Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Modeling questions answered

Here are some replies to questions I have been asked recently about modeling:

Have you heard of an eye-model? Some times on using your eyes to model:

Promotional modeling tips:

Should you work with different photographers:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Texas modeling agency questions answered

A girl recently asked me on Myspace: How can I get an agency to notice me??? There's not many in Texas that i know are safe!! I'm doing two modeling contest one in the summer and one next yr??? PLEASE help me to get noticed :) or any helpful advice?

Hey girl,

Becareful with modeling contests ok, usually contests are scams and you do not get anything that will bring you forward. A girl told me about winning Miss Latina NY,umm she didn't get an agency or any press on it, she just won it. So what? Usually real modeling agents don't care about if you won a contest. And for a shorter girl it is about capturing the print world and showing the agency photos that say"I can model products" because they deal with ad agencies and magazines that need models to model products for ad campaigns and editorials.

The best way to get intouch with an agency is to mail headshot photos and smile shots to a print modeling agency. It is best for a shorter girl to not focus so much on high fashion and instead focus in areas she CAN get work, like print work, lifestyle print ads and modeling products such as accessories,or home goods, beauty products. To start you need photos that say you can model these items, so I would grab a handbag and take some shots of yourself modeling them with a friend to start. Shot some close ups of your face, and don't try too hard.

Also remember that what you see on reality TV is just entertainment it does not share the REAL WORK it takes to work as a model. Modeling is about marketing, and it is about modeling products, until a girl does this she is not a model and getting an agency is all about how you present yourself and if your photos are sellable to an agents eyes. A print modeling agent will think "does this girl have personality, does she have nice skin, does she have a friendly smile?"

And your photos need to say that.

It is best to make your own compcard too www.compcard.com when you have a decent headshot and full body shot. And then mail it to agencies. That is how a shorter girl does it. Mail,mail, mail. Just like an actor makes their headshot and mails it, a commercial print model does the same. Don't pay an agency, don't pay for them to make you photos, don't pay to be on their website. Those all are scsms. Be in control of you and you make your own compcards and mail them to agencies. That is how it works here in NYC and I think it can be hard for a girl in a not-so-model friendly city without magazines, ad agencies, ect that need models.

It is best to think of what you CAN model. I model everything from my face down to my toes for ad campaigns and print work, from hand modelig, shoe modeling, beauty, hair, etc. but you have to target your photos to say "I can model products, I can model", not just look pretty.

You can't try to be a model without marketing material. DON"T think the agency comes first and then the photos it is the opposite.

Just like in the corporate work work: Just like you get your degree in college, before you get your first job.

The only way I have found any success at all is because I tried. I didn't give up, and I was not afraid to market myself and I did it wisely with the right photos and I sent them to the right agencies that work with print models.

Think about the products you can model, ask yourself why you want to model. Ask yourself if you know how? You should spend time working on getting some nice face shots.AND don't put them on Myspace, myspace is not a modeling portfolio, I use it to help girls and advocate but I do not market myself as a model for hire on myspace..and don't use any internet sites, work with real people, real agents, real agencies.

I hope this helps, remember only you can make what you want to happen, so strive for what you want in ways that benefit you. Accept that you might have the runway, but there are opportunities out there for shorter girls but you have to be realistic about it, and not expect it to just come to you ever.


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