Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting naked modeling or acting

These days, especially because of the web it can be hard to tell the difference between legit and BS. When I say BS, I don't mean a scam, I just mean "a role that won't really benefit where you want to go, and the bigger goals you have."

I see this alot among castings for student films, and low budget films. Wanting nudity for the role or "just one topless scene."

Now I am comfortable being naked, but just being comfortable isn't the point, it is about the role, the job, the aftermath and how the role will project new roles and more work, and if it will and if it won't.

Before you accept a job, disrobe, or get on set, make sure it is a role and job you are really thinking about.

It isn't just the now, it is the later.

To be honest I show my body a lot at my castings and as a parts model when my agent sends me to a casting or magazine there is a good chance I will be showing my legs, or body, breasts, parts, but knowing it is coming from a legit professional agency that has credibility and knowing that it is a casting with a national brand or magazine, is very different than walking into some random apartment and shooting a love scene with you kissing a girl or showing your boob for a film you are not even sure has funding for marketing, and that it won't become some fun flick for a bunch of guys.

Working with an established director, a national or global network, or film company, art director, production company, magazine, and brand should be your goal.

Nudity is something that happens in the entertainment business but please be picky about the roles you do and the photos you take, especially if you have bigger goals.

Desperation and even hunger sometimes as a striving actress or model can lead you to make bad choices, and forget the "real goal, the real reason you moved to NYC, to chase your goals and dreams."

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