agencies in NYC such as FFT Models, Gilla Roos, R&L Models, CESD, they are really good. I work with most of them and you will see the smile, energy shots...are what they want to see and what is selling! Fashion and Playboy are very small worlds. There is more for girls who use their spunk, smile, and energy in the modeling business. Try Submitting yourself to some magazines.

For more advice on getting your own magazine tear sheets, this is a video on Youtube on how to get your own modeling tear sheets,Click here.

I recently spoke to the founder of Expecting Models inc on Model Talk Radio as well, for that interview click here.

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