Thursday, April 29, 2010

Model pose tips: look longer, leaner,taller in photos

When you are in-front of the camera, there are a few easy tricks you can do to look longer, leaner, taller and more proportioned.

It starts with creating some space between your limbs.

Notice how in this photo there is space between the arm closest to the camera and my body. Space creates length. It makes me look taller and longer by naturally creating some space between my arms and torso. Also notice that my shoulders are at a slight angle which causes my front arm to also be at a slight side angle. It makes my upper arm appear leaner. Even a slight angle like this can make a girl of any size look longer and leaner and more proportioned in a photo. The leg closest to the camera is a bit forward, this creates length as well, it looks like there is movement involved, like the camera just caught me as I was coming down the stairs. Yes I am wearing a mini skirt, but notice how the focus of the shot is on my smile, and it looks like I am off to enjoy the sunny day. I probably was afterward! :)

This insight is for girls of all walks of life and a little space between the arms and body, even for this shot of me in Vegas, makes me appear longer and leaner even in a sweater.

I always make sure to create space between my arms and body. ALWAYS for group shots, I cropped myself here so you can see that:

P.s: When sitting sit at the edge of the seat, you could position your legs slightly asymmetrical to create length.

Friday, April 9, 2010

working as a shorter finding opportunities comes down to you finding them

3 more days to win a signed copy of my graphic novel "MODEL LIFE: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior."

Here's how: Submit a photo of yourself modeling a handbag to
2 winners will be featured on this blog next week.

Deadline April 11th!

The"industry" part of "modeling industry" involves designers, brands, magazine editors and those that hire and book models for their marketing, editorial, promotion and advertising needs, and although there is not a million petite modeling agencies out there, there are commercial print modeling agencies that work with all sizes. It is all about having marketable photos, having your model marketing material & finding the right agencies. They are out there.

You are not hopeless if you are shorter. Instead of saying "I'm too short" why not focus on creating marketable photos that fit the commercial print world and try! It will NOT be easy, but it is possible if you do the work. :)

Research is a major asset of a model. :)


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