Friday, February 29, 2008

Modeling Makeup Tips: Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Applicators

It is just a makeup wand, but it is also so nice to have at your shoots.

Not all eye shadows come with brushes, and wands.

It is great to keep an eyeshadow applicators handy, dabbing an applicator into eye shadow palette is a great idea if eye liner is not your thing. With an eyeshadow applicator you can line your eyes nicely without making a huge mess. They are also great to clean up makeup mistakes. You can re-use them too, wash them, and it is nice to start fresh with a clean eyeshadow applicator -especially when blending colors, so that you don't have the left over of a color you don't want on the wand.

I like using Wet n Wild, eyeshadow Appliactors, and guess what they are like one dollar for a pack of 4!

Saves money and they are long lasting.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Swimwear Modeling Tips

I don't own a one piece bathinguit yet...but the one piece swimsuit is hot! When it comes to creating a powerful bathing suit shot for your modeling portfolio, think about using a one piece bathingsuit. I love that the styles of the 1940's and 50's are coming back to fashion. I love the way it can show your curves.

When you are posing in your swimwear remember that isn't limited to just vampy lips and pin-up type poses. I think it is nice to shave the night before the shoot- not the day of, it allows the skin to relax and it will be less red, if you do some stubble you can always use a spray on tan like Sally Hansen's (my favorite) on your bikini line or even some light powder. If you are feeling short in your bikini remember to seperate your legs, point your toes and to arch your back, and a little chin up can make you appear taller. But a good photographer will know how to direct you, or you can always refer to magazine ads, and editorials for inspiration.

I have enclosed some swimwear modeling photos above for some unique posing styles when you are preparing your swimwear photos. You don't have to just be in a thong, you can be in a brazilian cut or a full back bathing suit and look just as good, I am currently trying to get a full piece bathingsuit shot for my compcard!

isobella jade

Monday, February 25, 2008

Petite Models should consider Retail Modeling

Petite models are great for modeling handbags and accessories, petite models should use what they got and model products, enclosed are some shots that might inspire you. You should target yourself as a model who knows how to work a product. What I mean by "work" a product si that you know how to pose with the product to make it look great, you are aware of the concept of the shoot and even if it means you are not the "main" product of the shoot you know how to rock the handbag, the shoes, the jewelry, or accessory and do it in a great way! It makes you both look great!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Petite Modeling Poses: Posing to look Taller

When it comes to finding ways to look taller in your photo shoots, consider "the crop", you can see in the photo enclosed how the crop makes the height of the model unknown. Of course in person your real height will be known but in photos you can cheat the length of your body by posing with your back straight or as straight as possible, you arms a few inches a way from your body to create length and depth and also consider the 3/4 shot. You want to make your best parts stand out, and if you are only 5'1" you want to flaunt your features that can get you ahead as a model, such as: Your Hands, your eyes, your hair, your legs in a proportioned pose, your skin tone- nice and even_limit lines if possible in your shoots-, you want to have a great headshot and you want to try to look proportioned in your photos.
Focus on a great face shot and a body shot that involves you modeling with a product in a commercial fashion,- such as bags, shoes and accessories.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Seedy Modeling Business

Internet models, America's Next Top Model, and casting websites- all have one thing in common. It comes down to: What Can You Really Trust.

Are the examples on television shows like America's Next Top model really honest? Do you have to hang from a trapeze in high heels to be a model?

It makes a girl wonder what really is modeling and what isn't?

I think of the aspiring model, the wanna-be's and the girls who have a pretty look but do not understand that they can be more than just a pretty picture,- and that they can indeed work with brands. But you might want to ask yourself..."Am I marketing myself the right way?"

There is a lot out there which can mislead you but the honest way to start modeling is to be honest with yourself.

Models Can Promote Themselves Better Sometimes

Sometimes it is best to promote yourself. It is work, it is time, it is research and effort but by self promoting your self you can get ahead. To me modeling isn not to create hits and clicks on my website, it is to promote brands, work with magazines, advertise a product and to sell my energy, personality, great skin and diverse look to brands, agencies, and products.

If you want to model and model seriously you need to think of it like a business. Invest time and energy. Launching into the modeling business involving having the right marketing tools and it seems the old fashion way is still the way.
You need a comp card
You need a headshot
You need photos that represent where you want to be.
You need images that look like you.

Understanding how to be a model is more than having a website, or getting hits and clicks and comments on your page, it is about modeling products, brands, and it starts with knowing yourself and how to market yourself.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Modeling Jeans and Creating Diverse Commercial Print Modeling Photos

You might be interested in modeling jeans and petite models can use their personality to pop the jeans into a lifestyle photo. Here are above are some examples of how to use your jeans, -even the ones you own!- into your photoshoots.

Unique Lingerie Poses

Lingerie modeling isn't just showing your skin and flaunting it for no reason, lingerie modeling can also be for an ad campaign, for an editorial, for a look book, for trade shows like Lingerie America's and did you know there are magazines out there-trade magazines- just meant for lingerie.

Above are some lingerie poses which you can consider when you are planning your next photoshoots or preparing for your modeling comp card. Think of new ways, commercial print ways to show your body and book modeling work!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lingerie Modeling Tips

1. pick lingerie that isn't just sexy but also suits your body type.
Could be boyshorts, thong, or full back panties.

2.Why not add jewelery and shoes that compliment the lingerie to your shoot.

3. Make the photo look like an ad. Look in magazines, maybe even in WWD intimates magazines to get inspired. And other magazines like Cosmo.

4. Don't just stick it out and flaunt it without a plan, sometimes showing less is more!

5. Think of the lingerie modeling jobs you want. Do you want to be in a magazine? in magazine editorials? in an ad campaigns for a lingerie brand, and target yourself towards those types of photos

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Petite Models can be Tall, Leg modeling poses

petite models can look tall. A little stretch in your legs can make your body look a lot longer. Even the smallest stretch and bend of your leg matters when you are a petite model. Use the photo enclosed as an example of how to pose your legs to look leaner and taller, and longer! I am posing with handbags and I am using my heels as leverage to look taller, I point my toe and I reach my leg out, as if I am reaching for something with my leg, I hold my leg still, and it is sort of like being in a Yoga pose. If you bend your knee a little and show space between your legs, you will also look longer!

Modeling Any Girl Can Do

Here are some ad campaigns I have seen recently printed in January's ELLE magazine that any girl can do and model for-could have been you-,these ads are proving that your height isn't an issue when it comes to finding modeling work and that if you make your mindset positive you will find that there is modeling work out there...waiting for you.

1. YAZ beyond Birth Control- the ad features an energetic blond female

2. -the ad features a pretty black girl

3. Invisalign- the ad is a short haired brunette woman. - the ad is blond woman walking casually in jeans

5. Nikon- the ad features a smiling brunette holding a photo of her son

6. nail polish- the ad features two girls dancing and having fun and a hand model was used as well.

7. Visa- ad features girl with a color by number palette on her hair.

8. Windows Vista- features a girl smiling and drinking wine

See these ads could be you and even though it isn't fashion modeling it is commercial print modeling and it involves being YOU.

Think beyond the typical Model narrow minded box and start targeting yourself for print ads, of all kinds...for products, and brands.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Modeling with your Tattoo

A girl recently wrote me on Myspace who was concerned about her Tattoo being a negative when it came to agencies and getting work as a model. Here is my response:

Why not use your Tattoo as a fashion statement, Kenneth Cole has an ad campaign going on now and the girl has massive Tattoos. Click here to go to the Kenneth Cole site, to see campaign.

Couple your Tattoo with a handbag that is a similar color or a hot pair of shoes, start using what you have as a good thing, not a negative. Also there are beauty mags like Marie Claire and Glamour magazine and Heart and Soul and you could submit a story about WHY you Love your tattoo. Why not. Send a cool photo of yourself rockin it in a fashionable way.

there is also INK magazine... a hot trendy magazine, send them something in the mail, mail the editorial department your photo... and a story about why you love your tattoo, it doesn't have to be a bad thing, a ghetto thing or a negative.

Make it a positive.

Think big. Not small.


Be a Fekkai Model, Great opportunity for Petite Models

This is a great opportunity for petite models from Fekkai, put your hair to use as a model for Fekkai. Click the link below for information on submitting yourself as a hair model.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sally Beauty Favorites, for hair and skin!

I only discovered Sally Beauty about a year ago. In Oswego, NY of all places. I had never grown up with the store in my life, but I wish I did. Here are some Sally Beauty products to check out at a store in your town.

Why not give these products a try, because what is great about Sally Beauty is that the price is so good that you can try and try and try all their great products!

1. Beyond Belief Vita C+ Skin care products.
2. Ion hairspray
3. Tresemme styling mousse.
4. Conair Pro Yellowbird Pistol Grip Dryer- great for quick styling of your hair.
5. Hair Extensions, Hair U Wear POP Put on Pieces Clique PONY or Bounce Pony, also try Euronext Clip in Remy extensions.
6. Proclaim Cocoa & Shea Butter, Hand & Body lotion.

I still love the Heel to Toe spa pedicure cream foot lotion.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smiling For Your Modeling Jobs

I think to market yourself as a model, no matter your height the pursuit means you have to treat yourself like a product, a bradn which has to be marketed a certain way and the research and marketing involved is as if you are a product to sell. I read an article on Friday, February 15, 2008 called Great Marketing Comes With A Smile, By Max Kalehoff and I hope you enjoy it and can apply it your modeling pursuits. During the good and bad days, a smile can get you through and get you in the doors too!

"We all know the difference between interactions where someone smiles versus when someone does not. When people smile, the experience more often than not is pleasant, if not enjoyable. In circumstances where people don't smile, the experience is often negative or forgettable. Smiling is one of the most powerful methods of conveying thoughts, moods, feelings and emotions. Which begs the question: If smiling is so influential, why isn't it recognized as a fundamental value in every aspect of business and marketing?
There are a number of specific reasons why we should smile. Consider acceptance, a basic human need, and prominent on psychologist Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Well, a smile is one of the best ways to make others feel accepted! Why wouldn't any business mandate all of its employees to connect with stakeholders with a smile to fulfill this basic desire?

Then there's confidence. Smiling exudes confidence -- both within yourself and in the perception others have of you. If you smile while performing a task, you tend to appear in command of the situation. Smiling even makes tasks look easy and enjoyable, suggesting mastery of your subject.

Then there's accessibility, which smiling fosters. Smiling counters feelings of anxiety and intimidation in others and instills a sense of calm. It helps break down social barriers between people and enables them to share in empathy, sometimes without even realizing it. A genuine smile is detectible and instills trust.

Smiling also makes you look more attractive -- and there's real evidence here. According to a recent study at the University of Aberdeen, when subjects were rating faces for attractiveness, the preference for being gazed at directly by smiling eyes was much greater for faces of the opposite sex, especially when they were rated by men. There was no such sexual bias in the preference for a direct gaze when the students rated disgusted-looking faces, or when they were rating any faces for likeability. You'd think in an image-obsessed culture, more people would smile more!

Finally, happiness is a byproduct of smiling. That explains why it's a popular technique among mental health therapists working with depressed patients. To smile is to be human and healthy.

Now back to my original question: If smiling is so powerful, why isn't it recognized as a fundamental value in every aspect of business and marketing? Smiling should start with employees, but the essence of smiling should extend to every aspect of brand experience. Does your logo embody the spirit and effects of smiling? How about your commercial messages or direct customer communications? How about the very product you offer customers? Does it come with a smile?

The presence of a smile absolutely glows -- while the absence of one lingers painfully. For smiling brands, consider JetBlue, Flickr or Google. They exude happiness and many other byproducts of smiling, which I mentioned above. For non-smiling brands, consider your cable company (in my case, Cablevision), your mobile phone provider (in my case, Sprint) or most any American airline other than JetBlue. Those brands are suffering from the absence of a genuine smile.

To be a great marketer and great brand, you must smile."

Gisele Bundchen Model Wine

I think Gisele shouldn't get bashed for drinking wine at the SuperBowl. Who-the-heck-cares- what she would be different maybe if she was Bid Light spokemodel, but she isn't she is a girl enjoying the SuperBowl, a tall Giraffe model maybe, but still a girl sippin' wine doesn't mean she didn't love the game. I think the reporters can come up with a better story..huh.

Put your Petite Size to Good Use, with a Smile

Here is an example of a commercial print photo shoot. I am wearing District Cotton hoodie. Flaunting the smile is important for your commercial print modeling comp card. You can show some leg, but also show your personality and commercial side as well, which is important when it comes to making a compcard as a petite model.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Modeling Makeup Madness

Did you know that L'oreal is the worlds largest cosmetic maker. Here are some other interesting things to know that might come into play to prepare for your photo shoots, or just your daily model-life:

1. Try lining your eye with more than black, use a dark navy blue, purple, or even a while eye liner pencil for a wide eye look.

2. If your eyes look puffy, then try curling your eye lashes, you can skip the bottom lashes, well- at least until you wake up... don't over load the make up if your face is tired looking it will only make your eye have moreshadows.

3. Get a good night's sleep. I love sleeping and I work hard when I am up, but as a model I take my sleep very seriously.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Is it a modeling trap or modeling scam?

If an agency says to you " I just need this one time fee." or " This one time payment" for you to have a photoshoot and create you a comp card they are a scam.

Good modeling agencies don't take money from you before you get paid from booking a modeling job.

Don't be so desperate to be a model that you fall for these modeling scams!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cosmetics and beauty Tips for your Modeling Photo shoots

In need of some modeling makeup tips? Maybe you don't have a budget for a makeup artist? I will share tips about applying makeup, and brands you can find for under $20 tha twork great!

Tonight on my modeling podcast Model Talk- I will be talking about how you can buy long lasting Cosmetics for your photo shoots for under $ 20! A lot of petite models, and models in general have to be prepared to sometimes do their own makeup at their modeling photo shoots, modeling jobs even, and test shoots. Also when it comes to cosmetics it isn't only about your face and beauty marks, it is about your whole body, and I will give you tips on covering scars and looking your best, on the job!

Listen in!

*****I will be sharing Cosmetics for your Photo Shoots under $20!*********

-isobella jade

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ethnic Models and DTM magazine

Many ethnic models will be glad to know that another ethnic magazine is out there and it is call DTM Magazine. This was part of the email I recently read from the publisher who welcomes petite ethnic models!

"we actually have a campaign fort artist, models, writers and poets called Got Element? For more information visit: It is an opportunity to be discovered as DTM is also delivered to over 500 PR / talent agencies every month."

Juan Guillen


So go after it, send your photos, bio and info,- if you are ethnic and energetic and have a story to tell why not contact

Start sharing your pursuits and chasing your dreams.

isobella jade

Monday, February 11, 2008

Finding a Petite Modeling Agency

When you are looking for a modeling agency make sure your consider print modeling. If you are petite and looking for a modeling agency. My first advice would be to focus on print modeling and print modeling agencies. Usually there is a modeling agency in your town, and to find it you can Google your city and then the words modeling agency or print modeling, or modeling, and you should see some agencies pop up.

Now to intrigue them despite being petite you can do two things:

1. Try to get photos that show you modeling products, handbags, shoes, showing smiles, and looking like an ad ( to get inspired look in magazines), also submit photos that do not stress your height but more your face, energy, personality and what you DO have. Then submit your photos 4x6 or 5x7 inches is fine or put together a nice comp card with your images from Then include a letter and stress not that you just want to model, but also stress what you would be good at modeling and what you WANT to model, and why you would be a good model.

2. It might sound backwards but it does work- It is also nice if you can get some exposure as a model before you go to an agency 9 to show you can book work) for example, by submitting your photos to a local magazine or by browsing the ads in a local newspaper and contacting the companies and brands that might need models, such as hair salons, etc. If you can book work before you submit to an agency it will intrigue the agency more because you are showing them you can work as a model, you have worked as a model and they will be more likely to look past your height.

Stick to print agencies, agencies that submit to modeling work that involves print ads or commercials.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Modeling on Television

Recently I wrote an article for about a modeling experience I had for a fashion TV show, you can click here to read it! It is an example of how to use your body in a commercial and fashionable way!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Make your own Modeling Comp card too

Don't forget to make your own modeling comp cards and the importance of it. Having a modeling agency work with you is great, but when it comes to your comp card make sure you have them handy as well, you don't want your agency to have ALL of your comp cards and then leave you with nothing. You want to have your tools handy and ready and available to mail out yourself as well. As a self serving model, you want to capture opportunity and make sure you can also self promote,- yb not relying only on your agent to make your dreams come true. Believe in yourself and submit yourself out, and to do so, you need your own set of comp cards too.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Modeling With Brands and Creating Opportunity

An answer to a girl on Myspace asking: where would you find the addresses to send your pictures to in magazines and lets say marshalls or some other business?

At the very bottom of every website of almost every brand, or somewhere on the site there is the contact page, not you don't want to email the info@ email you want a person, you want the marketing or pr person. The marketing is best. Think to yourself WHO PICKS the idea for the campaign? That person also is involved in picking the models. Or you can find an email or name by opening a press release or press kit sometimes. You really have to dive in and think not like a customer but like the business side.

Or I would call the 1-800 number and ask about how to get intouch with the marketingdepartment,- how do they pick models, and how you can send pictures and what agencies do they use if any,?.... (I would do it in that order too, you want to try to send yourself before an agency if possible bit bigger brands usually want to work with an agency because they want to standard way-still worth it to try.......Or another option...Google the name of the company + marketing department. I booked the Marshall's job through an agency called PARTS in NYC, google them too.

For magazines focus on the front of the magazine itself, and focus on photo editors, features editors and booking editors, write their name down, or Google it, research if the magazine has an email address you can find on their website. And buy a stamp!

Google rocks!

Modeling Comp card Advice on MODEL TALK tonight

How to make a comp card, how to pick photos and where to print!

Listen in for some advice at

Or click here

Using the Internet to Get Ahead as a Model

The Internet is the best place to get information and the Internet is the best place to go but there really isn't a ton of quality informaiton on the Internet and you have to be careful always. When meeting a modeling agency, when posting photos on the Internet remember that what you post stays forever! Forever. Photos that I posed 5 years ago are still on the Internet. This can be good and bad depending on what you post so be careful and don't be so desperate to be seen that you end up with an awkward situation because of it later, based on the images you put of yourself on the Internet. Also be careful scammed, it is best to use the Internet to help getting you ahead as a model, and use it to research and try to start work with people in the Industry, agents, casting directors and people who are going to hire you as a model. Start Googling commercial print modeling agencies, and photographers that work with magazines already and make modeling a business, not just a way to feel good about yourself by hits and clicks on your Internet modeling page or profile, but by actually using it to lead to opportunities get legit print work! The Internet is great but you need to also get face to face infront of agents, quality photographers, and this can mean to use the Internet as a marketing tool, not just a place to flaunt your photo.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Modeling gigs for a Petite Model

if you have nice legs, hands feet, skin and a personality there is no reason why you can't model. You just need to focus on your photos and marketing yourself in ways that WILL get you ahead. Skip the amateur modeling and go right for the commercial print modeling agencies or grab your bootstraps and approach photographers that shoot print work and with magazines and ask for a test, sometimes forking out a few hundred is worth it if the photographer is good. Then make yourself a comp card, for decent price. Sometimes you have to invest before you get paid!
You might not walk the catwalk or flaunt Vogue each month, but you can still model if you focus on print work, body part modeling, shoe models are a size 6! Most short girls are a size 6!

Monday, February 4, 2008

How to Become a Model: Modeling Tips

Sipping a coffee, tying your shoe, zipping your coat, these are all actions that can remind you that modeling is what you do every day, commercial print modeling is modeling a product and to tell a story. A lot of girls want to know how to start modeling but they only think of fashion. The world is becoming a lot more commercial these days and commercial print model is best for a petite model. Ify ou are wondering how to be a model the first steps involve photos but also asking yourself What do you want to model? If the only thing that comes to mind is you on a beach in a thong, or a modeling runway then you are missing a lot that is out there, along with those types of modeling there is so much more. Commercial print modeling involves looking like yourself, pretty, ambitious, laughing, in action, smiling, and for examples try to check out advertisments for shoes, jewelry, hair products,- all of these models are commercial print models. Check out fitness magazines too and skincare ads for creams, and beauty products as well. These people are commercial print models. If you start targeting your photos to look like editorials and ads, you will then need to submit to a modeling agency and a talent agency, skip the fashion agencies all together if you are under 5'9". You can be a model,- but the image you have a model might have to first change to make that happen!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Starting your Modeling Career

So you want to be a model? Well the first thing you need is photos, but the best thing to do is not to get sucked into revealing your skin to fast. A lot of girls turn to nudity when they find they can't do fashion work,- well showing your body is fine if you are a body parts model ( a job that involves using your legs, hands, feet, stomach, and parts for ad campaigns and print work and editorials), but you don't have to show it all or take it off to be a model! Remember, just by being yourself you can be a model, focus on working with photographers who have a studio or at least take photography seriously, as a hobby or as a full time business, don't waste your time with amateurs, or people who just 'sort of like photograpy," try to work with people who really care about it as a profession or interest,- this will save you from wasting time shooting with people who can't produce a quality photo....You need to make sure your photoshoots including products within your shots. Such as, using a handbag, or beauty product right in your shoot. Focus on ads and try to create what an AD would look like. Look in magazines to get ideas, and not just fashion magazines. Look into home and travel, and craft and hair magazines, and also pay attention to ads for shoes, handbags, sunglasses, watches, ect- which you could be modeling for- no matter your height! You need photos, and the best way to get an agent fast is to show photos that include products, show your energy, and also a nice close up shot, a beauty shot that looks like an ad for a jewelry or beauty or hair product. And don't be afraid to smile. A lot of models forget to show their personality and only show their smirks and pouts. You want to smile girls! come'on!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

No Matter your Height, a Petite Model Can Still walk-the-Walk

These images enclosed can show you how to flaunt it and walk and being some life and action into your photo shoots, it also makes your photos shoots look very commercial and for your modeling portfolio book it is best to show shots that look like Ads! Involve a coat, a cute pair if shoes and always a handbag into your photoshoots, dress up the shoot with accessories, -for a shot that looks editorial and commercial.

Flaunt the Walk in your Photo Shoots

Modeling poses and bringing life into your Photo Shoots

Friday, February 1, 2008

Applying Model Makeup and Cosmetics-depends on the shoot

Depending on the style of your photo shoot you will want to have different makeup. Don't over do your mascara or eye lashes for a casual shoot or casting. And whenever I have a casting I ask the booker what the casting involves, and usually you are told what to wear as simply as "wear something casual" so this also applies to your make up. The same thing applies to modeling castings. If you are going to a casting for lingerie or shooting a lingerie photo shoot then if they job is a freelance modeling job you might have to do your own makeup, if the modeling job is for a product they will usually have someone there, a makeup artist to touch you up and style the shoot. Here are some tips when it comes to makeup.

When Applying Makeup for a Photoshoot, remember this:

1. Consider what you will be wearing at the photo shoot? Depending on the clothing you can figure out quickly if the makeup should be loud or tame. I always think less is more especially with Photoshop able to enhance any makeup mistakes or intensity.

2. Foundation is the best modeling makeup you can have. It is best to test a foundation before your shoots and find one that matches your skin tone but also allows for blush and bronzer without making you look like you are Multi Colored! Foundation, lip-gloss, some mascara can sometimes be so pretty alone, so don't cake on the makeup until you know the style of the shoot.

3. Get idea by looking in magazines, flip through your favorite ads and NOTICE the makeup. Modeling tip: I think the girls on the cover of a hair color box, have beautiful makeup, but for more intense look look at ad campaigns in magazines for lingerie companies or more funky products like hair products. You can get a sense of makeup.

4. Have a point to your photoshoot and THE makeup could be the point if your are experimenting with lighting and trying to tell a story with your face alone,- and the makeup you apply, -but don't have a photoshoot just for the hell of it, it will get boring quick, and do nothing for your modeling career, try to have a plan when you shoot...and it is better to ask yourself " How will this shoot effect my goals and modeling career/pursuits?" Then look in your makeup kit and decide which makeup will give you a look that will enhance your features, and not over do it with bold lipstick and eye shadow, but give you a nice complimenting look.

(I personally love lipgloss and liner and a good foundation... I like looking like myself but on an island or city street, natural, not killing the photo with my nasty makeup chunks.)

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.