Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Modeling Industry is a Bitch

The Industry of modeling is a very short lived business if you are not open minded and you don't market yourself the right ways. Or you could model for 60 years!

Your choice!

The two shots you need of your self to really get ahead as a petite model is a nice clear, honest shot of your face. Mouth slightly parted, just YOU, your eyes, and the camera. Focus on working with a photographer that really knows his lighting and craft, work with a photographer that loves portraits, not really headshots. A photographer who wants to shoot YOU as YOU.

The next shot you need is a body shot. I don't mean it has to be sexy, I do mean it needs to be strong and represents your personality, shape. Whether you are in deed naked, or in a dress or jeans, the shot needs to be telling a story, the less you try to be cute and the more you focus on your persona making a statement you will then get the shot.

Petite modeling is a bitch sometimes with the standards, but you set your own when you say you can't. You have to say... I can. I can.I can. You have to push it, and try and bend the envelope, and push down the door until you get the results you need.
Whether it means getting an agent
Getting better photos
Getting in a magazine
Getting in an ad campaign

Focus on your goals and focus on your images

Monday, October 29, 2007

Is Modeling Based on Clicks or Tearsheets?

Because of the Internet modeling is made simple right? Or maybe it is made harder?

Myspace, facebook, have even become modeling and promotional sites. Do you have a page yet? I am sure you do.

Although with all the Internet minds and models, what makes one stand out among the rest?

Is it the photos you have on your page that are more revealing,impressive, or Photshopped?

Is it your tear sheets?

Is it your diversity as a model?

Is it all of these things or are you seeking to get an agent, an agency and get into the magazine, and get exposure with an ad campaign on your resume too?

Ask yourself... What are you doing -actively to effect your own career, pursuits and hobby of modeling?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ethnic Models

Dear Ethnic Models,
I was recently asked how ethnic models can get ahead.

I think one thing to keep in mind is that most ad campaigns like to include ALL races, colors and this means the chances to get work are higher.

Pay attention to ad campaigns, most ads and commercials always have an ethnic model/actor in the shot.

I think beyond hair magazines, sexy men's magazines, there is also
Latina Magazine
Heart and Soul Magazine
O magazine
Self magazine
Allure magazine

And All of beauty magazines have work for the ethnic models.

Focus on getting a nice headshot and then a shot of you in a dress or jeans natural, as you are and submit both to all of these magazines editorial departments or Google
Ethnic Modeling agencies or Commercial print modeling agencies and you will find that MOST agencies do need ethnic models because the demand in that market is high.
Not just for Univision and BET but for products like:
hair products,
Skin care
Ad campaigns for lifestyle products like Verizon, McDonalds, ect

There is ALOT out there.


Art Schools are great places for models to get free images and quality images.

Try hitting up a photography department at a college and ask if they need models for their lighting classes. You will also get photos and also since all of the students will be shooting you, you will also get diversity and get to warm up to modeling in a creative way.

This is a great way for a newbie to modeling to break into being comfortable infront of the camera.

The Internet is a great tool but there are ways to get images beyond Onemodeplace.com, modelmayhem.com, imodel.com, musecube.com, and although these sources can be helpful it is best to not stick to ONLY one source to get ahead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Challange of Being You

It is a challenge to be a petite model. But there is a lot of opportunity if you stay driven! A lot of the success you will find will be find through yourself and once you accept that you will find reason to think beyond the typical model box and standards.

The Tools aren't just The Internet and The Photographers. The Biggest TOOL is you, and the research you do, the networking, the pitching,selling and marketing of yourself as a model.

Also I wouldn't say you are a petite model in a bad way.

For example refrain from these sentences:

" I know I am so short..."
" I don't know if I can model."
" I know I am petite."
"...I am a good model for a short model."
" I don't know if I should submit to an agent, I am so short."

Instead pronounce your traits...great eyes, hair, skin tone, energy, great at posing, at conceptualizing ideas, your curves, your proportioned body not your short body.

Sometimes simply being on time and easy to work with will get you the job, or opportunity.
Focus on who you are beyond your height and so will everyone else.

Being a Picky Bitch is Ok

It is ok to say " no sorry I don't want to work with you." It is ok to be picky and want to shoot with a talented photographer and not some phony. Here are few tips when it comes to researching and finding a good photographer which will get you ahead as a model.

First: Your goals are important -so set them. And stick to them.
Second: Think big, not small. You might need the Internet to get your foot wet in modeling, but the Internet is only one tool, you need to meet the right people and sell your ideas, personality, look and ability to be the best model for the job.
Third: You also have the upper hand, it isn't only about the photographer picky you, it is about YOU picky the photographer.

If your goal is to be in a magazine, then focus on what magazines you like and want to be in and focus on the images you need. Whether you are personally submitting yourself or submitting your images to an agent you need to first work with a photographer to get it rollin' - Unless you are 5'10 and you walk into Ford Models and they love you!

1. Ask the photographers shooting history, how long has he/she been shooting ??
2. Ask him what he/she typical likes to shoot ?
3. Ask the photographer if he/she has ever shot for a magazine ?
4. Ask the photographer if he/she has make up artists?
5. Ask the photographer if he/she has any ideas he wants to shoot ?
5. Ask how long it takes to get the images on a CD or Prints, -that day? a week? a month?

If the answers are appealing and you feel they will get you ahead plan a shoot, if not, then pitch your ideas but don't waste your time pitching an idea to an asshole or someone who isn't as driven as you!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Modeling Industry Photo Shoots

Putting together a comp card with your images to then be sent to an agent should include a really nice face shot. A headshot or portrait can be so dull and same old. And sometimes staring into a camera lens makes you look like a deer facing head lights after awhile. Make a Duhhhh face.

Here are some prop ideas for styling your face shoot.

1. Use a scarf or a piece of fur to wrap around your neck.

2. Lay down on the ground and look up at the camera

3. Be nude and look over your shoulder or wear a sweater or shirt that is a boat cut and lets your shoulders show.

4. Use a hood from a jacket or sweater to frame your face

5. Put a scarf around your head and tame down your hair and make the shot more
about your eyes.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Modeling means your Photos Sell you

The photos are your portable business card, and it usually isn't just one photo shoot that will get you somewhere. Seek out photographers that know how to shoot you to look your best, a talented photographer can handle that you might be 6 inches shorter than a super model!

Work with a photographer who can bring your best assets forward.

Getting representation is important to get ahead, but also reading magazines, and paying attention to what types of models are working, and posted on the billboards can give you a better understanding of how to market yourself. Today it is abotu natural sexuality, natural smiles, and being happy with an edge for being who you are. Look at the ad's for Banana Republic even, those girls have smiles but also sass. Look at a commercial for Verizon or Cingular, even those models and actors have personality, spunk. Not every model is tall, hot and stunning, but they have a spark to them. An admired personality seen within the photo.

When shooting use our whole self not just one side. Show your personality.

Ask your self: What are my goals. And focus on being a better model and being active within your own pursuits.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Short girls can model -The First Steps

So maybe you have been told your too short? Maybe you are interested in modeling but don't know where to start. Well get ready to be your own business and start researching about the modeling business. Being petite is a challenge, it isn't easy to start modeling when you aren't the standard, but there are chances and opportunities out there for you. You just have to find them.

Google will become your best friend and sort of like starting a business from scratch you will learn how to market yourself as a model. This blog shares some tips and advice for petite models and The first thing you will need are photos.

A Head shot, a body shot, a smile, and an action shot are a good way to start off.

And to skip paying for a photographer if you are low on cash there are easy ways to get a photographer to shoot you for free or very little money.

1.-Try your local colleges photo departments- ask if the students need a model. Usually you will get good results to get you going
2.-Sign up for a free modeling website like Modelmayhem or Onemodeplace.com but for these sites you will need to be careful about who you work with and picky, since not all photographers on these sites are professional.
3. Even have a friend take some basic photos of you with their digital camera.
4. Call up local modeling agencies and ask if they can refer you to a photographer
5. Call up a local newspaper and ask if they can give you the name of a freelance photographer

The more professionals you work with the more professional you will be so focus on that.

You will quickly learn the modeling lingo and one of the first things you will learn is the symbol
TFP- which means TIME FOR PRINT, which means the photographer wont pay you, you wont have to pay them but you both will be able to use the photos.

I would get on Google and research photographers in your town or city and email them or call and ask if they TEST. Testing means a photographer might have an idea they want to try out on a model or it means similar to TFP they are testing you out as a model and it could lead to future work but at least for now you will get a CD of images which you can use to start marketing yourself online or to make a composite card with-(which is a 5 by 7 inch card -photo -business card sort of, that is used by modeling agencies to promote you to their clients) or with these images you can start making a portfolio book.

Petite Models: Are great for Swimwear

Swimwear modeling is great for Petite models. I don't just mean bikini modeling for men's magazines. Why not look into print,editorial, ad campaigns and trade shows. Swimwear trade shows welcome you into a brand and you might end up as their ad campaign model, and the money is pretty good. At least you will make 100$ a day. And you usually get to keep the swimwear too.




Research some dates of shows and contact the exhibitors and ask if they need a model, it is worth a shot. Pitch your own rate and start being your own business.

good luck!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Diversity is needed in Any Petite Model's Book

When your considered short it is easy to only do nude work or sexier work, which is fine but to expand your range and have more opportunity I would try to get all types of shots.
-riding a bike (seriously)
-with hair up and down
-with makeup on and off
-smiling and with a laptop or holding a handbag for a more conservative look
-a shot of just you wearing shoes, not just heels but sneakers and flip flops all kinds
- a shot of you at the gym
- a shot with another model, male or female
-wearing a gown
-wearing a suit
-wearing nothing is fun but there is a lot more you can pursue if you test out your diversity.

Petite Modeling: Angling your body for length

Posing at an angle like in this shot gives your whole body length and also it makes your stomach appear strong and flat.

Petite Modeling Posing to look lean and delicate

A natural pose is usually when you aren't even looking. Using jewelry is your shots also creates more color and personality.
Arching your back makes you appear leaner and taller.
This is a great shot from photographer Michael McCabe.

Petite Modeling: Tips for posing on a Couch

Here is a photo to give an example of a good way to give length to your legs, create spaces to give your legs a leaner look. Being petite means the thighs need to always be seperated when shooting or else you will look even shorter!

Modeling Photos

When showing off your modeling photos on Internet website be aware that every thing you download does have the chance to never be removed from the Internet, and just because you delete it doesn't mean it is ever really gone. If you were to download a photo of you now and then forget about it...5 years later it will most likely still be somewhere on the web. So be careful of what images you let to be exposed on the web.

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.