Thursday, October 9, 2008

Modeling Agency clients-Why you Should think of them

When you are putting together a compcard you should think of the modeling agencies clients. The reason:

Think about what the agent will think when they see your photos? They will think about their clients, the jobs they have previously booked and see if you could fit into the type of castings and work the agency gets.

I would think about the modeling jobs a shorter girl can aspire to. Such as modeling for accessories, lifestyle products, home goods, jewerly, shoes, makeup, hair products, and start to notice ads and editorials and even the packaging of products and notice the shot. The models pose, the smile, the hair style, what is she wearing?

And apply this idea to your own photos. A modeling agency will think of their clients and see if you are a good fit for the type of work they send their models off to. So create and show photos that an agency can relate to. It helps to visit the modeling agency website and get ideas from what is shown on the site.

A shorter girl should be doing this especially since it is not petite modeling you should be focusing on, it is print modeling, and noticing where models of all heights are used. It will help you to create your compcard photos, and also to get a modeling agency.

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