Friday, October 24, 2008

Are you a Professional Model?

Are you really a professional model? Or just a wanna be? I get alot of girls contacting me about modeling and recently a girl contacted me about parts modeling and I gave her some tips, but the one thing many girls lack is the perspection of what modeling really is. Modeling is not just because you are infront of a camera. Modeling is not just because you have a website and get hits and clicks. Modeling is not just because you have a compcard. It is about what you do within your marketing efforts.

Modeling is working with legit agencies, photographers, and presenting yourself in a manner that can lead to work with brands, magazines, and products.

You really are not a professional model until you are working with top brands and magazines, and you are modeling for a purpose. I am so sick of girls just making silly faces and sticking their asses out infront of the camera for no reason. Then they claim they are models? It is really weird. Think about the 1950's? If a girl did that she would not be a pin up! She would be some slut.

I think the internet has really ruined the perspective and perception of what a model is. If you have a Myspace account, a website, a social page on Model Mayhem or something, that doesn't make you a model. Being a professional model takes more than just sticking your bootie out.

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