Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why isn't your modeling agent getting back in touch with you?

Well....not to be brash but Why would they want to?
Sometimes I don't hear from my agents for weeks, sometimes I hear from all of them in the same week. And the big question isn't Why aren't they promoting me....but instead. " what can you do to get them to promote you?"

Maybe it is you,…not them. Maybe your photos need to be worked on. Maybe they need to see that you have been putting some effort into yourself.

When I am not hearing from agents I do a few things:
1. I email or call them or send them in the mail a card or a letter saying what I have been up to, -it helps if you HAVE been doing something. ( see # 3)
2. I try to update my portfolio, my photos, and I plan and conceptualize a photo shoot for myself. It helps that I have some good photographers handy
3. I try to promote myself, I try to contact brands and magazines, could be local or small and try to get myself some modeling credits or a modeling tear sheet
4. Most of the time if you have a modeling tear sheet, that shows you have worked, and this needs to be in print, in a newspaper or magazines, or in promo material for a brand.- then usually the agency will be more intrigued than you just coming in and showing them your pics and relying on them.
5. Maybe even ask the agency…what do you think I could improve on?
Say “ I am planning a photo shoot to improve my images and I just wanted your opinion on the photos you could use that would be best for you to market me.” I do this often, especially since I have a few agencies and each want different things. I give each different compcards too. ( And yes I pocket this, and it is normal, it is like printing a headshot,…you think ALL casting directors print the headshots for their talent? NOPE!- same thing with modeling cards…you might need to make a few before you get one that works for you. And even so I change my compcard about every 3- 4 months. And by then I am out of cards anyway from all my mailings, castings, and submissions.
6. Once you know what you need to get in terms of photos: Try to meet some quality photographers and by this I mean: Notice photographers shoots for editorials in local magazines or newspapers. Or even call the newspapers and local magazines, ad agencies, and ask who they suggest.
7. Pitch the photographer some of your ideas…don’t be deceived thinking it has to be sexy…usually a simple show of you looking like a catalog or a commercial ad for a handbag company or something will benefit both the photographer and you.- Work with professionals. Not photographers who shoot for a hobby. (you don’t have to be a modeling tease if you don’t want to be.) It might sound corny but go to the phone book, look up photograpy... or google your town + photography. Try to find people who really do create great photos and who really work with brands or magazines. And email or call them and stress your personality, ideas, and be a savvy model with a plan!

( I pitch photographers all the time ideas I have for photo shoots, magazine submissions, and editorial ideas.)

If you want to model, then think about the brands, product you want to model, think about: What photos do I need for this type of modeling, and also how can I go about getting in touch with the brands and magazines and agencies I need to get in touch with.
It takes research and a lot of work.

I submit my photos to brands, magazines, and agencies all the time. I don’t wait for the phone to ring. I freelance with many agencies, and I work with many brands because my photos are very diverse. I can be a hair model, and a lingerie model. I can portray a teenager and I can also be a young corporate professional for a commercial or ad campaign. So each one of these need different photos…it looks like you have some thing to plan and prepare for now!

So ask questions, be busy, and don’t always blame the “other guy” look at yourself and think “what am I doing for my own pursuits?” and “ what am I doing to get this agent more excited about me?” And in the mean time….promote yourself to magazines, brands, and don’t wait.. …I have agencies, I have worked with big brands but I still promote myself as a model every day and never let one person make all my dreams and goals come true… smart about your pursuits, be ambitious, and soon you will be learning how to promote, manage and market yourself.

And the agent will be impressed and you might even book some work on the days they aren’t calling. Looks like you have a lot of things to do…so go get em!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A girl on Myspace from Houston asked me about modeling in magazines

www. 002mag. com/
www. baygroupmagazines. com/
www. envyhouston. com/
www. weddingsinhouston. com/
www. cuizinehouston. com/
www. htexas. com/
www. my-table. com/
www. houstonlifestyles. com/
www. stylemagazine. com/
www. intownmag. com/
www. houstonwomanmagazine. com/
www. houstonfamilymagazine. com/
www. golfhouston. com/
www. livablehouston. com/
www. artshouston. com/
http://www. resalehouston. com/

This is my reply:

I don't even live in Houson and look what I found by googling.

All of these mags need models

Start local:But before you THINK of magazines, you need a compcard, you need to refresh your photos and make them look commercial, editorial and involving an ad look.

When you are ready..Also make your photos target the mags you are submitting to.

Also BE MORE THAN A MODEL, promote something more than I am just a model, do you have hobbies? Include these when submitting to magazines/brands.

Modeling isn't just fashion...even family mags need models.

So get inspired, and start to shoot more often and even if itis your MOTHER taking the photos, grab a golf club, a sandwich, and pose!

Go for it!

Get inspired!

Need some modeling inspiration, Read a BOOK!

I think Biographies are great reads for aspiring models.
Not only do you learn about the life and journey of someone you might admire but you also learn how they dealt with challenges and over came them. How they made choices, and decisions.

It doesn't have to be a modeling book it could be a biography on a person of any trade, a pilot, a designer, an alcoholic, a president.

Why not consider a catalog shot?

A lot of models think that to be in lingerie means to be with a pout and hands on the hips. Instead why not create some shots which are more commercial. These shots will benefit you and your modeling portfolio too. Sometimes a girl/model is needed to just model the bottoms or the bra, and we shouldn't forget this type of catalog like modeling is important to show in your portfolio.

Create ALL types of photos, not just one!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

How to find a photographer:

Finding a photographer can be done in a few ways to skip the scams and jerks!

Well... the Internet might seem like the first stop to meet and research photographers, but here are also some other options and examples of things I have done which have resulted in great experiences and didn't involve a modeling network site and helped me weed out the perverts from the serious photographers.

1. One of them is contacting some ad agencies, modeling agencies, newspapers, or even magazines -could be local in your hometown- and asking if they can suggest a photographer. Or you can google some photographers you have seen in magazines in the credits, and google them and see if they TEST with models.

2. Another option which can bring some nice surprising results for a newbie model is to contact the photography department at a local college or school and ask if you can be a model for a class or with the students. _ I did this before and it did help me to get some good experience infront of the camera and I got some good photos too.

3. Look in the phone book or google photography plus your hometown. Someone who is a full time photographer will be usually amazing since they take photographer as their career and job not just a hobby. You can email or call and ask about rates and try to get something that will benefit you, your needs and your pocket!

4. Also ask the photographer 1.) Where do the shoot usually? In a studio, in their apartment? Do they have samples of their work you can see, a website, a portfolio/

And if paying the photographer:Make sure you get all information if possible such as the amount of photos you will receive the payment of the shoot in a printed or emailed form-and bring a friend when you are meeting someone for the first time if you are unsure.

During my first shoot ever for my modeling portfolio I brought one of my friends with me. And then of course I became more comfortable managing my self.

The Internet websites that are social modeling and photographer sites can be intriguing but I would ONLY work with a photographer who lets YOU as the MODEL have some say and being able to bring your own needs and creative energy to the table. There are tooo many GUYS WITH CAMERA's out there. Who are not skilled and really have no passion for photography, they just want to shoot girls. _ It makes me wanna puke and in my book I mention some of my own bad experiences.

Also when it comes to being a model, it is good to work with quality photographers, people who take photography SERIOUSLY not just a hobby. Have they worked with magazines, do they take photography seriously. And work with photographers who have ideas, energy, skill and can prove they have quality work and experience.

And remember female photographers can also be good, don't think photography is only a MAN's world.

At an early stage when you are learning how to pose, and be comfortable infront of the camera you want to work with someone who doesn't have an ego, who isn't full of control and who lets you be you!

Also before your shoot I would meet the photographer, it is good to talk face to face before showing up unsure of WHO you are about to let shoot you.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Modeling and being inventive!

Also...think local.
It might be hard to get to NYC for a shoot with a big fashion magazine, but you can get some tearsheets and modeling work locally by thinking bigger! Think about not just modeling agencies but ad agencies, marketing companies, pr companies that need models as well.

Think about newspapers and magazines based in your hometown or in near by cities.

There are aspiring designers also I would consider looking into contacting from colleges and also fashion events in the city.

Start networking yourself.
Start getting out with the event scene and remember even at a craft fair or beauty show they need models!

Modeling isn't just fashion, so focus on where you can get work... notice a new store coming into town, hair salon, sunglass company... maybe pop in and ask if they need models.

Think inventive!

Being a Model, Taking matters into your own hands

This is a recently reply to a girl from Myspace who lives in Houston and doesn't have an agency but is trying to market herself to magazines......good job for taking matters into your own hands -that is what modeling is about these days no matter your height...and waiting for the phone to ring is a waste of time,...also good job for looking up some magazines, but the modeling submission process will not usually be blunt. There usually isn't a sign that says MODELS Apply here.

Instead I would suggest spending a day at the nearest barnes and noble and looking through the editors. I would look in the front of the magazines for the MASTHEAD, which lists all the editors. You want to send your photos to the research editors or the photo editors.

Then on that same page or the next page or so there should be the address, the editorial address or Where the magazine is published address.

And jot that down!

It helps if you have a compcard or headshot to mail. Or a nice 4 x6 or 5 x7 photo will do.

Then include a little note about YOU, your hobbies, and what type of clothing you like. You don't need to say much about the awards, because magazines like Teen Vogue or Seventeen care more about your personality.
But also think local. There might be newspapers, and local magazines that need models too.

If you are unsure about the address you could always call and ask for the editorial department or google the name of the magazine + editorial address.

Also consider a diverse amount of magazines, like hair magazines too. Or ad agencies.

When it comes to brands you want to hit up the marketing departments. You want to ask: how do you pick your models? How can I submit? And also who is the best person to submit to?

Sometimes it can take 3-4 times before you will hear back so keep trying.

You don't need an agent or a modeling agency to get a tearsheet, you just need persistance and stamps and envelopes, and energy!

think like a marketer! goodluck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Maxim Radio and Isobella Jade 8pm Weds

I will be on Maxim Radio tonight at 8pm.

Tune in.

This means podcast Model Talk is re-scheduled till Thurs at 8pm!


Making a modeling compcard

A girl on Myspace recently ask me a good question: is it ok to just have ur own sort of makeshift compcard with a nice digital photo that u have printed out and maybe type up a stat page and gluestick or something it to the back?

My advice: If you only get a few seconds to impress an agent, or magazine editor, or casting director, it is better to show your best photos even if it is just one!

I would say it is best to get a compcard, a phyiscal one you can mail out to agencies and brands.

To be a model I am big believer in the hustle, doing your research and being involved with your pursuits.
AGAIN: To be a model I am big believer in the hustle, doing your research and being involved with your pursuits. This means marketing yourself and having your tools.
Magazines and agents are used to getting compcards in the mail. So don't think you shouldn't have one and don't make a sloppy one!

Right now my body parts compcard only has two images on the back because I ONLY want to show the best, not just more photos than I need to express my best picky about your photo because these are what you will be showing off to represent you.

Whether it is a headshot or a leg shot, you need to have photos that look like ads and editorials. Stop thinking that modeling is only high fashion. And start noticing ads that involve models of all heights. Product ads and commercials. And soon you will learn how to market yourself and even plan your own photoshoots to actual get you ahead, and get the shots you need and then make a compcard!

Staples is a great place but not for compcards. It would be too expensive usually. It is better to go to a printer that would charge you about a dollar or less per card, the card needs to be about 5 by 8 inches, and the best price and quality I have seen is They ship anywhere. And if you need advice they help you for free. Beware that the images sometimes come out orangy so don't send any overly tan images..they will come out in an over exposed color.

I wouldn't use your own printer, I would try to either get prints made that are like 4x6 or 5x7 or make a compcard!

I have made aover 15 compcards and it will become somethign you will be used to making over and over.

I have two kinds. A Body parts cards
And a commercial card.

Mailing your cards, promoting yourself is how you can get exposed.. it wont happen by sitting around staring at a computer, unless you are doing research.

Also when it comes to funny faces and expressions for your headshot... no.. I would skip that when it comes to modeling compcards. Look at ads for products and for brands you think you can realistically model for. And follow suite. Sometimes the more simple and just smiling and being you is better than over doing it with hair, makeup and expressions. Laughter is nice...On my own website I show smiles and also on my recent photoshoot I showed on Myspace page there are smiles and it should be look natural. You can show your personality without sticking your tongue out.

Also myspace and your website doesn't make a person a model, you have to have physical tools, marketing tools, comcpards, headshots to really work in the industry. It might sound cool and make you seem web 2.0 savvy to say yo uhave an awesome flash website but no one really cares in the modeling world...the agents, the casting directors, they just want to see your photos! In their hand.

Why would you do something half ass... no way girl, Go all the way!

Stop by: the price is right...then mail your cards out and get ambitious!


Isobella Jade

Monday, April 21, 2008

Am I too short to model? No way! -girls of all heights can model

Girls of all heights and ages can model. You might not be on a runway but there is a TON of work out there. Even the other day I saw an ad for older models needed for a hair care ad. And mother's to be and babies are are seen more and more in ads and commercials. I see shorter models in ads for handbags, shoes, hair products, nail and skin products, so the best thing for an aspiring petite model is to focus on her photos, -And MAKE them look like ads and editorials. The more sellable you look, -the better! And there is no harm in smiling, the lifestyle and commercial modeling world is also where the $ is, and you can just be yourself laughing and get paid for it! Modeling means so many things, it is a broad word in todays world.

So get on it! and start promoting yourself!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is this modeling agency a scam?

A girl recently ask me if a certain modeling scouting company was a scam. This was my reply:

The name alone sounds corny and full of scams but I haven't heard of it. There are SOOOO many scams out there so beaware, anything with the word scout in it scares me. Models who model for brands and magazines are not Scouted by some talent scout on the street usually. And if so the models are from Brazil or something like that for Ford models or high end fashion modeling agencies.

Considering there is Other options for models these days and the word model means so much, I would personally..look into lifestyle, commercial print modeling agencies, and agencies that are looking for real looking people to model for brands, like banks, home products, hair products, everything from shoes, to real life products -even tissues and tic tacs!

Modeling is more than fashion, there is NO height requirement to be a model if you have photos that show your personality and if you are targeting yourself to the RIGHT can get an agency and you can also find your own modeling work by having a compcard ( try and also by knowing how to market yourself.

Thinking about " hey what do I have that a magazine wants?"
And mailing your compcard to them. Magazines like Marie Claire and Glamour use models of All heights ALL the time.

And hair magazines and skin care, and brands like DOVE are using models of all sizes!

There is hope, but it comes with your own persistance.
It has alot to do with marketing to be a model!

You might not be modeling every day for national brands and magazines, but it is possible and if you want something bad enough you can find away to make it work.

Photos are a huge thing, you need to have photos that represent the modeling jobs you WANT to get.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shoe modeling great for petite models

So most shoe models need to be a size six! Which means shoe modeling is something that the short girl can do without trying to be taller!

What you need are photos!!! Not foot fetish photos but honest photos of your feet that look like ads.
It can be your feet alone. Or your feet in shoes, and use all types, heels, sneakers, show some leg, show some diversity. Could be in the grass, at the beach, peering out of a bath tub!

Above are some ideas for how to create some images to put together a PARTS card for shoe modeling. These are the pics I am using now.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Think your too short to model? Shoe modeling has no height requirement

Sure it helps if you have nice ankles and knees, and feet! Shoe modeling is for a girl of all heights and typically since the sample size shoe is a 6, this means that most shoe models are not Tall. Most woman who are tall 5'7" and taller are a size 7-10 shoe. And most women who are shorter 5 foot - five foot 4 are a size 6 shoe!

This means shoe modeling is something the short girl can do!

I will be sharing more this week on my modeling podcast called MODEL TALK on shoe modeling and how to be one, and how a petite girl can start modeling with brands through shoe modeling.

A shoe doesn't just model her feet either, don't forget her legs, knees and ankles are also involved!

Tune in anytime:

Friday, April 11, 2008

Modeling tips, magazines to consider mailing your photos to:

These are for models of all ages and types. There are magazines out there you could be mailing your modelign comcpard to and should. Of course Always make sure your photos represent the magazines you are mailings style! Send your photos to the photo editor, or the featured editor, research editors.- think about the editors that pick the models and plan the style of the shoots.

Hype Hair Magazine
(send a photo of your hair in a few styles-up -down-curl- or straight, or just a nice headshot smile)
First for Woman Magazine
Fitness magazine (fitness photo, you are a gym, or in a conversative bathignsuit/bikini)
Country Woman magazine (send photo of yoruself in jeans or nice dress)
Ladies Home Journal Magazine - ( models 26-40 years old)-send a photo of your self in jeans, or a nice dress)
Latina Magazine ( ethnic models) -send a photo of yourselfin a nice dress or jeans
Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine ( send photo of you in a wedding dress or gown)
Modern Bride
More magazine
Marie Claire
COSMO magazine
Spa magazine

And if you are in a smaller city don't forget to google your hometown plus magazine, there might be magazines based in your hometown and you didn't know it!

Getting your own modeling tearsheets and creating a modeling portfolio

here are some tips for getting your own modeling tearsheets.

Sometimes having a tearsheet can help to get you into the modeling world. In no matter what industry you are in - if you can show some experience, exposure, and proof you are in deed working in the industry it can help to get you ahead. Sometimes this means grabbing your own bootstraps and rocking your own self promotion.

My own modeling tearsheets haven't always come from a modeling agent. Sometimes they ahve come from my own research and persistance. I will be also talking about this on my podcast called Model Talk. I will be discussing how a girl can get ahead and get her own tearsheets by doing research, and mailing her compcards.

In this fast pace world and business self serving is the norm, it is the natural thing to do..but how??

1. Have your marketing tools ready and get envelopes and stamps, set goals for yourself and mail them out to magazines that do makeovers, style tips, and magazines that are not JUST fashion magaiznes but lifestyle and woman's magazines. These magsazines always need woman to be the model, or example of what not to do and to show makeovers, and you could easily be invovled with these involving hair, skin, clothing, and this goes for models of all heights, and weight. Magazines like

Woman's World,
hair magazines
Spa magazines
Woman's Journal
Food magazines
Travel magazines

And all those weekly magaznes you see at the check out line at the store.
Include a little note saying what you would be good for. " I would be great for edtorials"

2. Have an email account that is professional like your name only...maybe make a seperate email account for only your modeling work. You don't need an email that is called You need ones that defines you as yourself, so when you do make contacts or submit yourself the person you are submitting to knows who is it is from easily!

3. Be diverse in your hunt for modeling jobs. If you have a nice body don't ALWAYS submit to swiwear, submit to fitness and body part modeling jobs too. Hands, feet, leg and shoes modeling can get you in the door to some modeling jobs, agencies and lead to more work!

4. Think about small brands that need models, growing brands, brands that are seen at tradeshows like The Accessories Show, The Lingerie Show, the Surf and Swimshow.

5. Notice the names of photographers who shoot for these magazines and brands. If you want to model for a magazine or brand you should also know who is photographing their ad campaign. Who is the photographer, the creative director of the brand, the marketing makers? You should try to get in touch with these people, send them an email..ask them how they pick their models, and take a chance...asking questions doesn't mean you are means you are going in the right direction.

6. Modeling is all around you and you can create your own resume by thinking beyond fashion, and thinking about WHAT DOES my agent do? What does a person do to get modeling work...well it takes with research, with working hard, with mailing and promoting you and your photos, and with taking a chance on yourself!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Such thing as an Old Model


I recently saw this post and this is proving that there is no such thing as an OLD model or being too old to model. There is work for us all.
This was the post!






Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Word Lingerie Means Many things

I think the word Lingerie will mean many things within the next couple of years. Maybe the word " lingerie model" as well.

Remember when the Flirt catalog was sexy and even shocking, remember when Victoria Secret was ALL there was, but now there is so much more when it comes to lingerie.
And buying underwear is full of choices. Or more like something we do when we are already at a store like H&M or shopping online Frederick's of Hollywood has really nice baby dolls and lingerie sets.

The same goes for lingerie poses and styling.

The pose doesn't just mean being sexy, the lingerie model can be even smiling.

Modeling confession-Stewart Weitzman rocks my height

Well in one of my favorite little black dresses I look a bit short without heels, but in my stewart weitman platforms I stand taller, proud, I even fit the dress better. Basically in heels I can rock any dress, even dresses that normally would make me look shorter,- and lately my favorite pair of shoes, for shoots, and also daily on the street is a Stewart Weitzman. Usually I have to get them on sale at Saks. The shoe might be a few seasons ago, they are called "endfuture, baltic cosmo.".. but I love them and it feels good when you know you have a good fit and shoe that makes you feel good.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Older models, modeling agencies for adults, modeling when you are 40, mature modeling

Yes! Commercial print agencies like FFT Models, and Cunningham Escott accept older models, mature models. To get an agency if you a mature model, adult models, or an older model, then...You want to find an agency that represents lifestyle models, not just kids, not just tall fashion models...but, commercial print models and woman of all ages. Don't go to fashion agencies. Only commercial print agencies. Even grandmothers can model and 40 is actually a prime age for modeling -many commercials and ads are targeted to that age group. Looking at Advertising is how you can find out what you can be modeling. You should approach brands you like yourself, or look for agencies by googling your home town + commercial print, if you are in a small city and it is a struggle to find an agency then take matters in to your own hands, magazines are based everywhere, even in small towns. Remember that magazines like home and garden, travel mags, readers digest, mother magazines, hair, and spa magazines need models of all ages. Why not send them your photos. Be bold, be innovative, promote yourself where you WANT to model. Or you can call up some magazines or modeling agencies and ask " which agencies represent mature or adult models." Becareful because the work Adult, can also mean porn. You want to find an agency that represents models for ads, commercials, and brands and magazines/ ranging in age.

I hope soon to have a list of agencies for each different area of modeling!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Swimwear modeling tips

I like looking at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue for ideas on posing. I especially like how the models look relaxed, not too posing and really looks like themselves. There makeup looks good too.

Here are some tips:
Bathing suit should be one solid color, maybe golden, red, black, not white, white tends to make a person look bland.
No heavy makeup, especially if shooting outside.
Sunscreen can actually shine your skin so you don’t need to cover your baby in suntan oil, you can protect your skin while you shoot and still look hot and glisten.
Pair jewelry and some strappy shoes or even boots at your shoots.

Catalog style modeling is important to consider, especially for petite models, we tend to want to go very sexy but catalog style that shows energy, personality and action, like playing volleyball is a good idea. The more commercial print looking your photos are they better...even for swimwear.

Look at magazines like Shape, and fitness magazines to also get ideas since on the covers of fitness magazines woman have bathing suits on..

Not just the beach, remember: Lawn chairs, resort looking atmospheres, being in a pool, swimwear can be simple and not dramatic, no crazy backgrounds just simple to make the focus YOU.

Not all tall fashion models have nice bodies, and this is an area that petite models, or shorter models can excel.

Swimswear modeling tips and swimwear history

I did some research and bathingsuits and when they became to be a fashion statement”
What I discovered was that In 1907 the swimmer Annette Kellerman from Australia visited the United States as an "underwater ballerina", a version of synchronized swimming involving diving into glass tanks. She was arrested for indecent exposure because her swimsuit showed arms, legs and the neck on a Boston beach for indecency -she was wearing one of her fitted one-piece costumes.

Kellerman changed the suit to have long arms and legs and a collar, still keeping the close fit that revealed the shapes underneath. She later starred in several movies, including one about her life.

It also seems that glamour photography in the 1940s and 1950s has often featured people wearing swimsuits. This subset of glamour photography eventually evolved into swimsuit photography exemplified by the Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issues.
The first bikinis were introduced just after World War II. Early examples were not very different from the women's two pieces common since the 1920s, except that they had a gap below the breast line allowing for a section of bare midriff. They were named after Bikini Atoll, the site of several nuclear weapons tests, for their supposed explosive effect on the viewer.

So the word Bikini comes from an island called Bikini Island which is well-known for being the subject of nuclear bomb tests, and because the bikini swimsuit was named after the island in 1946. The two piece swimsuit was introduced within days of the first nuclear test on the atoll, and the name of the island was in the news

It's always nice to know some history of swimwear modeling

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.