Friday, October 24, 2008

Professional Modeling Photos- do you have some?

If you are wondering why you don't have an agent, how to get one, or what you can do to become a model, and start to get legit modeling work, then you need professional photos as a start.

You photos don't have to be super styled, and the makeup does not need to be heavy and a colorful rainbow on your face, your hair can be simple, down, not much done it to, but you DO need Good Lighting and a person who knows how to work a camera.

A professional photographer will know how to use a camera and also lighting. Here are some ideas for some shots and some photos above for ideas of how to move and pose, or not pose.

Don't pose too much, I think being natural is best. For commercial print modeling you want to be you. So notice the shot of myself smiling in a dress, that shot was in a hotel lobby, leaving the hotel. A photograph that shows you in the moment is good too, like walking down the street, (notice the shot of me in a dress walking with a handbag). Also see the shot of me sitting with a handbag. These are all lifestyle shots you should have in your portfolio and examples of what you can put on your compcard.

It is worth it to pay for quality photos, but it is VERY important to talk before hand about the shoot. Feel comfortable. And to know what to expect. Don't expect the photographer to handle everything. You should look in magazines ahead of time, get ideas, get inspired, have ideas. Talk about makeup, styling, which should be minimal or barely any. Just cover blemishes with power, some mascara, and gloss, but be fresh! A petite girl can find success as a print model and commercial print model, but that means taming down hair and make up in your photos is important. No crazy colors of clothing either! Just simple! See the images above as example.

When you present yourself you want to present the best of you. You don't just want an OK photo. You want a good one, one that will make an agency say," This girl can model."

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