Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Model Talk Radio For Models of All Heights

Each week Isobella Jade shares the ins and outs of being a model on Model Talk Radio. There is no height requirement and the shorter -the better are welcomed here. To be a model there is no height requirement but it does help to have a realistic perspective of what it means to be one, where you fit in the industry, and to have an ambition to understand the work that it involves.

Recently photographer Robert Milazzo shared how models can approach photographers and he stressed the importance of self serving.

To be a more it takes more than one photo shoot, it takes more than being popular on Myspace, real modeling, modeling with top brands means marketing yourself in ways that benefit you. There is modeling for all types but the first thing all shorter models must understand is that the fashion world might not accept you but other areas of the modeling business will, so you have to able to market yourself in ways that will get you ahead not hold you back with doubt.

Tune into Model Talk Radio for advice, insight and the lived through experiences of petite model Isobella Jade.

Send her an email here if you have a topic suggestion for the show.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Robert Milazzo Celebrity Portrait Photographer on Model Talk Radio

Enjoy this segment on Model Talk Radio with Photographer Robert Milazzo as he shares his journey into the photography world.


He gives advice to models, photographers and those who want to have a creative profession.

Robert Milazzo has worked with stars such as Harrison Ford, The Jonas Brothers, Vincent Pastore and Robert Funaro (The Sopranos), Bill O’Reilly, Steven Colbert, Jessica Simpson, Aaron Carter, Deborah Gibson, Anthony Edwards (ER), Mickey Dolenz (The Monkees), Carnie Wilson (Wilson Phillips), Brittany Snow (American Dreams), Joey McInyre (NKOTB), Zac Efron (High School Musical), B2K, Kathy Brier (Hairspray), (American Idol stars Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken and Justin Guarini), Jesse McCartney, Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, The Veronicas, *NSYNC’s JC Chasez, Nick Cannon, Bow Wow, Jadakiss, The Cheetah Girls, Star Jones, Bobby Kennedy Jr. and Cody Linely. Along with many more including Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Kelly Ripa (Live with Regis and Kelly) and Mark Consuelos, Eva LaRue (CSI: Miami), Melina Kanakaredes (CSI:NY), (Yasmine Bleeth (Baywatch), Rebecca Gayheart, Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle), Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas), Hayden Panitiere (Heroes), Laura Bell Bundy (Broadway’s Legally Blonde) and, of course, Susan Lucci (All My Chlidren).


Saturday, November 22, 2008

NUDE Magazine's Annual Photography Contest Includes Cash Prizes

Any photographers with great skills looking for some extra money while working with a really great magazine?

I recently interviewed Nude Magazine's Carrie Leigh on Model Talk Radio, and I will be in their next issue. Currently Nude Magazine is having their Annual Photography Contest, and it also involves cash prizes. Nude is the only magazine in the US that involves -a coffee table book quality- fine art black and white nudes.

You might want to get in the know an submit! Here are the details.

NUDE Magazine's Annual Photography Contest Includes Cash Prizes

LOS ANGELES, Nov 21, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --

Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazines second annual fine art photography contest now includes cash prizes for the winners and runner ups in each category as well as a much coveted feature exhibit in the Summer's Issue. According to Billy Durham, an editor at NUDE, "Publisher Carrie Leigh has decided to give back to the photographers and models that have made NUDE so successful." Durham adds, "With the world's economy in such turmoil and NUDE doing so well Ms. Leigh has decided that this would be a way of helping out those in the artistic community who have the desire to exhibit their work."

According to Master Photographer and seated juror Kim Weston, "To exhibit in Carrie Leigh's NUDE is an honor in itself." NUDE'S fine art competition is the most prestigious print event in the world of black and white nude photography. For the publishers to include cash prizes is really a very gracious gesture."

Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine is the world's best selling high end fine art quarterly of its gender featuring exhibits from some of the most recognized names in their field. The publication is printed on heavy stock paper using old style plates to insure a gallery quality visual presentation of fine art. In addition to Kim Weston the juror's for this prestigious contest include renown fine art photographer Carrie Leigh, Master Figure Painter Craig Srebnik and other distinguished photographers who have exhibited in NUDE.

Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine is distributed throughout North America and can be purchased in Barnes and Nobel, Borders, Chapters, Joseph Beth, Hastings along with other book and magazine stores. NUDE is also distributed in half a dozen foreign countries.

The contest entry applications can be found online at www.carrieleigh.com.

SOURCE Carrie Leigh Publishing Group

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recycling Beauty Tips with Model Isobella Jade

Make sure you recycle your beauty products, enjoy this video.

Modeling Advice and Modeling Agency Tips

If you are a shorter model, then do not waste time submitting to fashion agencies. Usually if you apply on the internet to a fashion modeling website, they will ask for your height, then some automated email will come to you stating "we only work with girls that are 5'9"." Put your efforts into more effective marketing. Focus on lifestyle and print modeling agencies. You will not find a petite modeling agency usually. But you will find a print one. Focus on using your personality and energy to create natural photos, photos that look like magazine editorials and ads, and mail them to agencies that are right for you. There are agencies and photographers out there that work with models of all heights. Being a shorter model means you do have to work hard, invest time and not settle. It is easy to be another a** on the internet but if you want to be more you really do have to be marketing savvy and smart about how you present yourself and where you market your photos to get good results.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Model Carol Alt Shares her Raw Essentials at HSN

When Model, Actress Carol Alt could't find the skincare she wanted she took it upon herself to make her own. The beauty line is based on her raw food diet inspired after experiencing a life of illness and fatigue, WWD reports: "Model and actress Carol Alt is taking the raw food diet that she swears by and applying it to her daily beauty regimen with a four-item skin care line called Raw Essentials, which will be carried exclusively on HSN starting next month.

Alt discovered what she considers “life-changing benefits” of eating raw foods after fighting illness and fatigue while battling uterine cancer more than a decade ago, she said. From her raw food experiences, she authored two popular books about living a healthy lifestyle, “Eating in the Raw” and “The Raw 50.”

More on Carol can be found here.

Tune in to the special preview of RAW Essentials by Carol Alt on HSN December 11 EST at 3p.m. and 8 p.m. and December 12 at 2 p.m.

More can also be found at HSN.com

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Preparing for Modeling Castings for The Body

As a model I go on castings for all types of things, from legs, to hands, to full body, to my smile, and eyes, to hair, and feet. Here is how I prepare for some of my modeling jobs depending on the body part:

1.Hands. I moisturize all the time, and use LUSH's lemony flutter on my hands and cuticles often; I also like St. Ives lotions as well. I do not use bold nail polish colors that could stain my nails. I keep my polish color always light, light pinks, cream color, or just clear.

2.Feet. I love giving my feet an at home foot treatment before a casting, I use St. Ives Apricot scrub on my feet often. **If you just ran out: I also think coffee grinds mixed with body wash can do a good job too.

3.Legs. I moisturize my legs and feet when I get out of the shower.

4.Hair. I try to keep my hair style simple, nothing too extreme these days; I want it to be able to be diverse, but not limiting. I do not have highlights, I have a solid hair color.

5.Eyes. Sometimes if I am tired I use Visine in my eyes if the casting is for eyes to keep them looking fresh. I usually do not clump on my mascara, I try to keep it looking natural and I curl my lashes for a better effect.

6.Bikini Line. If there is no time to clean up my bikini line for a last minute casting, I sometimes use a small amount of foundation on a cotton ball and dab it against my bikini line, or some powder, but it has to be a very small and light amount. Or you can use Sally Hanson’s airbrush spray.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Being Your Own Modeling Agent

So many girls want modeling agencies, it is their main goal. Get an agent. They think that just getting an agent will make them a model. They think the agent will make them the model they want to be. This is a bad perception. It is not true.

An agent, is a marketing tool. A person to help you market yourself, but they are not the end all.

When it comes to self marketing modeling is a major example. Modeling is all about your own self marketing, the work you do, and the time you put in, how much you want it, and really trying.

It is up to you to make photos, mail them, learn how to pose, how to model, and show up on time, and be the model expected. It does take a creative eye to be a model, and I recently wrote a post based involving how you have to be creative and perceptive to be a model and you can find that here.

As a model you have to know the marketing business of modeling, know that at the end of the day you are your best marketer. And the days of being discovered and having modeling dreams handed to you are basically over.

If you are short and you want to model, if you are not 5'10" it sure of heck takes alot more than just a pretty face to be one.

At the end of the day I feel like my own modeling agent.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Internet Modeling Castings- scams and the good

Before you send your photo to an internet casting, especially on Craigslist, do email the person and ask more details.

Now there is nothing wrong with self promotion and I do beleive in it, but I only believe in it when it is done in a smart and careful way.

I just saw a job on Craigslist asking for models for a magazine shoot. But there is a problem.

No name of the magazine, no name of the photographer, no in depth details of the shoot and no statement of the type of modeling they are looking for, it just said, Models wanted, send headshots and portfolio, and then there was an email.

It wasn't a craigslist email, it was someone's email. So here are my thoughts:

Did you know you can also Google emails? Sometimes you might see a casting and there is an email of someone to send the photos to, well, Google that email. Can you figure out the name of the person. JasonSmith44@yahoo.com Well I would google: Jason Smith + photography, or magazine, or whatever the job might entitle.

Also some emails have companies at the end of them, such as, jim@photocasting.com

Well Google the end part of that email, and see if the company is a real company, legit, and see if you can get a vibe from it, or find out...does a Jim even work there?

If you do want to reply to the internet casting then becareful and smart:
Then only send a headshot, do not flaunt your half naked, or lingerie or swimwear shots around carelessly. Becareful, ask questions, and don't be so desperate to be a model that you make a mistake or work with scams or bad unprofessional people.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Petite Models and Parts modeling - Get an Agency this way

Parts modeling is a great way for a petite model to get into the agency door. Where as she might not be able to get into the fashion divisions, parts modeling can be entrance to getting an agency interested.

Of agencies that I work with parts modeling did come into play. First for shoe modeling since the agency delt with alot of that, and then I used parts modeling as a way to get in the door at an agency I always wanted to get with submitting as a parts model and asking if they had a parts division. And I also work with an agency that only deals with parts modeling as well.

Parts modeling can give a model experience using what she has, feet, hands ,legs, ect, no matter her height,- yes even though I am petite I have leg modeled- working with top brands and getting tearsheets, and experience, and a good paycheck too!

If you do not have an agent or are struggling perhaps you should look into parts modeling. Modeling for shoes, jewerly, fitness, using your legs, hands, feet and legs to get into the modeling agency door.

Of course you do need photos of your parts in a commercial way, so to get inspired notice ads and editorials that involve hands, feet, stomachs, ect. Nail care, sunglasses, hair care, cleaning products, jewerly, you see parts models all the time. Now try to make photos similar to what you see in these ads. Try to make your shots, like your commercial print photos, also sellable, looking like you know how to work with products ( see images above for ideas).

Agencies with parts divisions to look into in NYC:

Flaunt Models
Cunningham Escott
PARTS Models

Also casting directors cast for body doubles and parts models sometimes as well.

Parts models can be all ages and ethnicity as well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Older Models are in Demand on Model Talk Radio

Isobella shares how a older model can start modeling and how older models are in demand and working on ad campaigns and with magazines

Enjoy the segment here:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beauty model tips

I like to multi-use my beauty products, such as I use st ives apricot scrub on my face, and also my feet before shoe modeling castings. I also recently got into cuticle creams, during tight money times, a good cuticle cream like Lush's Lemony Flutter, limits my visits to the nail salon, saves me money and my hands and feet look great.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Modeling with Flaws and Scars

Yes you can model with flaws, scars, and imperfections. You do not have to be so picture perfect but things you should have are:

Nice skin
Personality and a nice one.

I wrote an article on Backstage about my own flaws and you can read that here.
Recently a girl on Myspace asked me about her scar and if it would effect her chances to get modeling work? This was my answer:

When it comes to your scar, maybe you can use it towards your advantage. Do you use any scar creams?

Maybe contact some brands, and you never know...ever thought about modeling for a scar cream?

We all have scars, they are stories, not a negative thing. My sister has a big one on her back from surgery but it looks like her initials so it is cute.

I have a gap between my teeth, and a scar on my eyebrow, and you know I really either don't focus on it, or I focus on ways I can use it towards my advantage.

Sure some bitchy modeling agent at some stuck up modeling agency might say "go fix your scar" but you know what...screw that shit. There are other agencies and there are plenty that would love to work with an ambitious model and one that has personality. So love who you are. And photoshop can fix anything!

I would focus on getting headshots, and nice smiling shots. And submit them to commercial print modeling agencies. Make your unique'ness something sellable and usually the more you believe in you, the more other people do too. I hope this helps.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Teen brands for modeling 18 and under

You know even though I am not a teen, I still fit into teen brands.
Paris Blues, L.E.I, Mudd, are some teen brands a model that is a teenager should look to for concepts on how to pose, and the photos they should show.

Just because you are not of fashion height doesn't mean you can't model. Recently a girl on Youtube asked me about teen modeling and modeling jobs that are out there for a teen girl. (this is not modeling for half naked websites.)

This was my answer:
You should look magazines such as
Marie Claire
Teen Vogue

Notice the ads and editorals. There is modeling out there for a girl who is 17 or 18 but it comes in the format of commercial print modeling. Think jeans, think handbags, think shoes, think brands like L.E.I, Roxy, MUDD, this Deb Stores.

I would even put on a prom dress and take some photos that look like catalog shots for dresses.

If you are shorter, under 5'7" I would submit them to print modeling agencies. NOT fashion agencies. For a short girl, Modeling schools are a waste and so are fashion agencies.

Also...where is the smile? Commercial print modeling agencies want to see smiles.

Focus on getting a smile shot, a nice headshot for one. Then focus on shots that show your energy, laughing, walking your dog, being You. Print modeling is modeling for a product, and for shorter girls this is not fashion most of the time, it is a product like a handbag, shoes, or accessory, cell phone, jewerly, Claire stores, computer, or even tampons, nail polish, JC Penny type models.

Notice the ads in the magazines I mentioned above and you will see the style of the ads.

When it comes to modeling, you have to focus on what it best for you, and consider the agencies that work with models of all heights. It might not be fashion or fashion magazines, it is best to be realistic with yourself. Then focus on the photos you need to market yourself to modeling agencies that work with models of all heights. For an example of this type of agencies to google:
FFT Models
Flaunt Models
R&L Models

To give you an idea of the models they like, their look and the photos you should focus on getting.

Paris Blue's above has even plus size for girls, and all sizes, which is great to see from a teen brand.

Older models doing Modeling and Parts Modeling

On set recently doing some background work, I spoke to a few people about Parts modeling, they were all ages, and I think I inspired them to think about it. One man was in his 50's, had glasses, but nice hands. And although when you think hand model, or body part model, you tend to think perfection, there is work out there for a person who is older for parts modeling.

I have seen it for ads for pain killers, and hair hair, and glasses, and older models are in demand, but an older model should not try to be too fashiony, or too glamour like. An older model should look towards the ads in Reader's Digest, and Vanity Fair. I recently saw a Toyota ad that had a mom and a son in the ad, I bet you they are not related in real life, and they were commercial print models.

Check around some agencies for adult divisions, and mature model divisions. Also BrooksBrothers has some mature models in their ads.

But like any type of modeling you want to pursue you do need photos that have the vibe in which you are pitching. Above is a photo from Brooksbrothers.com with mature models.

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.