Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Staying Motivated as a Model and Marketing Yourself

Modeling is a competitive pursuit. I purposely do not say profession, because I think many girls have this mindset that they will be a supermodel and jet set quickly and that modeling is easy or takes just being discovered. I say modeling pursuit because modeling for the short girl is a pursuit. I am not measured as a model by just my height and weight, it takes a lot of work to get modeling work with great magazines, and brands and work with good agents. It really involves being smart about how you market yourself, and being professional about it. Respecting yourself, and being selective about the photos you use to show case yourself to agents.

It might take many, many submissions to get modeling model work, but if you want to get legit modeling work, then you have to understand that modeling is not just about being hot, or shooting just to shoot. Creating the photos you need to best represent you as a model is the factor many girls miss.

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