Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Model Portfolio Prints Tips

Well you shouldn't go broke spending for your modeling portfolio prints. And what you need to show is really basic.

When it comes to deciding what prints to print you can think of the type of modeling jobs you want to getand the castings you will be most likely going on, but also think about their type of people who will be looking at the portfolio?

Art directors
Marketing Managers
Casting Directors

They will only give you a few minutes or seconds of their time to flip through your book, so you want to make sure the first things they see are great. Your portfolio is what books you work sometimes. Not always how you look that day or what you are wearing that day.

( Although it is important to look great, have great looking fresh skin and a natural skintone and a nice appearance.)

Alot of times you will be booked based on just your photos and what is in your portfolio and how you look on camera.

Did you know that some people look different on camera than in person?

I would print 5-8 photos first. That all look different and all show you in a different way. If you have only done 2-3 shoots or one shoot then make sure the photos at least look different, different expressions, different outfit, pose.

Diversity is good, but not TOO diverse. You don't want to show yourself looking like a Goth and then show yourself in a fashion prom dress. You want to look like yourself, just yourself showing you can work with brands, that you have personality, and you can work with products.

If you have long hair then showing your hair up and down is a good idea, another photo of you interacting with another person, smiling laughing, and the other person doesn't even have to be fully in the shot, (see above photo) -or walking a dog, doing something.

Your portfolio can show a little more range than your compcard but you still want the shots to look like you and look real, honest, and natural. Not too much makeup. Not too styled. Think of ads and editorials and focus on making shots that look like that and put them in your portfolio.

Your portfolios should speak about your experience and ability as a model.
I would show headshots, energy shots, and if you have tearsheets or copies from a catalog shot or a photo that shows your modeling experience I would put them towards the front of your portfolio.

I would think of your market, if you are showing your body in your portfolio you still want to be picky about what images you whip out and show. You might need to adjust your portfolio depending on the casting you are going to, for example:
If you are going to a shoe modeling casting then you don't need to show your swimwear shots. If you are going to a skincare casting then if it is for face then just a beauty shot and closeups are good to show, if it is for body then swimwear and full body is better to show.

You want to show shots that will inspire the art director or casting director to think " this girl can do the job" so you want to show photos that are close to what you imagine or assume the job could involve. If it is for a female that is 18-24 who has a trendy look for a phone company ad, then you know to look the part and also show a photo that looks like what a phone ad would look like, smiling, showing personality.

You can be a bit more creative with showing a few artistic or more fashion like photos or more diverse photos in your modeling portfolio. But your compcard should stick to being commercially styled.

Some compcard printing places give discounts or include prints also within their production.

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