Monday, November 3, 2008

Older models doing Modeling and Parts Modeling

On set recently doing some background work, I spoke to a few people about Parts modeling, they were all ages, and I think I inspired them to think about it. One man was in his 50's, had glasses, but nice hands. And although when you think hand model, or body part model, you tend to think perfection, there is work out there for a person who is older for parts modeling.

I have seen it for ads for pain killers, and hair hair, and glasses, and older models are in demand, but an older model should not try to be too fashiony, or too glamour like. An older model should look towards the ads in Reader's Digest, and Vanity Fair. I recently saw a Toyota ad that had a mom and a son in the ad, I bet you they are not related in real life, and they were commercial print models.

Check around some agencies for adult divisions, and mature model divisions. Also BrooksBrothers has some mature models in their ads.

But like any type of modeling you want to pursue you do need photos that have the vibe in which you are pitching. Above is a photo from with mature models.

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