Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Internet Modeling Casting Sites- is that all you need?

You need more than internet modeling casting sites to get legit modeling work. Building your portfolio takes more than one source and one person in this world. The internet can have very sketchy castings and submitting electronical castings can be risky, especially on websites that are not supervised. Also internet modeling social sites do not offer legit castings, some of them even come from Craigslist.com and the social site acts like they are a casting director but really they are a scam.
Also casting on Myspace you also have to be careful of, I have received many really terrible random messages in my inbox on Myspace about shoots and so-called Magazines, and agencies looking for models. Beware!

Only casting directors have legit castings and legit modeling agencies have legit jobs for models and actors. Before you sign up for a social site or start hunting for work on the internet try the more legit way.

Mailing your headshot and compcard to agents and casting directors.

To find some legit agents, pick up a Ross Reports, you can even find them on newstands. You can also find it at Barnes and Noble and Borders in the magazine section for $10 or so. Also start googling: Google commercial print modeling agencies, and print modeling agencies, and your city. Even if the agencies have a height requirement if you have good skin, energy and an attractive appeal then send some snap shots anyways, don't try to be something you aren't, fashion shots are not needed, for a short girl you have to focus on what you do have. Your energy, spunk, good skin. And put together a simple compcard. Don't waste your time paying to be on some social site. Those sites will get you no where. Don't waste $30 a month to CALL yourself a model, when you could actually take the right steps and just mail your photos and start getting opportunities quicker. Manager you and pur your time into yourself and pursuits.

I like the feeling of speaking to a real person, a real agent, I like knowing where, when, how much am I paid and what should I bring, how long, and where will it be seen, these are all normal things you should be told and if not ask...if you are not given this information you might want to question whether the agency is professional and the job, and person casting it.

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