Thursday, January 31, 2008

Internet Modeling CAN be More

Don't forget to use more than the Internet, you don't have to only be an Internet model, counting your hits and clicks each day. You can be more. But you need to be active within your modeling career, the best modeling tips are based on being aggressive towards pursuits and goals with submissions. Don't be afraid to submit to agencies, talent agencies, commercial print modelign agencies, even a few photos, a smile, a headshot, a body shot, and it doens't have to be a nude or bikini body shot, it can be you in a dress, or jeans, just showing your personality. Commercial modeling and print work is best for petite models, and there are agencies that accept petite models, you just have to make your photos look very commercial, as if you are selling a product in them, think of ads and editorials you see in magazines like Cosmo, Marie Claire, Glamour, etc. Also Don't be Afraid to mail your photos to a magazine, because becoming a model means putting effort into your pursuits.

Getting with the Agent

Getting a modeling agency is the petite models biggest question, and constant struggle. The best advice I can give is to NOT go to fashion agencies first. I think it is best to submit to the agencies that will welcome you with open arms, like commerical print modeling agencies. There is a modeling agency in NYC that accepts petite models called Flaunt Models, (google it) and I think if you pick up a Ross reports you will find many talent agencies that also accept models of petite heights.

Submitting to a modeling agent or modeling agency is like submitting to your first corporate job. You submit to the entry level positions because you are more likely to get into the position compared to submitting to be the CEO. You submit where you will be accepted, get some experience and then aim higher!

After you build some tear sheets you can then submit to fashion agencies, but petite models, shorter models, will always struggles with that because fashion agencies base their models off of the runway standards. Still there is So much modeling work you can do in magazines, editorials, modelign products, tradeshows, commercials and print ads! Don't forget that!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Modeling Advice: Modeling Poses

Here are some tips on how to pose and tell a story.

1. Don't forget your body parts....use your hands as an accessory, a simple finger to the chin, or lean an arm against a wal or hall way, or holding a sassy handbag can make a shot that looks intriguing, and that is the point right!

2. Use props like even those glasses you hated to wear in fourth grade are now a perfect way to spice up a look at your shoot.

3. Give your shoot some depth,(see photo) act as if you are on the go!

4. Don't stand next to anything taller than you, unless you want to look even shorter.

5. Sometimes if you focus too much on your pose you will get stiff so if the photographer is talented he will know how to pose you to make your body look good, if you need to direct your self then you can always count on the mirror and practice standing ,sitting, laying and watch what happens to your body, I suggest this because you also can see things from the photographer’s perspective and it is good to know what the photographer is seeing so you can be a better model.

Modeling Tips: Simple Tricks of Posing

Here are some tips on how to pose and tell a story.

1. use your hands as an accessory, a simple finger to the chin, or lean an arm against a wal or hall way, or holding a sassy handbag can make a shot that looks intriguing, and that is the point right!

2. Use props like even those glasses you hated to wear in fourth grade are now a perfect way to spice up a look at your shoot.

3. Pose with your toes pointed, your legs look longer, even in heels!

4. Next stand next to anything taller than you, unless you want to look even shorter.

5. Don't forget to arch and stretch your body when you pose and to stand straight, it does matter!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips: A Realistic Model

Modeling doesn't have to be a full time career, but it is a great way to make extra money, and use your petite proportions to the fullest! A lot of girls tend to model for their ego, or because someone else said they should or because they want to feel sexy or seen. I don't think any of these reasons are the right reason. The best way to approach any business, or pursuit is to feel capable at first, to want to learn as much as your can about modeling, and to pursue it because you know you should take a chance because it is something you can commit too and treat it like playing a sport, it will be hard, it will be a challenge sometimes, but it can be so rewarding. A lot of models think modeling is only about posing and being tall or beautiful and adorned. They forget to consider that as an aspiring model, especially as a freelance model to learn how Business works. How the brands pick their models, what agencies they work with and how the stuff that happens inside the magazine doors, and ad agency doors work. Modeling isn't just about the modeling agency. As a savvy model you can get work on your own if you research not just modeling agencies but also try to learn as much as you can about how brands work, how you can promote your self to them with or without a modeling agency. For example if there is a brand or magazine you want to work with. I would hit up the marketing departments at the company/ or the photo editors or booking editors at the magazine.

It is hard to self serve, but that is what the world is about these days and when you are petite, modeling is a challenge, and it is a challenge based on the fashion industry challenges, but if you put the fashion mindset aside and instead market your self as a commercial print model and work with quality photographers so you have the right photos you need, and if you are persistance and do not wait for the phone to ring and even try to book your own jobs you will start to understand the ins and out of the industry.

Modeling isn't just about posing, it is also about making it happen for yourself!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips: Using more than your BODY

During my next pod cast I will be talking about how using the Internet can help you get exposed but how the Internet isn't the end all when it comes to your modeling pursuits. It is so easy to take off your clothing and be another Internet model or glamour model, and it is a lot harder to run with the tall lanky Giraffes and the work with the agencies, get an agency and start pursuing work beyond showing your booty, but petite girls shouldn't get discourage or think that " since I can't get with an agency then I guess the only modeling I can do it glamour modeling." This is simply not true. I encourage petite models to open their eyes, and to not be limited, and know that there is a lot of modeling out there for you and that you just need to focus on making your photo shoots based around not just your curves and sexy body, but also based around your energy because the commercial print modeling world, does accept petite models, so there is no exuse anymore. Start focusing on getting a comp card and submit it to agencies, get over your amateur shoots and start being professional!

If you are shooting your body, refer to the photo enclosed and pair the shoot with necklace or a pair of jeans and shoot it like an ad! photos like this will lead to bigger work and put together a comp card and submit it out! So stop wasting time with the silly afternoon shoots where you pose like a muse for 100 dollars and start making real goals, target your photos to be something you can really use....and go for it!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Modeling Tips: The fall of the Internet Model

The Internet is a very helpful but also entrapping thing. Magazine's and advertising agencies still work the old fashion way and find their talent and models from agencies, so remember to is ok to use the Internet as a way to promote yourself but you will also have to learn how to be your own agent, and hustle yourself, print a compcard and mail it out, or get a modeling agency to really start getting ahead.
It is possible to promote yourself and book your own work, but remember the Internet is a tool, not the only way!

Petite Modeling Mistakes

Remember that there is more out there for you than only one type of modeling if you are a petite model. There is many options to consider. The best thing to do is to not get hung up on hits and clicks on Internet modeling websites, or relying on sources beyond yourself to launch your career, such as paying for being apart of a modeling or acting site. I don't think that is best way to go. It might sound old fashion but you need a compcard, you need to do a photo shoot that will really benefit you as a model. Sometimes you might be absorbed with using the Internet as the only way to promote yourself and sometime it CAN work, but it can't be the ONLY way you work. You need to not make mistakes by posting only one type of photo, like only showing lingerie shots. Yes it will target you as a lingerie model, but if you have a pretty face, or unique hair you need to also consider getting some beauty shots, and commercial looking shots. I think a lot of girls make the mistakes of becoming a glamour model without a clue who doesn't know how to market her self to agents and magazines, and brands.

When I think of modeling, I think of marketing, and I think of how I can get into the ad campaign and into the agency door, and what it will take. Usually it means adjusting my photos, re making or making a comp card, approaching photographers who have worked with magazines before and also who are driven and ambitious and learning how to self serve and getting over the fact that you might not be the most famous Internet model, but you might get a chance to be in an ad campaign if you start promoting yourself a little harder!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Modeling Tips, Get it for Free- Photos and Quality

I wouldn't pay for photos before you first try to get some for free. It is expensive and also usually you need more than one, usually many photoshoots to get the images you need, so before you pay consider these tips: You don't have to pay for photos if you are savvy,smart and have a plan. That is my motto. Don't leave home without it. If you want something you have to always consider, " why would someone want to work with me?" and " what can I bring to this opportunity so it benefits both sides?" I think it is best to contact photographers who appear to be eager and mabitous and driven and who WANT tear sheets in magazines and who take photography seriously. Once a photographer shared with me his seriousness by whippin out two magazines at the book store we were meeting at, which featured his work. That was impressive and I knew he had the drive to get HIMSELF in a magazine then he would like my personality towards getting exposed and working together to benefit both of our books! So pitch photographers who seem ambitious and open to ideas. Second, bring an idea, throw something different out there, shooting at the beach is boring, but if you say shooting at the beach with some jewelry from a designer I know of, or in a playful way or in an editorial style, and pitch some creative ideas you have. Usually a photographer will be interested in working with you. It isn't always about the is also about getting the tearsheet, getting exposed and getting more work, so photographers are like models in that sense, we are all hustling for work and want to work with driven people.

Petite Modeling Tips: The Model in YOU

If you want to model or are curious I think the first step is really understanding the type of modeling out there for you. I think it can sometimes mean forgetting the fashion world all together and to start first focusing on the brands, products and magazines that accept models and need models of all heights.

Glamour Magazine, Allure Magazine, and Fitness Magazines all especially need models

What about skin? Don't forget that modeling isn't just about showing your skin but also USING IT to get work. Petite models can become the face or the body of an ad campaign just by taking care of your skin.

Shoes, jeans, skincare, hair, beauty products even tampons need models.

So the next time you think of the word could be you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Modeling Tips: How to Look Taller

Being petite means you have to focus on your proportions when you model. Arching your back isn't the only method to looking taller. Here are some mistakes some models make when trying to look taller:

1. Only heels. Did you know that you can wear sneakers and look tall too? Put on some running shorts, and start posing or working out and now you have a perfect shot for your modeling portfolio. Stretching and seperating your legs, bending your body will make you look leaner.

2. Long Hair. If you are petite did you know that long hair can make you look shorter. Hair to your butt is not the way to go. Make your hair style shoulder length or at the chin, it will make your neck longer and your body not so heavy looking from your hair holding you down.

3. Short Skirts. Sometimes a shorter skirt can make your legs look even shorter....Put on a pencil skirt or a suit and the balance will make you look taller. Pair it with some high heels and you are ready to go.

4. Layering it. If you are petite wear clothing that don't just show skin, but allow you to feel lighter too. Heavy layers for your photos will only burry you. Keep is basic and simple. Don't overload with accessories, unless the necklace is ALL you are wearing in layers.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Petite Modeling Agencies

There are agencies that accept petite models. They best thing to do if you are petite is not to Target yourself to fashion agencies. The quickest way to get an agency is to stick to either commercial print or talent agencies. Even if the height requirement is still 5'7' at these agencies I would still submit, usually a print agency is more likely to accept you if you send quality photos and they like your look. Images mean everything. They are what speak for you. At some castings sometimes you don't even speak you just hand over your compcards and portfolio, so really it is your images, your personality and your look that needs to come through in your images.

And not to get down if you don't get an agent right away because even without one you can still get work as a model.

Why not mail your photo to a magazine yourself? Why not look into brands, stores, and launching brands that might need a model. This could involve going to a tradeshow, taking a trip around your town, going to a barnes and noble or borders to check out the magazines that might need models like Hair magazine, Craft and food and travel magazines, lifestyle and bridal magazines. Remember modeling isn't ONLY fashion. Usually if you can build a portfolio and get a few tearsheets and agency will accept you.

I never think an agent is enough, I think no matter what you need to be a hustler, hard worker and always looking out for your own goals.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Modeling Scams, How to Avoid and Get Through Them

Sometimes when you are entering the modeling world, trying to figure out the modeling world, and finding yourself and trying to find your way it is easy to be scammed or let down. Here are three tips when it comes to getting through and avoiding mistakes as an aspiring model.

1. Ask questions no matter what the shoot, casting, meeting, etc. Ask where it is, then google the location and find out more in detail where it is, ask what the meeting, photo shoot, casting etc, will involved. Usually the more you know the more you can tell if the situation is good,safe and productive for your pursuits/career as a model.

2. Think about how every single shoot and job you do can lead to more, but also sting. So when you are submitting to modeling jobs, meeting photographers, and doing photoshoots remember: It isn't just about the NOW, it is about the later too. And how this shoot will effect you later!

3. Go with your gut. Most people aren't going to be aggressive to help you and your modeling pursuits, most people wont go the extra mile to make sure you get in the door, get the job, and get ahead, so be careful who you trust. If the person you are working with, speaking with, and shooting with isn't ambitious and can prove it to you in their language, portfolio, and their lifestyle, then why work with them?

And finally: Learn from your misakes, stay driven but don't go back and make the same mistake twice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Modeling Jobs

5 things to keep in your bag for last minute castings and shoots.

1. tweezers
2. cream for hands, legs, and feet
3. tampons
4. clear nail polish
5. a hair tie or hair clip

Tune into You, Modeling Tips

Each day is an honest opportunity to really grab your goals and start making them happen. Sometimes the smallest thing, like mailing your photos, headshot or reel or comp card out can really make the difference. Making your pursuits an active part of your life is how to make your goals happen.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Battle with Internet Modeling Websites

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the Internet Modeling world to remember that the "real modeling world," involves working in the "old fashion," way of mailing headshots, compcards and having these tools. Becoming your own business might seem simple from just a photo download and then go! The comments come in, the photo shoots are scheduled, but many of these moments, encounters and shots could seem to be really worthless when it comes to how a girl really gets ahead as a model. The Battle is that is feel good, you feel connected to being a model and you like the feeling of getting hits and clicks and comments, but the real truth of being a model, working as a model with brands and magazines invovles a lot more work than staring at your profile on a free modeling website. So before you rely on the Internet to make you known, start taking action and using the old fashion way to get ahead. You need stamps! Envelopes. A good printer to print your resume. You need to make a comp card, You need to understand that modeling is more than using just one approach or angle, it is using them all and not missing a beat by letting your goals slip-side because you only think your chances are being an Internet Model. There is so much more out there for you, you just have to seek it and use ALL of your resources.

Before mailing a Modeling Agency

Here are a few things to consider before mailing a modeling agency.

1. Visit their website and see the type of models they work with and the clients they have worked with.

2. It would be best to send a tear sheet you have gained and a few photos in the mail.

3. Before going to an open call, ask questions. There are a lot of GREAT modeling and talent agencies out there but also there are a lot of scams, so ask questions about the agency before you go. Or research them online by Googling their name.

4. When you represent yourself a full front face shot is best and a body shot and an action shot.

5. Include a small note about your experience, or include a resume.

6. Target modeling agencies which work with models of all heights, not just fashion.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Modeling and Acting resource for castings

If you want to get acting and modeling castings to build your reel email:

Also the acting classes have decent rates and you can also get advice on making a resume.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Modeling Tips and Advice: Modeling Scams

A girl recently told me that she went to a modeling agency at 445 Park Avenue and it turned out to be a scam and she was very upset. They asked for money and also said to the girl that she was only good for cigarette and alcohol ads.

I found this upsetting.


This was my reply:

Obviously I hope you walke directly out of there!! Because of the Internet it is also to make money off of naive models so many jerks set up fake business's. Or try to rip you off. I HAVE NEVER paid any of the agencies I work with before I got paid through a modeling job, and in that case they get a percent that is usually taken out before I get my check. Which is normal.

Usually it is 20%.

Sure you want an agency, some help, and someone to promote you, but you have to always be promoting you so an agency is just one step.
When it comes to stopping by an agency.....ASK alot of Questions because you don't want to waste time either truckin' over to Park Ave. Did you ask this agencies on Park Ave if they had a website? What type of modeling jobs they book? How long have they been in business.

There are a lot of good agencies in that area, but also sometimes where there is good there is also some bad sneeking around. So if these answers aren't on their website already then you should ask alot of questions BEFORE you go and meet them. Beware!

isobella jade

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Marketing Yourself as a MODEL

MODELS: Have you been marketing You?

So you want to model, be one, be in a magazine, get an agent?

Well have you thought about mailing your photos out, even skipping the middle man all together and going right to the source, the magazine, the brands you are interesting in working with. Try the smaller brands first.

Use the Internet to your advantage and start researching. Submitting your photos to print modeling agencies is best, but also understanding that it might not even be your FACE that gives you your might be your feet shoe modeling, or hands hand modeling, which will get you into an agency door...and then other work starts coming.

I just started working with another agency, because they need body part models, so of course that is great but once I start working with them, I will push the other divisions of the agency as well but I need to get my foot, no pun, in first sometimes!

For more advice see my Modelingy podcast!

modeling Tips: Becoming a Model No Matter your Height

If you want to model and take it seriously I think the first tip, step and action is to know how much work it will be, how becoming a model is like opening a business, a small business, and also it will be become a hobby, a goal, apart of your daily life. You can't think that just because you have an agent or comp card it will happen. The type of research and work it involves is heavy but it is possible if you are willing to really pursue it. A lot of girls doubt themselves or are not sure about how to start and the main first step is understanding the type of modeling you can do. I found this by Googling the word Model, and you should be researching too, goodluck!

Glamour models
Glamour photography emphasizes the model rather than products, fashion or environment. Typically the sexuality of the model is emphasized in glamour photography, while in fashion photography the emphasis is on the clothes.

Fitness models
Fitness modeling centers on displaying an athletic and healthy physique. Think Shape Magazine. Also in Allure magazine there are fitness models.

Bikini models
Bikini models are similar to fitness models with emphasis on a fit physique and the beauty of the female curves. Bikini models are usually curvaceous and fit. For women models, usually the models can be shorter- and usually are about 100-130 pounds or so.

Fine art models- used for artists, painters, photographers.

Body part modeling, these models are seen in everything from Vaseline Ads to Victoria Secret, not all the butts and legs you see in the catalog are from one model! This also includes hair models, hand models, foot models, legs models, stomach and curve models. Beyond lingerie there are models who are also behind models for advertising and products, skincare creams, who use their curves to model!

NOW you need to focus on working with photographers who can help you get the images you need! Or grab your boyfriend and some fitness clothing and go for a run and bring a camera!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Petite Models, The View Down Here

Petite models should focus on what modeling agencies will accept them. Usually print modeling agencies, commercial print modeling agencies and talent agencies accept models of all heights, really what it comes down to more than height is your images. FOCUS on getting great images, focus on getting images that represent you to your best. What sells you is your images. Start with approaching photographers in your town, students, photography stores even, and ask them about getting images and try to discuss a rate that works out for both of you. Try to pitch an idea or bring a creative concept, find a location for a shoot, or bring a cool idea and usually you can get some great images for free or for a decent rate. Express your personality. Express why someone would want to work with you and start selling yourself and your personality, it does work!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Modeling Tips: Getting ahead as a Model

So you want to get ahead as a model and think you are too short, well that is your short sightedness. You want to get an agent but haven't put together a compcard or headshot? You want to find a quality photographer but you haven't really approached any with your ideas and you have only been using the Internet as a launch pad to post your photo but you haven't made effort to be in a magazine, and work with magazines and products and brands. If these apply to you then you need to start taking action towards your goals. Treat modeling like a sport and play it and do it every day, practice and have a plan and goal. Not everyone has a friend who knows someone who can get you an agent and get you a job. That is not a common thing, and fighting for what you want also feels so much better, so be ambitious about your pursuits, and it might like like it is just modeling, but really to be modeling and getting work is a lot of work, it means creating your dreams, and making them happen. Making YOURSELF a Model. Creating it, believe in yourself, and knowing what you are good at, what you have to offer and to target those areas when it comes to your mailings and promotions, research and contacts. It means not waiting around, and really trying, getting after it and making sure you are focusing on your images, your marketing, and your pursuits each day. Just because you don't have an agent doesn't mean you can't be your own for now.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Modeling tips on Modeling Agents from Isobella Jade

My thought is, if you pay an agent ahead of time what inspiration to do they have to market you? To find your work and to hunt for castings and submit you? They have already been paid so why do they really feel inspired to make you a model? So I would suggest never paying an agent, and now that the Internet is allowing many modeling casting agencies over the web you must be careful or at least cautious when paying to be apart of a modeling website. Some websites charge you up to $50 dollars or more and it might feel nice to have your photo on a modeling, casting, or talent website but be careful. I would first pick up a Ross Reports and try to market yourself to commercial print modeling agencies, or talent agencies who have a record and history of booking work for at least background work on television shows, or at least call or email their talent and send them out on actual castings to companies you have heard of.

The Internet helps to keep us all close, connected and able to dream, but be careful and ask a lot of questions, before you pay a casting website. I don't believe in it, and I think that an agency shouldn't get paid before you do for an actual job.

The only thing you should pay for is stamps and a comp card or headshot. This might mean you have to pay for the printing of your headshot, or to make a comp card, which is normal, but paying an agent, before you get paid is a scam, and modeling scams are no joke!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Getting a Modeling Agency or Modeling Agent

When you are infront of a modeling agency or open call, only show your best images, even if it is only three photos or two images. If you are unsure of what to show or bring focus on your best features and bring photos of them, like your smile, or a shot of you in a bikini. Also it is a good idea from now on to carry a journal or notebook with you, I have over 5 of them from all my running around and if someone is serious they usually have an agenda book to prove it! Ask questions to the agent, What type of work have they been booking a lot of?

what type of work do they think you would be good for?

Also what type of photos you should get? It is normal for modeling agencies especially the commercial print and talent agencies to leave it up to you to pay for your own compcard and images, therefore it is a good idea to ask what the agency looks for. Not to worry. For example some of the agencies I work for want different things from me. Some want only body shots, some want commercial shots that show personality and I need to market myself to each of them and give them the images they need to promote me. Sort of like getting a headshot, you will need to plan to get a comp card which can make you as diverse as possble on one card or you might even need to get two different cards.

Don't over load your comp card. A mistake many girls do is show so many images that the card screams " I DON'T know what I am good for!" So create a card that hos 4 photos on the back or less, sometimes only 3 images or two images on the back is enough and then a nice strong headshot on the front.

Also let the agency know what YOU are interested in modeling as well. Show you are serious and already making and taking effort into your pursuits.

isobella jade

Casting for Arms, Hands and Legs

Today I had a casting for my arms and legs for an Industrial commercial. I was told by the agency that I would have to show my body and if booked I would have to wear a body suit, so to prepare I put on some tight pants from Mango that I recently purchased on sale for only $21.99! They fit snug and show my curves. I also wore a tank top and a sweater so that I could easily get in and out of my coat and be ready for the casting. At the casting I slated my name and then had to reach out and turn around and show my arms and hands,and pretend I was using a computer and making artistic dancer like movements with my arms while I did so. This job pays $500 dollars and it shows that there are casting out there by modeling agencies that have nothing to do with height. I have also gone on castings for my eyes, my hair, my hands, my thumb, my behind, my chest, my neck and ears and I have shown off my curves and booked work because of it.

Curves do count! rock on petite models!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Becoming a Model Yourself- 8pm on Model Talk

Need some modeling tips on self promotion? Just wanna know how to market yourself when the phone isn't ringing. Or what about how to gain more work even when you are on the job. Listen to Isobella's Model Talk tonight at 8pm. It's one of the only free things in NYC.

Too short to Model?

Don't limit your modeling abilities to only the fashion world. There are handbags, shoes, hair products, beauty products, jeans, skin care, and so much more a girl who isn't 5'10 or 5'7" can in deed model. It started from pushing yourself starting to promote you and researching and treating your modeling goals like a daily pursuit, what it can take to get in a magazine or get work with a national brand is:

Polishing your photos so they look commercial or editorially done for submission.
Print your images. Research modeling comp card printers. Usually you can get comp cards for under 150$ for 100 of them. Or if you can't find a printing places there are other options. Usually a photo printed at least 5x7 inches will do.
Researching magazines and the editorial staff and products, brands, you want to get in touch with.
Mail your photos with a lettting to the marketing, editorials, or photo department at the magazine.

If you haven't been in a magazine yet, or in an ad campaign, it isn't only because you don't have an agent, it is because you are not taking the steps to market yourself, which is really more simple than you might think.

In my book I talk about how the first tearsheets in a magazine I got, and modeling jobs I gained were from my own self will and promotion. So start promoting you and stop waiting around!

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.