Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips Videos Isobella Jade

Enjoy these videos that I made this week on modeling tips for petites:

What is Commercial Print Modeling:

No Modeling Contract Needed:

Getting a Modeling Agency Tips for a Shorter girl:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Such thing as Petite Modeling-it's Print Modeling

it is called Print Modeling

Research and use the words Print modeling when trying to find an agency.

There is work for a print model, of many heights, sizes and ethnicities, but photos are key, the RIGHT photos. For the commercial PRINT world.

Whats next after an Internet Modeling Competition?


My thoughts on internet modeling contests:

Many girls submit to these internet modeling competitions, thinking something great will happen after the contest, but the question you should ask yourself is:

"Who is going to care if I win this contest?"

An agency? A brand? a magazine? -The answer is no one. Just you for five minutes.

Put your effort in more productive ways and mail your photos to a modeling agency or get a headshot and submit it to a casting director. Do your homework and research. Research, trying to find the right agencies, and the real people you should be working with, is more important towards being a model, than some internet contest.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Petite Models: not just being a hot girl

Short girls have to try harder but not just because of their lack of height, it also has to do with the fact that the challenge to work in the modeling business is also a pursuit based on how you market yourself and a short girl has to really think about this.

She has to target herself to agencies, the right agencies and do-it-herself, and the biggest mistake short girls make is settling to just being a hot girl on the web and really modeling. Really working with legit brands and being pickier about the way they represent themselves as women and models.

It doesn't take much effort to show your body on the internet and get some "your hot" comments, but the difference between a wanna-be and a girl who is really working as a model is the list of brands she has worked with and ad campaigns she has been involved with and magazines she has been in.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Teenage Modeling tips- 14 year old girl model advice

Many younger girls are interested in modeling, when they write me I like to give them advice on what NOT to do.

A 14 year old girl recently wrote me and said, "I think you are a very pretty and talented model and I hope I grow up to be just like you. I am 14 and have done a bit of modeling myself but I hope oneday I'll get to do more and I just wanted to wish you good luck with everything you do."

My reply might also help you. I wrote her back saying:

Thanks for writing, my best advice to you is: Don't rely on the Internet to make your a model, it can be decieving, also don't think showing your photos on the internet makes you a model.--too many girls do this and don't really end up modeling for brands and magazines but just become a tease thing for guys, and THAT is not modeling. The best thing to do is to get a nice headshot of yourself, make a compcard or headshot -get it printed- and mail it to commercial print modeling agencies in your town. For a shorter model, and a teenage model it is a good thing to remember the hands on effort it takes to work with good agencies and brands and to really model. Mailing photos to agencies could take up to 3-4 tries before you get a call, and just like anything else you might want in life to pursue, you have to have the will to try and take it upon yourself to make it happen and be smart about it. Being attractive doesn't make you a model, being a certain height doesn't, it takes the will to want to do it. And, I speak for a shorter girl perspective, -you have to market yourself the right way, to the right agencies. Forget fashion and focus on where you can find opportunities within print modeling. Other suggestions can be found here on my blog, I have made three blogs which you will find helpful towards your pursuits. They offer free lived through advice:

Here are some posts that might give you insight into being a model:

I also have some helpful videos on Youtube on modeling,

how to submit to a magazine:

Teenage modeling tips:

goodluck- isobella

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Posing in Lingerie- Model Posing Tips

Isobella shares the photos you need for lingerie modeling, and how it isn't just about you, but the product you are wearing when you pose. Agencies want to see that you can "work" a product, so forget flaunting it for no reason, if you want to model for brands and be more than just another wanna be model, then you have to get serious about your images and photos and shape them in ways that will intrigue an agency or lingerie brand.

Friday, December 26, 2008

CoverGirl and Olay-Anti-Age for all ages- start now

Covergirl and Olay are coming together to create ageless makeup that is for anti-aging. Thinking of Covergirl's target audience, -teenagers and young adults- and Olays,-older twenties to forty +, it makes me think that their partnership is also suggesting skin should be something all ages should be thinking about at all stages of your skins life.

Well, I don't think there is anything wrong with aging, I think lines on an older person's face show experience, wisdom, memories within them, I think they are actually pretty, because laugh lines, only come from good thing.

I think the main thing a girl should think about it dry skin.

If you skin is moisturized it will look younger, fresher, prettier. No matter your age.

I have been using cream on my face since I was teenager. I think it is important to use face creams, wrinkle creams even before the wrinkles come.

When you smile your face changes, and you can notice where wrinkles will be later in life if you look in the mirror while you do.

When I smile I see where a crease might form at the outer corner of my eye. So when I use face cream, I moisturize that area. I also make sure to mositurize my chin, my forehead, my cheeks, the sides of my nose, the skin above my lips.

Dry skin can make your face look older and remember… what you eat also effects your face and skin tone.

I don't have any wrinkles yet, but I think taking care of your skin isn't just for when you have acne or wrinkles, it is an every day thing and for all ages.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Petite Models and Nude Mistakes

A girl recently asked me about getting nude offers when it comes to modeling.

My first thought was..."she is talking about amatuer stuff because professional photographer's don't offer you nude opportunities, they are just too busy for that stuff/waste of time amatuer crap."

This was my answer to her:

.....the offers you get do not matter, what matters is what YOU choose to DO. Just because someone says, I will pay you a certain amount to come over and get naked, doesn't mean you should do it, and it doesn't mean it will lead you anywhere towards your modeling pursuits. I do not suggest a model poses nude unless it is for something SHE WANTS to do, and she is comfortable with it. It is a bad idea to pose nude for some random guy with a camera, and trust me...being a hot-chick--on -the -web, is not really modeling. It is just being a tease. I made my mistakes with that shit and it is a waste of time. Alot of girls who want attention whip off their clothing and say "i am a model," my question to them is: "What are you modeling??" A model models something. Not just her ass. Unless it is for an underwear catalog, or something, or for some skincare or lotion. Many short girls do not see that there is more for them than just being a show off tease on the web. They forget about commercial print modeling, ads, commercials, and the products they could work with if they pursued it. Today I still use my body to model, but not for a man...I do it for big ad campaigns.I do body part modeling and I do use my "parts" for ad campaigns and I recently worked with Easy Spirit shoes for their Spring ad campaign, and using your body can be for something legit, but YOU have to want that. You have to be able to market yourself, pursue the right commercial print modeling agencies and want more for yourself. There is more for a short girl than sexy stuff, a shorter girl CAN model with brands, but her photos need to target her in that direction. Playboy style modeling leads your pursuits to be limited. A girl that had a headshot, a smile shot, a more commercial print appeal will have a better chance working with modeling agencies. Despite her height. Getting the agency:The old fashion way of modeling is still the legit way. No matter what technology makes you assume. Modeling websites, social sites, are for amatuers, real modeling happens when you mail an agency your photos and they call you for a casting or meeting.You need a headshot ,compcard, and you have to mail it to the agents and casting directors, you have to research and hunt down the right agencies, and addresses. Barnes and Noble pick up a Ross Reports ($10) a little booklet that has names of casting directors and agencies in NYC. Also just google commercial print modeling agencies + your city. It might sound weird, but actually the LESS overly sexy and flaunting you are, the better for a shorter girl to get a chance in commercial print modeling. An agent that works with art directors, editors, ad agencies, doesn't want to see your Myspace or Model Mayhem page. It is corny and not respected in the real modeling business. Of course when I started I was niave and made some bad mistakes, but I overcame them by understanding that REAL modeling, really being a model, involves a product, an ad campaign, a brand, and a professional photographer. Many girls are so desperate to CALL themselves a model they forget what they have to DO to really get work as one. So, yes, of course I have met some jerks along the way, but it doesn't matter what people are offering comes down to YOU chasing what YOU want.-Isobella

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Petite Models- mailing Modeling Agencies

The effort you put in is what you get when it comes to getting a modeling agency to work with you.

Representation seems to always be the most popular question among girls who want to be models. Here are some suggestions.

1. Keep the mailings going. Alot of girls give up after the first try.

2. Do you have any experience at all? Make sure you tell the agency in a letter, that you have some experience. Unlike fashion, commercial print modeling agencies will not mold you and create for you your modeling career, a commercial print model can actually get in the door with a commercial print modeling agency by showing she DOES have some experience. Experience is not a modeling school, it is not a modeling contest, experience is working with a brand, could be a small jewerly company, but something that shows the agent that you have worked in a professional environment before.

3. Target yourself with the right photos. Many girls create the wrong photos, too many photos and not enough of the ones they need to get a modeling agency. If you do not have a modeling agency working with you then ask yourself, "am I marketing myself the wrong way."

A modeling agency submission should include your photo, compcard, or headshot, or all, and information about you, your modeling interested, something like this

"Hi, I recently working with an aspiring handbag designer for her online catalog, I would like to be considered for print and editorial opportunities at your agency, you can contact me at (your number)646-XXX-XXXX."

You should also put your phone number on your compcard and on the back of the photos you send. Don't make the agency hunt for your phone number. Don't put your Myspace account, website, or online portfolio site. Ironically this stuff doesn't matter to a modeling agent. Agencies want to see physical photos. Your online presence is not meaningful to a modeling agency, they want to see physical photos in their hands. So mail them directly.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Petite Modeling Do's and Don't

Here is some insight on the Do's and Don't of modeling if you are shorter than 5'8" and interested in the modeling business.

A commercial print modeling agency if very different than a fashion agency.

1. Do get a headshot, so many girls do not give enough attention to the headshot and beauty shot. If you are not a fashion model, then bring a focus to what you do have, do you have nice eyes, a nice friendly smile ( your teeth don't have to be perfect, but the smile has to look realistic.), do you have personality and energy? A commercial print modeling agency wants to see this and you should have a nice headshot. Can be color or black and white.

2. Only submit to Print modeling agencies, don't waste your time with fashion modeling agencies. If you are wondering why you don't have an agency it could be you have the wrong photos and you are submitting them to the wrong agencies.

3.It is ok to print a headshot and compcard but be selective about the photos and remember the more happy you look in the photo the better.

4. Other photos you need and a portfolio. Remember you need a headshot, beauty shot, energy shot that shows you doing something and your personality, and a full body shot, should be in a bathingsuit, dress, or fitness clothing and should NOT be too sexy. You will need to buy a modeling portfolio for modeling castings. Do not expect the agency to provide this, but you do not have to get the portfolio until you have representation, unless you want to.

5. Remember it might take a few times before an agency calls you back. Stay ambitious, if you want something you will make it happen and keep trying.


1. Don't think Glamour modeling and internet modeling is all you can do.

2. Don't settle for just calling yourself a model...really try to be one.

3. Don't pay for photos unless you really, really like the photographers work.

4. Don't go to a modeling school or modeling convention.

5. Don't rely on the internet and social sites to make you a model.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Petite Models for Print Modeling

I think being proportioned is more important than being a certain height or weight in modeling. But the type of modeling I do involves more than height and weight, it also involves personality and using what you DO have to get ahead.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too short to model, too old to model, Wrong!

Now is the best time for an older woman, or a commercial print model to pursue. Most ads and commercials these days are targeted for the woman 26-40 which means for models there is opportunity out there, but it all comes down to how you chase it. And your perception.

A girl on Myspace recently asked me::
"How did you start? I feel like everyone starts mad young, which is why they all roll their eyes at me when I walk in on their "scene" at 26."

This was my sort of long novel email back:

Dear ____,

Your perception of modeling is what is wrong.
Remember modeling is not just fashion and playboy.

Have you watched any commercials lately? Spent some time in the magazine section at Barnes and Noble? There are more magazines, products, and brands targeted for women 25 and older than any other product catagory. Just go to Target, everything is for a woman, not just a young toothpick girl.

Now put this thought towards your modeling. Woman of all ages are working, even 35 and up are working more than ever.

Maybe the way you are thinking of modeling is what is wrong. Maybe you think it is just fashion? maybe you think it is just for a certain age? Well you are wrong. Models are needed for so many things, jewelry, tide commercials, McDonalds commercials, nail polish ads, hotel ads, resort ads, technology ads, dipers, tampons. Lenscrafters, ....there is more to modeling than fashion.

If you want to be a fashion model and think modeling is just fashion then you might not ever really start modeling after-all. But if you see that print modeling, commercial print modeling is what a girl who is older can approach and find opportunities then you could try.

When it comes to photos:

No overly sexy photos!

Tame down your sexy photos and make your shots look more commercial. Stop making your shots look so fashiony and start making them look commercial print like.

Your photos have a lot to do with the modeling you might be able to do. You also need to understand that fashion modeling and commercial print modeling are totally different world. A commercial print model has alot more work than a fashion model when it comes to marketing. Meaning: A commercial print model has to make her compcards, mail them out and be a marketer, where as a fashion model goes to an open call, or mails a snap shot in and then the agency directs her in the direction they want to market her. See the difference.

A commercial print model, models for lifestyle products, products most people use, like hair color, or Dove, or cleaning products, or skincare, like Aveeno. A fashion model models for brands that are for a higher end market usually. (runway fashion).

You see commercial print models in Glamour, Marie Claire, Redbook magazine, You see fashion models in Vogue, Elle, etc.

For examples of what a commercial print model looks like, the photos she needs then Google: Gilla Roos, or FFT Models.

As for small towner modeling check out these blogs I have already written on the topic which might inspire you on what you can do: html

I think it is your perception of modeling that needs a change if you wanted to pursue it.

Modeling is not doing a photoshoot, it is working with brands, and until you do you are not a model, but even in a small town, maybe there is a local hairsalon, a local resturant chain that wants to put out a commercial, a real estate company, a car company, a student at a local college that needs a model for his photography class, (a good idea to get a headshot), maybe there are tradeshows, and things you could be involved with....thnk unconventionally.

In a small town there are probably only a few modeling agencies...if that. So don't be narrow minded, what about ad agencies, newspapers, local magazines, marketing companies, pr companies? Why not get a compcard, or put some of your photos together and mail them out to art directors, and photo editors? Sometimes to get an agent working with you you have to show that you can indeed model and that you have a little experience. When I started modeling after I got a few tearsheets in magazines on my own, an agent was more receptive. Even though I am short/petite.

Also consider shoe modeling, accesories modeling, where the shot isn't so focused on your height. There are many shorter models working with brands for haircare, jewelry, and shoes.

I leg modeled for top brands, I am basically the shortest model out there, using my legs to model! (of course I have had photos that are marketable to do this and market myself and I work with great agencies because of it.)

There is plenty you can chase. But change up your perception, the photos you are using to market yourself, and how you are going about it. And do it in a realistic way.

Time to get back to my own work and hustling, :)
isobella jade

Monday, December 15, 2008

petite models are print models

If you are wondering why you do not have an agent it might be because you are trying too hard to be sexy and not giving enough attention to "becoming a real model."

Petite models are not just meant to be internet models or glamour models, they can be print models.

A petite model can find modeling opportunities as a print model and she should start with a simple beauty shot and headshot. And a nice full body show, could be in a dress, sportswear, fitness gear, a bathingsuit. Get these three shots moving.

That's it!

Get your photos together that will actually benefit you. You have to be savvy about the photographs you take and also the people who you let photograph you.

Do you have your beauty shots? Headshots? If not...get on it!

If you want to model you can find print work, but you have to ask yourself, "are your photos working for you? Are they marketable? Are they going to work for a commercial print modeling agent?"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Manicure tips on recession beauty by Isobella Jade

Don't let the recession hold you back from having nice looking hands. You can view other videos on beauty advice I have made on here.

Recession Manicure Tips from Styledash on Vimeo.

A Model finding a good Photographer- the journey

It is a hard thing. The web doesn't make it easier. It can make it harder sometimes. Finding a good photographer for an aspiring model has gotten harder. So many girls email me with questions about “how can I find a good photographer.” I do not think the web is the best place to find a photographer. There are so many scumbags, and so many weird people out there trying to mingle with girls and saying they are a photographer on social modeling sites… . It is Sick. Yet as a model you have to DO THE WORK to find a good photographer, so here are some tips:

1.Are you working with photographers who are as serious as you? That is number 1. Focus on working with photographers that are serious and ambitious, professional and quality. This will mean not just using the internet to find a photographer but
A.Stopping by photography schools
B.Photo labs and asking if they can refer a photographer
C.The yellow pages. It might sound old school but photographer’s that shoot headshots, weddings, and have a photography business are less likely to be a jerk, and more likely to want to work with a girl who has a professional mindset.

2. Remember Money alone doesn’t always make you a model: getting paid as an amateur model by amateur photographer doesn't make you a model. Focus more on the quality of your photographs than how much money per hour you are getting. Being an internet model is corny. It does take work to find a good photographer. It takes more than just downloading your photo on a social site and waiting for a photographer to contact you. Usually you will only meet wanna be, amateurs this way. Those people are NOT who you want to work with if you REALLY want to model. You need photos that will benefit you. Headshot, beauty shot, commercial print modeling shots.

3. What do you NEED: You need to KNOW what photos you need as a model, not just sit in front of the camera clueless. So do your homework on what a model needs photography wise and what modeling agencies want to see. Go to commercial print modeling websites such as Flaunt models, FFT models, R&L models, and start noticing what the photos of the models there have photo wise.

4.Before you work with the photographer: Use technology and Google the name of the person you want to work with. See if any models have put warnings out on the photographer, be a smart model and don’t just work with someone because you think they seem nice and have quality work.

There are many scams, jerks, and perverts out there. Even when you might think someone is professional they are not. Fraud happens all over. This is an article about a hedge fund fraud recently in the Wall Street Journal. No matter your pursuits there are scams everywhere.

It is up to you to be smart about your pursuits, be skeptical and do the work to get quality.

“New potential victims emerged of Wall Street veteran Bernard Madoff's alleged giant Ponzi scheme, with international banks, hedge funds and wealthy private investors among those sorting out what could amount to tens of billions of dollars in losses.”

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Modeling and Myspace as your Professional Outlet?

Just a heads up.

I would not use Myspace as your professional outlet. It is not professional. Honestly it is amatuer to do that. Real models, are not promoting themselves as a model on their Myspace. I don't even do that. I use it to talk about modeling not say "hire me to model". For my modeling pursuits I use my agents. And the internet has made it where any girl that can download her photo can call herself a model. But that is not modeling or being a model at all. I would not use Myspace to marketing yourself. You will not be taken seriously to agents and the real professional people in the business. 99.9% real photographers, agents, and casting people DO NOT cast and find talent on the web. It is too amatuer and the risk for them is that the girl is "just another wanna be" and not serious. If you want to seriously model and act, you need to understand that the web (google) can be and should be used as your marketing tool, but it should not be your professional outlet because you will not be taken seriously.

I would never say to my agent, "go to my Myspace page and see my photos." I mail them a compcard. Also once the agent started working with me I have emailed them my photos, jpegs which they show to their clients. But they do not tell their clients. Go to her Myspace account. It just isn't how it works.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Acting in Small Cities, Casting Directors, Agents

A girl recently asked me " How do you start acting in a small city like Detroit or Chicago area?"

My answer:When you live in a city that is not LA or NYC, there is still film and television and commercial work you can do.

Commercial work can mean commercial print work or commercials.

First, you must have a headshot. Without it you will not be taken seriously.

Second, you need to have a resume. If you have no experience you can list your skills, education, and any awards you have won or accomplishments, such as “top ten track runner at (your high school name)" or any clubs and organizations you are involved in for now. You want to do this to show that you are personable, you are an active person, and that you have personality.

Now here is some advice if you live in a smaller scale city. Cities like Detroit or Chicago and Philly are still markets you can get acting work in. Because these are small cities you can actually use it towards your advantage. In smaller cities models and actors tend not to be over crowding the population, which means if you hustle and work hard and show you are professional you could book some really nice work and pieces for your portfolio, acting reel, and resume.

Here is what you can do:

Google "the city name" + production companies
Google "the city name" + casting agent
Google "the city name" + casting agency
Google “the city name" + Talent agency
Google "the city name" + ad agencies
Google “the city name" + marketing companies or marketing

In smaller cities you might find success mailing also ad agencies, marketing companies and those who produce commercials and ad campaigns for small companies or local brands. You can mail your headshot to art directors, production companies, directors, and those on the creative end of production. The same with striving in any city, there will be work you have to do. It is also a good idea to write a short cover letter saying why you are contacting them and ask for them to consider you for future commercials, ads, etc. Leave your number and email. I would NOT direct them to your Myspace or modeling profile, it is not professional, especially if it shows images that can turn them off.

Always be skeptical, and go with your gut when meeting an agency and person who might offer you an opportunity. Yes there are many scams out there. But once you have your headshot, you should be mailing it out to the results of these searches.

You can go to print up like 30-50 headshots, test them out, mail them out, and see. If you do not hear back, try again, up date your headshot, try a different one, print again and keep trying.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Does height really matter for Acting jobs?

I received this question today on my Myspace:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Date: Dec 9, 2008 8:38 PM

I think maybe I may not have what it takes to model as the taller girls, however I do have a question regarding acting. Does height really matter when you are going to auditions for acting jobs. Once again your response would be greatly appreciated.

My answer:
Height isn't such an issue with acting. You do need a headshot though. It is best to think of the roles you want to get and target your headshot in that style. Also doing background work is a good start to getting experience on set and you get paid for it. Not a high rate but 75 dollars a day, to work on a film set, and you can grow your resume and perhaps get bigger roles.

When it comes to modeling don't be totally discouraged I mean, if you can handle that you will not be a fashion model and that you will have to market yourself as a commercial print model you can still try. You will have to submit photos to commercial print modeling agencies, print modeling agencies and target yourself in a lifestyle manner, think target ads, mc Donald’s commercials, and more life style products, cell phone ads, etc.

Commercial print models are for advertising products that are meant for every day people to use. Conair hair ads, skincare, cooking, computers..

So your photos need to show your personality because personality, a good smile and energy is needed to represent the brand, and thinking of the product perspective is important...most lifestyle products want people to model them who have a girl next door or positive or happy look.

There is so much more out there than just high fashion but you have to understand how to market yourself properly to agencies. Watch commercials, and notice ads that are not so fashion like, you will notice, there is a lot of work out there, and models of all heights are working, but it is not for fashion.

For acting I would check out backstage and pick up a Ross Reports and mail your headshot to casting agents, and casting directors, casting agencies.


Forever 21 in Times Square

I like Forever 21, I can usually always go in and find something and even panties. I recently bought a really cute black and lace panty there for like 4 bucks. Love that. I read in WWD that the retail chain that I discovered after my cousin told me about it 5 years ago, is preparing for a store opening in Times Square. The Levi store is always busy when I pass it, and even with a low Xmas season, the store was very active. Could it be the location or the brand? I think both.

Forever 21, is aiming for more growth and placing a store in Times Square aside Toys R Us, and Sephora, Billabong and many others could be a good move.

I wish Forever 21 would make suits, and more business, casual like attire, pants, blazers, etc. I have a few from them and feel they do a good job with their clothing.

Also as a petite young woman, I can find something there and not feel like a 13 year old. Isn't that Velvet Blazer hot! It is less than $30 bucks!

Walden Velvet Blazer


Feel vivacious in velvet with this chic long sleeve velvet blazer featuring 4 front flap pockets, a 2-button closure, a small back slit, and a removable self-tie waist sash.
- 22" approx length from shoulder to hem
- Shell 100% cotton, lining 60% poly, 40% rayon; Dry clean only

You can find it here.

Playboy Magazine news

Wanted to share some magazine news. No matter what magazine you are submitting to, you should keep track of who is working where. And whose not.

Playboy Chief Christie Hefner to Step Down Next Month
By James Callan

Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Playboy Enterprises Inc. Chief Executive Officer Christie Hefner will resign next month after two decades running the magazine company her father founded.

Hefner, 56, will remain on the board until her replacement is found, the Chicago-based company said today in a statement. Jerome Kern, who joined Playboy’s board of directors in 2002, will serve as interim non-executive chairman.

Hefner joined Playboy in 1975 and rose to CEO in 1988, shepherding the men’s magazine publisher into television, video and the Internet. The recession and a decline in ad spending led the company to a $5.2 million loss in the third quarter. Ad revenue in the magazine unit fell 14 percent to $5.5 million.

In an appearance on CNBC today, Hefner said she “wouldn’t be able to step down if the company weren’t in such strong shape.” The election of Barack Obama also inspired her to become involved in public service, Hefner told the business channel, which is owned by General Electric Co.

In October, Playboy quit the declining DVD market and announced plans to increase Internet programming. It said it was seeking annual savings of $12 million and announced plans to fire 55 people. The company also suspended profit-sharing payments for management

Playboy, founded by Hugh Hefner in 1953, rose 19 cents to $1.94 at 10:19 a.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. The shares had plunged 81 percent this year before today.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bargain Hair Cut Tips

Recession Hair Cut Tips from Styledash on Vimeo.

Enjoy this video on my bargain hair cut tips.

Modeling for Elite and print modeling work

A girl on Myspace recently wrote me:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Dec 8, 2008 6:53 PM

I was wondering if it is difficult for a petite model of 5'5 to get signed with Elite modeling agency and also what is the height requirement to do print work for Victoria's Secret. Your knowledge will be greatly appreciated

My answer:It all comes down to what they are looking for. Many fashion agencies such as Ford, Elite, etc want a girl 5'8" at least because most of their clients are fashion clients.

So it is really not normal or typical for a girl shorter than that to get signed. It is very difficult for a shorter girl to get signed with a fashion agency because the agency will not be able to work with her, her measurements, because the agency has very strict clients and fashion clients who want, ask for a girl who is 5'7" and 5'8" so the agency is only going to provide girls of that height...cause they got to market what their clients ask for and cause they want money too you know!

Sometimes getting signed isn't the best thing for a shorter model anyways. I think a new model a shorter model should be freelancing with commercial print modeling agencies, and for a new model the main goal should not be to be signed. Instead it should be to build her portfolio. Especially if you are shorter than 5'7".

Also instead of only thinking of Victoria's Secret and fashion you should put on a full sweater and fitted coat and think more lifestyle products and ads and commercials. Watch TV and you will see, many models of all types are working, and for the shorter girl, actually you will get more opportunities if you tame down the sex appeal and be yourself. There is a lot of work right now for the happy go lucky girl, for hair brands, cell phone commercials, and lifestyle brands.

Maybe the goals you have are not realistic? There is still modeling work out there but you have to be realistic and smart about your pursuits.

I would never try to get with Elite. I would focus on agencies that deal with commercial print models. Yes in print there is a height requirement sometimes, but if you have good beauty shots, headshots, you could get represented.

Also another way a shorter girl can find modeling opportunities is through parts modeling. Modeling her hands, feet, legs, etc for ad campaigns. I have worked with Victoria's Secret leg modeling, Marshalls, Nine West, and many others.

Most girls working with top brands like Victoria's Secret are 5'7" or taller. But a girl who is shorter could be parts modeling, leg modeling, etc and get some great work working with great brands. But of course you need a parts modeling comp card and you need to work with a parts modeling agency.

Parts models, cunnignham Escott, Flaunt - all have parts divisions.

A proportioned model could do commercial print modeling and she could find modeling opportunities using what she has and her personality and putting together a lifestyle commercial print modeling compcard for agencies like R&L, Flaunt, FFT and Cunningham Escott (CESD) in NYC. Or with commercial and film agents.

You only will know if you mail your photos out. A short girl should not waste her time going to Open calls at fashion agencies, but she should consider submitting to commercial print modeling agencies.

In major cities at barnes and noble and borders you can find a booklet called The Ross Reports in the magazine section in the tv and film area, and inside you will find a list of agents to mail your headshots and compcard to.

A shorter model can model, but she has to be savvy, smart, realistic and marketable.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Videos Teen Modeling Tips

These videos can help a teen who is looking to get into modeling:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to submit to a Modeling Agency- and call one or mail one

After listening to my talk show segment about real modeling agencies and scams modeling agencies She wanted to know more details on the topic I mentioned of calling agencies or asking them about suggessting a photographer that you can work with as a new model. She asked what she could say on the phone or in a letter? Here is my reply:

Yes it is always good to be a self serving person. But you have to always be cautious, since you are nervous of your speaking, I would send your photos/snap shots, or your compcard, in the mail first with a note or letter saying, " I would like to improve my photos so if you like my look and energy seen in these photos, please suggest a photographer I could work with or test with to get some better headshots."

If you want to call an agency, now you have to be careful because the SCAM agencies will want you to pay to work with the photographer through them and you will pay WAYYYYY to much. It is best to focus on two things, two simple shots you need:

a beauty shot, and a smile shot.

If you can get the name of a good photographer from the agency you should call the photographer and let the photographer know. I just need a beauty shot and a smile energy shot, and try to debate a rate you can afford, or work something out with a test. Usually really good photographers will not shoot am aspiring model/actor for free, unless the photographer wants to test the model. During a test a model would bring her own clothind and outfits and if you listen to the other radio segment with Robert Milazzo you will hear what he says about testing. Testing is good because you can get shots, but you DO have to be careful about the photographers you work with, and only work with professionals. If you do not have a lot of money you could perhaps ask the photographer how much it would cost to get simply one look shot. One thing.

Although, honestly before calling, because agencies don't typical like random calls often -but if you are kind on the phone you won't get hung up on and hopefully get a helpful answer....yet I would first try to send a few of those snap shots to print modeling agencies. And at least try a mailing. Then if you don't hear back in a couple weeks you can call and say, " I recently submitted photos to you but I know I could improve on my images and I am wondering if you can suggest a photographer that your models work with for headshots and commercial print photos?" The best way to get an agency usually though is by submission by mail. It is best to try again and again. I work with great agencies today, but it took a few submissions and trying to update my images to get their attention. It took like a year to get a good/decent modeling agency and then longer to get a REALLY good one working with me. After I had some experience.

Focus most on your photos. Even if you are using a digital and your friend is taking the photos, just focus on your smile, natural shots, and energy. Think of ads and editorials. Commercial print modeling agencies want to see your personality. not your fashion poses, no diva looks, just natural. Think of commercials and print ads that involve models of all types...and submit photos that show your face and full body walking, running, or standing. The more submissions you do. The more you work on your photos the better your chances. Modeling for a commercial print model and shorter girl, is all about marketing and targeting yourself with the right photos to the right agencies. -isobella

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Model Talk Radio- Marketing Yourself as a Model

Isobella gives you advice on how you can market yourself as a model and 5 ways you can with or without an agency. Modeling is not just about posing and being beautiful, it is about marketing.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Can you be in a magazine yourself?

Yes you can.

Models can submit themselves to magazines and get tearsheets from it, but you have to be willing to do the research and work for a proper submission.

Best people to mail: photo editors.
Where and how to mail: direct mail to the office
What to send: Send a photo of yourself in the style of the magazine. Don't send half naked photos to Glamour or Marie Claire.

Some photographers I have worked with submit their work to magazines and it is also a good idea to be an ambitious model and to seek out opportunities as well.

A magazine holding a photography contest now that models can submit to is a fine art magazine called Nude Magazine. You can find out more about the contest here. If you have shots of yourself unpublished, or perhaps some fine art nudes from a TFP job you did and you are wondering how can I get something out of this...well submit them to a fine art magazine, such as Nude Magazine.

A few of my own fine art nudes will be featured in the next issue.

Also I suggest mailing your compcard to magazines as well and agencies of course.
Persistance is key. You can not expect to book legit modeling work by just doing one or two mailings. You need to really be trying all the time.

A tearsheet speaks louder than a hit on your Myspace page in the modeling world.

Calling yourself a model or being one?

I need to stress that a model should not limit her chances by only focusing on one type of modeling. A girl who only uses social sites to promote herself as a model will not get the attention of the right agents, you need to get a compcard made and you need to mail it to agencies, to get truely the exposure that makes you a model.

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.