Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cheap lunch ideas Model Budgets

Well, If you are an aspiring model, or striving in the entertainment business then food is something you might get cheap on. Today I am eating a small salad. Doesn't it seems salads actually cost a lot of money? I mean all the extras that cost a dollar. But the items in it didn't cost as much as you might think in my salad. Here'e why:

When I go to the Cafe I only get the Lettuce and then ask for two sides that are something I might not have at home, like an egg, or a certain veggie. Or if you want you can just get the luttuce and dressing. Then at home add the rest and save money.

Think about it, each extra costs a dollar or more sometimes at the cafe salad line!

Today I ordered an egg and broccoli and mushrooms with my lettuce and then at home added a few pieces of cucumber and tomato, and pieces of turkey from Sara Lee fresh ideas package. And what a salad it is! Yummy! And for half the price.

I hate paying more for things when I don't have to, so I consider them Food Accessories, and I do buy them which can add a little something, flavor and fun to my meal.

Don't be afraid to mix the cafe food with your own budget at home. You can have an interesting diverse lunch and save money too!

Also remember a cucumber can last you three meals or more if you are using it for a pasta salad, a veggie salad, and as a side dish for another meal, or snack.

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