Sunday, October 5, 2008

Modeling Tips Not Taking the Model Shortcut

The Model shortcut is a girl who wants to be a model so badly that she makes mistakes, stumbles, and falls into some really bad rooms and surrounds herself with the wrong people, she losing her grip on her "real dreams" and falls for just settling for the shortcut that doesn't always mean "the better route."

Just being seen shouldn't be the goal, it is should be 'being seen in the right ways."

The right ways are ways that will benefit you in the long run, not just for five minutes of fame and exposure.

The exposure you get should help you get more, it is better to work three amazing modeling jobs a year than a bunch of "so-called modeling jobs, that are really scams and mistakes or not going to get you anywhere...-I mean, places real models are."

Think of your goals, big goals, create some, stick to them, do not lose sight of them. In this business is easy to lose site of your goals, the modeling jobs you want to get. It is easy to be desperate to be seen, desired, popular, etc, when modeling is more about the brands than YOU. A real model is not obsessed over how many guys think she is hot, a real model is trying to work with brands, wants to work with brands, want to get an agent, and strives to do the work that it involves to get the real way, the real work, really model...not the shortcut.

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