Monday, June 30, 2008

Payless Shoes for a shoe model

This is a hot shoe for an aspiring shoe model to consider wearing.
Price: $22.99
If you want to shoe model you need to get some shots of yourself modeling shoes. Consider this hot one from Payless. I love the pink!

Why aren't these models modeling?

There are many models on these internet modeling websites, but I have to ask myself,"Are they really modeling?" Do they have goals? Are they just shooting to shoot and be exposed? OR are they really modeling?

If you want to model ask yourself, "what brands do I want to model?"

What magazines do I want to model in?

What am I good for modeling?

I think a model has to be able to adjust and model in many atmosphere's, meaning modeling a beauty products and then a jewelry product, maybe for a shoe company, and maybe even wear a business suit for a certain modeling job- maybe a commercial for Staples?

A model models for brands, for editorials in magazines, for commercials.

If you do not have product shots within your portfolio how do you expect to model them? And get an agency? If you do not have photos of yourself showing that you can in deed model in an ad campaign, for a magazine, ect, then how do you expect to get ahead. You should show photos of yourself modeling in the ways that you think you can model how do you expect to get ahead and get modeling work?

Try a simple headshot, or beauty shot. For inspiration, look in magazines, makeup ads, hair care ads, and start to think about the shots you really need to get ahead and acomplish the goals you want.

You have to prove you can play in the is the same thing for the NBA of modeling.

What it takes to be a model

These days it is typical and normal to promote yourself, to have more than one agency, and to freelance and market yourself yourself.

Many aspiring models, and girls who want to model think that by having an agency that their dreams and pursuits will launch and they will be working consistantly as a model. This doesn't always happen.

An agency might only call you a few times a year, a few times a month, or it could be every week, but the more experience you have, and the better your modeling portfolio is, and the more you can show you can model the more you will be used.

I have found it is best to have some tearsheets, have some experience before you approach a modeling agency. If you expect to be discovered from your modeling page on a modeling website you are wrong. You need to have your marketing tools, headshot and compcard, and you have to be mailing it out and trying to improve your modeling portfolio and a big thing girls forget is diversity. I think being diverse is very important. Being able to model a handbag, and also be the face of a tampon commercial. Seriously! Modeling is more than fashion and maybe before you start to think of agencies, and photo shoots you should ask yourself,
" Do I have the will to promote myself and get the photos and tools I need to do so?"

Friday, June 27, 2008

Two important reasons why you need a modeling agency and modeling agent

You need a modeling agent because they are the key, the middle man between You and the Brand, product, ad campaign, magazines and all the modeling jobs you want to get or are good for.

Also when you are booked through an agency you appear more professional. Most brands expect the model to come from the agency because they trust in the agent to provide the best models and have a selective eye.

Which means if you are with the agent you will be sent to more legit and professional jobs. They want to send you to good paying, good brands, and jobs that will also improve their own portfolio and resume of jobs their models have booked.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Being a model is more than just a download

Are you using the internet to get ahead as a model? Is it really working?

It takes more than just a quick download and a few minutes on myspace to become a model. It really takes ambitious and energy and time and research and submissions to get the goals you have as a model to come true. A lot of girls want to model, everyone does these days, but what sets you apart?

Don't forget the importance of having a compcard, having a video/film reel, and submitting a phyiscal compcard out. A lot og girls turn to the web without considered the marketing they really need, like a headshot, like a compcard. These are normal things that models need to have. Any girl at a modeling agency has one and you need one too. With or without an agent you need a compcard, and marketing tools.

Don't always rely on just your Myspace and website to be discovered, it takes more than just a download.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Levi's brings back the jean team

Levi Strauss is going to be hugging a lot of hips soon, and of all ages, as they plan to shape and "lift" the bottom for a better fit.

They recently had "real" women try on the jeans, through a marketing-research company, eight women with different body types shares their opinion on the jeans and how they fit into the new Signature jeans. ( one of them had to be petite- I am sure!)

The signature jeans are going to be carried in the 3,200 Wal-Mart stores.

(if they need a model I hope they call me. Especially for the petite's.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

put your money where your modeling goals are

If you want to be in a magazine, get an agent, or work with brands, the one thing you need is photos and this summer here are some tips to how you can save money when it comes to printing.

1. Get a compcard made at You can even order 35 for $35 if you don't have a large budget, and at least these 35 card can get you going, mailing, and launch your mail submissions to agents, magazines, and for castings.

2. If you are not ready for a comp card but you have a nice head shot then consider printing up from 5x7 prints at Adorama. No matter where you live you can order online. Great prices for prints! You can then mail your prints to agents and magazines as well. Put your name and phone number on the back of the photo.

3. Only mail one or two different photos per mailing. Or send just one or two comp cards, don't waste your promotional tools. The agent will let you know if they need more if they like your look.

4. It is better to print up one good photo than a bunch of photos that are just ok.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I sit on my terrace and soak in he morning sun rays...

Almost every day at 10 a.m. on the dot, I slip on my yellow bikini and I sit on my terrace and soak in he morning sun rays. With a glass of water at my side and a laptop on my thighs, I embrace the new day. And if you, like me, love the sun and how it feels on your skin, then it’s easy to forget that something that feels so good is actually your skin’s more at

Waiting for photos from a photographer? Is it taking too long?

Usually after a photo shoot you should get your photos within 2 weeks, I think that it enough time for the photographer to burn you a CD. And even touch up a couple images if that is in your agreement.

I would speak everything out and even put the expected in writing.

If you are waiting over a month or two months for photos, it can lead to trouble. Not just for your sanity, but because after two months, the photos could be even considered old.

I speak to the photographer ahead of time, about what I need, how long I hope it to take and what I plan to do with the photos. Usually I am in a rush, and I need the photos ASAP. So if we shoot digital I expect the images anywhere from,-that day -to up to two weeks, but not much longer than that.

If we shoot film, depending on the complexity of the shoot,- if the photos need touch up and post work, then it can take up to a week to get the images, but the photographer usually sends me some images through my email so I can at least see what is in the works

Well, I am off to Union Square to pick up a CD today!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guess has size 23! Which is a size 0 for petite's

If you are looking for a petite pair of jeans, consider Guess, they have a size 23, which is awesome. You might want to go to the website and order since it is hard to find the size in the stores. Maybe fashion is going to be going more towards petite's in the future, hey online is a start!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keep your summer skin looking great

Instead of sitting on the sun for hours, or napping for 3 hours, limit your time to 30 minutes of sun. Also you can use spray on tans and lotions for a healthy look on your skin during the summer.

salt scrubs-a great way to keep your skin looking fresh is to shower up with salt scrubs.

movement- to prevent cellulite you need movement on your legs and arms, so to keep your legs and body tone consider going on a sunset walk each evening and getting into a habit of moving your body at least once a day.

Where a hat and sunglasses- protect your eyes and skin and scalp.

Also when sitting out in the sun or on the set of your outdoor photo shoot at the beach or park remember to use sunscreen and also lip balm that has SPF 15.

Electric Trimmer for your Bikini Line before swimwear photo shoots

An easy way to clean up before a photo shoot is with a wet or dry trimmer, sometimes shaving can leave bumps, so to limit the red, you can consider to use this product I just discovered at And the After Tweeze Soothing Cream might work well for you after the trimming.

I also use a white or a cream eyeshadow powder sometimes to cover stray hairs, especially when I don't have time to prepare for a swimwear shoot.

Friday, June 20, 2008

middle aged models are finding their market

Middle aged models are finding their market
So you’re not super skinny, super young or super sexy but there is modeling work for you.

I recently received an email from a middle age women wanting to start modeling but unsure of how to start. These are a few of my suggestions for any woman who is not a typical model:

Photos: Have you considered that the age of the women who are buying most of the commercial products and retail are over 35+.

With this in mind Stay focused on What You Can Model. Start by thinking about ads and editorials and magazines that involve women who are middle-aged, such as Redbook, More magazine, Travel Magazine, Cooking Magazines, think about ways a middle age model is used in ad campaigns and magazines.
Usually it won’t be for Victoria Secret, but it will be more for Sears, or a Family Circle magazine. To get work with these you do need photos that show you can model in the style, so focus on the type of work that people that are middle aged DO get, think about Dove soaps, skin care creams, hair care, and family products, even dish washers and bed mattresses need models! :)

Just think of brands that you CAN model for and follow suit and create photos that a woman should have who wants to model for products and brands for a woman who is shopping these days. Most ads and editorials and commercials are for women 25 and up, most shoppers are over 30 years old, so the market for this as a model is high, but you do need to focus on your images.

Smiles, suits, energy, laughter! Jeans, holding a coffee, a baby, a dog, wearing an elegant dress, think about ads like for travel, and cooking and bra's that involve middle age women. Sometimes you have to change your perspective on What Modeling really Is? With this mindset you can understand how to market yourself as a model.

Women of all ages are modeling and maybe they are NOT on a runway but brands like Advil, and travel magazines, and skin care brands, and hair care brands do need models.

It is important to create photos that sell you in a realistic way. Do you see woman 35+in Playboy? Not really much. Do you see woman who are 35+ in Vogue modeling the fashion? Not really? But there is still modeling work for you. You might have to translate it into commercial print modeling, where you will indeed find a market for you. Especially in magazines like Women's World, Fitness, Family Circle, Bon App├ętit, Redbook, among many others.

If you want to shoot more bras and panties or something more revealing than think of ads and body shots, you will from retailers like these:

Gisele Bundchen Loves Paige Premium Denim

If you are looking for petite demin look toward Paige Premium Denim! Gisele is not petite, but she rocks the denim very well!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Posing tips of Jessica Alba

I think Jessica Alba is so talented and I admire her roots and growth as an actress. I also admire the way she poses for her photo shoots, these shots are from GQ magazine this past winter and I love the natural and relaxed element she brings to the shot, it is so hot and enticing and she looks really tall!

Lets learn for her poses, how a shorter girl can look taller. Alba is only about
5' 6".

Confidence is also important. When you are posing think of the story you are creating, the mood, the atmosphere and if you notice she is only leaning against a pole, or sitting, but her posture is great and the loose look of her arms while she is standing makes her whole body look longer and while sitting a little tilt of the leg can make your whole body look more proportioned.

And she rocks the one piece so well.

I look at editorials all the time to get inspired. You should too!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Modeling Means Marketing: Submitting to a magazine

If you want to model for a magazine you sometimes have to do the grunt work, do the research and do it yourself. Mailing the editors involves looking in the front of the magazine at the Masthead which is a list of editors and once you are on that page you will want to submit a photo that is similar to the vibe of the magazine. It is a self made modeling pursuit. Perhaps submit 2 photos, and don't forget to look into the magazine and get ideas for the type of photo you should submit.

This can be for any age, no matter if you have a child and you want to submit him or her to a Parent magazine to be on the cover, or whether you are 40 and want to submit yourself to a Travel, or Home and Garden, or Knitting, or Business magazine.

Modeling are needed of all kinds, all heights and colors. Think big! To hear more on this topic tune into my modeling pod cast called Model Talk and the segment called Pitching a magazine.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Best Model Spots in New York City

I write three modeling blogs a day because there is just so much to write and share. And hopefully when you discover these blogs you will be delighted that someone is speaking up for the non-fashion model.

Here are some of the best spots in New York City that come into play very often in my pursuits as a model.

1. Apple Store, of course this is number one since I used the store so much for my research and it was basically my office for 2 years and where I first penned my book. It is a great spot for out of towners too who might not want to use an Internet cafe. You can also visit the free classes at the store and learn a thing or two about being a more savvy tech model yourself! When using the computers just becareful to delete your work when you are done. And to delete your history too and sign out completely! You don't want anyone hacking into your Myspace or email account.

2. Sephora, even when I was broke Sephora was always a wonderful stop to touch up my makeup and even before shoots I would go in there and the beauty advisers would do my makeup and I would buy the mascara or some blush for my own touch ups once at the shoot. I also love the Sephora brand.

3. The Best free bathrooms in NYC, would be The Shops at Columbus Circle, (59th St, A,C, 1 train) the beautiful shopping center has a clean bathroom and also plenty of toilet tissue and usually the seat doesn't have pee on it. Also of course the Apple Store has a clean bathroom too.

4. The quickest printing shop in NYC is Adorama Camera, located on 18th St, 42 19th Street,- I usually get off the train at Union Square hit Barnes and Noble and then go to Adorama to pick up my prints for my portfolio. Prints are usually under $5bucks! And you get them in a days turn around.

5. Barnes and Noble is an awesome spot for an aspiring model, free entertainment on rainy days or before castings and shoots. Also you can hang out in the magazines section all afternoon researching the names of photo editors in the magazines you want to be in and start your hustle right there! I usually go to Barnes and Noble or Borders at least 2 times a week.

6. I am not huge on trendy model spots where models hang out for hours, I just don't have the tiem to hangout for no reason. I usually make plans or set dates. But if I want a grill cheese I go to The Diner in the Meatpacking district. And it is across from the Apple Store!
Sun 10am-2am
Mon 11am-2am
Tues 11am -3am
Wed-Thurs 11am-5am
Fri 11am-6am
Sat 10am-6am
44 9th Ave. at W 14th

7. duane reade competes with Sephora for me. I am always there. I love and hate duane reade. But it is where I go to get everything from makeup, facial toner, envelopes for my mailings ( or Staples) and I pick up panty hose for my leg castings and I love the little travel sized St. Ives handcreams.

Monday, June 16, 2008

how do you get a modeling agent? First you become your own

No matter who your agent is you should always look out for your own dreams and fight for what you want. Modeling to me isn't a joke or a fluffy word, I take it seriously and I earn all I get with research and by being smart about it and realistic about my pursuits.

It involves mailing photos over and again a few times to get work. It involves resarch and being honest with myself. There are certain modeling jobs I won't ever get, like walking the runway. But I really don't want to do that anyways. I want to do print work and for that, I have learned, I don't have to be a certain height, I just need quality photos and I need to work with an agency that works with models of all heights. And I have and I do. I don't waste time.

I am not tall, but that doens't mean I can't model. I just find ways to use what I got and get ahead!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Modeling and Marketing Yourself: Submit photos that match the jobs you want to get

Whether you want to be a hand model or swimwear model, submitting photos that say what you are capable of is best.

And becareful and considerate when submitting.

If you are submitting to an agency ( commerical/ and fashion): submit a face shot without heavy makeup, show some energy in your personality, include a shot that looks like an ad- with a product. Mention a recent modeling job you did, or your interests and what you would be good for.

If you are submitting to a magazine: Submit photos or a compcard that match the style of the magazine, -it is important to send images that flow with the vibe of the magazine. Also submit a short letter with your resume or some credits and your interest -with your contact info. Have an email that involves your name. Such as and a phone number

Submitting to a photographer: Submit a recent shot, a close up, a full body shot. And share examples of the type of shoot you are looking for. Submit samples by sharing websites or the name of the magazine or for a headshot-the TV show or film, that has the style of a photo you are looking for so that you can get what you need.

Also when pitching a photographer an idea to get test shots: Mention your experience, none- very high,- and then mention what you are looking for and what you will be providing for the shoot. Can you find a location? help with styling? Do you have an intriguing idea that might interest the photographer?

Submitting to a brand: Research the Headquarters location, and phone number and try to get the email of the right department you need. Such as the marketing department which picks the models usually. Submit photos to the marketing department or pr department, submit a nice headshot like a a close up, a body shot, and a shot that matches the style of the brand. If it is a shoe product, send a photo of yourself wearing shoes. And focused on the shoes and which looks like an ad.

You have self serve, you have to research, submit, and keep trying to market yourself. You have to take risks, try, and not give up!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Challenge yourself as a model and get better photos

It is easy to tilt the head and give a smile, let the sun catch it, but try to challenge yourself as a model as well, try not to create shots that everyone has.

You want to create something that will leave an impression not just be "another headshot, or beauty shot."

Your eyes, and facial features speak even if you aren't talking. And you totally can feel it when the shot is " right on". The body, the eyes know it when your photo is taken to the next level and you are giving the camera more than just a face but a story.

It is easy to do the same poses, or only keep a few ideas in your mind but it is so much more beneficial to create photos that make a person go " wow, that is a sick shot!"

Challenge yourself, whether it is the pose, the expression, the atmosphere, to be a better model you need to work with good, great photographers, and you need to be able to push yourself to get the shots you need. Sometimes they don't just come by being in front of the camera alone. Sometimes you have to really work for the shot.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Modeling Body Tips: How to keep looking good year round.

My feet help me pay my bills. Shoe modeling is something I want to always do and to keep my feet fresh this is what I do to limit corns and keeping my pedicure nice:

In the winter I buy boots with a little room so that my foot some squish.

I switch and alternate days from heels to flip flops when I can. If I ran around in heels all day then the next day I try not to wear them at all.

In the summer there is no excuse!- I carry my heels in my bag and I wear sandals, flat shoes, or flipflops to my castings and then change in the elevator real quick or before outside I go into my casting.

I mositurize daily, nightly and even up to three times a day. You can mositurize your feet anywhere. At the park, under the table at dinner, before bed, on the train. -I have done them all!

I give myself a pedicure almost every other day, cleaning my toes, taking off polish, re-applying it. Mositurize again!- then use St Ives scrub on my feet.
(it has a perfect texture I love it!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

You haven't book any modeling work or modeling jobs yet?

Why not. If you want to be something, or become something or something you have to do it yourself. So don't feel weird or awkward discovering your own chances and making them happen! Your not in a magazine? Well, submit yourself.

You not with an agent, don't have a modeling agency well keep submitting.

Need modeling photos? Look in magazines, get inspired, look at all types of magazines and ad and get inspired at where models of all heights are being used.

There is a chance for you but you have to sometimes make the dream happen and do the steps, do the work.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Be in a magazine and not paying a dime

You don't have to pay to be a magazine, you don't have to join a talent website, or even have an agent. My first three tearsheets didn't come from an agency. They came from myself -my own submissions to the magazine and also by working with photographers who submit to magazines and are ambitious!

You can read all about it in my book called Almost 5'4"!
My do it yourself style proves that if you want something you can do it yourself and Yes! it is possible to send yourself to a magazine.

The best thing to do is actually pick up and look inside the magazine you want to be in. I have been in magazines modeling and also gained buzz for my book just byreading magazines and newspapers. What you need to find is the name of editors and the adderss. Where the magazine is published, Not the advertising subscription address. For example pick up Glamour magazine. Look in the front of the magazine at the Masthead- which is a list of all the editors and people at the magazine. Look in the photo section. And search for the magazine of the Booking editor ( who Books the models and clothing and everything) or the features editor, the research editor, and submit them your photo.
Also sometimes magazines have websites that say bluntly, Submit your photos!

Think of ALL kinds of magazines too, did you know there are magazines just for sunglasses, knitting, jewerly, hair magazines, and shoes? They are trade magazines and they need models, so go to the book store and consider them all.
All magazines need models!

Submitting hint: Submit photos that represent the magazines style. Don't send a photo of yourself in a bikini to a footwear industry magazine. And if you want to be in a magazine like Womans' World ( my first tearsheet!) Then don't send a photo of you looking too sexy...look inside the magazine and get the style of the photos and try to send one of yourself with the similar vibe.

I blog about this often. Here are some articles from my other modeling blog.

Article 1:

Article 2:

Article 3:

After I gained my own legit modeling tearsheets in magazines, it helped me to get with the modeling agents I now work with. But I never stop promoting myself. I freelance with agencies and I keep my modeling under my control as well and I hustle for me daily!

Waiting for my new compcard now! I made it from

I hope this helps!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Paige Premium Denim supports petites

It's nice to see Petite offered in jeans at Paige Denim and I love the white jeans that are bound to make any petite girl look longer. Paige Premium Denim, LLC was founded in 2004 by fit model Paige Adams-Geller on the principle that you don’t have to be a size zero to look great and feel great in a pair of designer jeans.

how do I get a modeling agency

Photos are number one!

If you walk into an agency without photos it's not the end of the world, but it does HELP your chances alot if you can walk in with some.

Think about the modeling you want to do. Is it in magazines, for editorials, ad campaigns?

Do you want to model for Bridal magazines, for fitness, or jewelry, for shoes, handbags, what is it that you want to model for?

Create photos of yourself holding a hand bag, in a wedding dress, or prom dress, and shape your shoot around the type of modeling you want to do.

If you don't show it sometimes you won't be believed you can do it!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am so loving these payless shoes for outdoor summer time photo shoots!

Look at how hot you can be without paying that much! Bring some color to your shoots by simply adding it to your shoes. Also these shoes are great for shoe modeling shots for your compcard or modeling portfolio.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Planning your own photo shoot

Here are some tips to planning your own photo shoot and how to direct, style and find a location for your shoot. A model of the digital age needs to know these things. Click here to listen on Model Talk and hear other segments on being a self made model.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Modeling Quote of the Day!

I know I am not tall in person but I am TALLER and more proportioned in photos. It isn't just about being physically TALL, it is about being proportioned and showing that in your photos.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Slip, Scrub and Start Planning for your photo shoots and the sunny lifestyle.

From City Chick Magazine by Isobella Jade.

1. Slip and slide your legs with lotion. I would do it three times a day to get your skin, legs and body soft and supple again. To get into the flirty mood of shooting. I lotion my legs in the morning, I add some hand cream in the day and a dab to my neck. Then I moisturize again in the evening with St.Ives Collagen Elastin and I love Dove's new Cream oil. I first tried it on flight with Jetblue, I thought it was very impressive that Dove and Jetblue got together to give out free samples on flights! It is great to pick up samples of lotion at The Body Shop, or travel size creams that fit in your purse. -I like to keep my hands and elbows chap free.

2. Scrub a toe or two: While you're at it, get a pedicure, but this time not just the bland basic routine, go all out and get your feet scrubbed. Corns and all! Just exfoliating will make you feel ready to shoot! Also you don't just have to leave it to the salon, you can also scrub your feet yourself, and I do with Sally Hansen smoothing foot scrub, and get a nail polish color that is vibrant like Style Berry by Essie to show off those toes.

3. Wrap your hair in color; I love bandanas and scarves launching the Spring, and right now I have my eye on the orange Herme`s scarves. Scarves are great to keep the sun from damaging your hair as the sun starts to peer out and also can add some personality to your skirt and blazer combo and can be a side kick to the jeans and tee-shirt look.

4. Start planning your summer reading now. Did the earmuffs of winter make you forget that it is nice to escape with a book and let your mind drift into someone else's story? So start planning to read something that has some soul to it. Or go in the sexy direction and read some erotic books by Rachel Kramer Bussel. I suggest Glamour Girls: Femme femme Erotica (click here for link)

5. Make a list of all the things you wished you would have done last year and plan to do them! Get outside! If you haven't gone to the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn that would be a good one! The Brooklyn Brewery is also a great stop. Stretch out and maybe even go to the Bronx Zoo for a change. Visit the cosmic show at the Museum of Natural History. Or take the boat cruise on the Hudson and see the city from a new perspective.

6. Get a haircut! Or some bangs. A trim? Just chopping and styling your locks will make you feel like it is a new season! For models: Wella and Fekkai always need hair models.

7. Trim up the bikini line and did you know that there are bathing suits for $20 at H&M?

8. Use flower prints. Add some color to your styling.

9. Plan to get away from the pavement, and have your trips booked ahead of time so you can get a good deal on flights, hotels, and car rentals. It's nice to kiss the one you love in a new city.

10. Get yourself a gift. It is time to prize yourself for putting up with being cooped up during the winter, so refresh yourself with some new sandals!

With your legs lotioned, toes pretty, and your stride long and confident ready for some photo shoots!


Toronto. May 22, 2008 –, the top Toronto-based fashion blog for women 5’4” and under, proudly introduces PETITE FASHIONISTA PRESENTS, the first fashion extravaganza for petite women. The event will be held from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. on Sun., June 22, 2008 at the Proof Bar & Sky Lounge, Inter-Continental Hotel, 220 Bloor St W, Toronto between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. ET. Tickets are available at for $15.00 CDN.

“Fashion should be enjoyable for every woman no matter what her height,” said Christa Jean, creator and blogger of “Petites are too often an afterthought. wants them to be the main attraction!”

Held at outside at the trendy Proof Bar and Sky Lounge, ticket holders will have the chance to bid on clothing straight out of petite celebrities’ closets include HERO’s Hayden Panettiere. The funds raised from Hayden’s outfit will be donated to her favorite charity – Save the Whales Again.

Fashion shows by top petite brand designers including TLE Designs, Sweet Petite, Joe’s Jeans, Benedicto, 5ft2in, Lovelina, Kingston 20 and Fernanda Carneiro will go on throughout the day. In addition, ticket holders will receive style advice and tips from fashion insiders, live wardrobe makeovers, and will afterwards be able to shop for the latest trends in clothing, accessories and make-up exclusively for petites.

All ticket holders will also receive a complimentary manicure, mini massage or the hemming of one pair of pants or skirt. Music to be provided by DJ L’oquenz.Once tickets are purchased at, ticket holders will receive a confirmation e-mail which must be printed and shown with photo ID at the door.

About www.petitefashionista.comChrista Jean created in October 2006 to share her knowledge as a stylist and fellow petite, on how and where to shop for small sizes. As a petite woman living in one of Canada’s top fashion cities- Toronto, she found it difficult to find clothing that was fashionable and that fit her frame. Christa knew that she was not the only petite that shared her frustration. She created a blog that provides other petite women with advice on what works on their frame, what other petite celebrities are doing and petite charities.

For further information, please contact:

Christa Jean

How to Skip the Salon, Shelly Banjo features Home Salon Kits in the Wall Street Journal

Recently in the Wall Street Journal Shelly Banjo shared a fun article about how to skip the nail salon. The article shared a few of the latest manicure and pedicure home kits you can buy that are helpful when you are in need of clean tidy feet without the salon price tag.

Any aspiring shoe model or body part model, or hand model, might like this info-- especially since pedicures and manicures are essential.

The latest manicure and pedicure home kits that were suggested are:

Avon SpaFiner Manicure and Pedicure Center
Price: $20
(-Although-The instructions might be a little hard to follow and the hand held nail buffer might not get the job salon perfect,- the nail dryer element might just be worth it all together.)

Earth Therapeutics Pedicure Salon Professional Pedicure Set
Price: 19.99
(**the battery -operated buffer might be too gentle to remove all your calluses and dead skin if you have rough feet, and keep in mind it is a home kit and it is only $20 so if pieces of the sponge come off don't give up on the home kits because a pedicure can last 2 weeks if you take care of it and touch it up.)

I think these home kits are a good thing to touch up your nails, or to clean them even before the salon, or also if you have a last minute shoe modeling casting or hand modeling casting or you have a photo shoot and you don't have time to go to the salon.

If you are like me then at the end of the day you might want to try another option called: HoMedics Pedicure Spa Salon Footbath, mmmm a footbath sounds good everynight!
Available at:
It is $49.99

For a nice cheap trick at the end of the day I still love using my St. Ives scrub on my feet! And soaking them in lotion at night before I put on my socks! Ooh yes!

Modeling Photos, Are you trying to hard?

Sometimes the best shots of you are when you stop trying to pose and just simply relax. Stiff models are obvious. Do you know how to be aware but still look calm and relaxed in a shot. Do you know your body enough to know when the shot looks good? Can you feel when you are natural and making a natural face?

Sometimes spending some time staring at yourself and posing infront of a mirror can help before you shoot to relax and also when you are preparing. Sometimes rubbing some lotion or massaging your legs and arms can help you relax as well. But mainly if you have the shot created and planned ahead of time and you understand the look of the job,it will be helpful. Or if you are creating the idea for the shoot make sure you have the plan before you start. When it comes to the poses and styles you want to do, and get them done first.

The next time you look at some ads or editorials in a magazine take notice to how the models look relaxed even though they are posed. The face speaks even in a photo, so if you face looks relaxed, and you body is in a pose, holding a pose the shot will still look natural.

I think modeling is a lot like acting, playing a part, pretending to do something naturally, or maybe you actually are!

Modeling is work, and you might get tired after the first three outfits or styles, so drink a lot of water and maybe some fruit before or during the shoot. The sugar in the fruit will keep you going and feeling full of energy, so you can naturally jump, and stretch and pose the way you want to!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My legs look longer when I wear a skirt. Does wearing a short skirt matter when it comes to modeling?

Yes. And NO.

If you are infront of a modeling agent, it doesn't matter how short your dress is...if you are short, they know it.. they just subtract the inches from your heels by just looking at you and know. So I would stick to commercial print modeling agencies only. Agencies that accept models of ALL heights. For print, commercials and ad campaigns for commercial products.

Alot of girls think modeling is only "sex sells" and it is not true.

If you have a great smile, energy and girl next door look you should keep your dress a little longer and use your smile!

There are models needed for commercials and ad campaigns and agents want to see that energy on camera and in print.

If you are posing for photos and you want to make your legs look longer then yes inch up the skirt a little higher, and arch your back and point your toes in a natural way that makes your own persona look longer and leaner. You can also ask if the photographer can shoot up at you instead of shooting down at you or at eye level. Sometimes a girl can look taller if she is shot from an angle and up wards. The photographer might have to even lay down or sit! -While you stand up.

Especially forLeg modeling which is also called PARTS modeling. You can Google that.

The short skirt might make you feel like a model, feel hot and attractive and I am sure you are...but if you are petite or shorter than 5'7" then when it comes to modeling your best bet is to be as commercial as possible to get an agent. Alot of shorter girls get trapped into glamour modeling and working with the WRONG people photographers, agencts WHO DON't market them or shoot them in ways they can get ahead.

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