Monday, March 31, 2008

This week on Model Talk

This week on Model Talk on Weds at 8pm. I will be discussing swimwear modeling and swimwear poses you can try and some new styles worth considering when it comes to finding a bathingsuit.

Tune in here:

isobella jade

Being picky about your Photo shoots and modeling jobs

While freelancing as a model and growing your modeling resume, or entering the modeling business, or creating your own portfolio and comp card you should always be thinking about bigger goals. What it is you want as a model, and what type of modeling jobs are realistic for you to get. If you are petite, then don’t try to be a fashion model, try to focus on being a commercial print model and including producst and ad like appeal into your shoots….

But also you should always consider not just "when will the modeling jobs start coming!?" But..."how will this modeling job get me into bigger agencies and lead me to more work". You don’t want to be so desperate for a modeling job that you end up doing something that really doesn’t get your ahead.

So maybe you want to model jeans, or shoes, well start with the aspiring brands, start reading about shoe designer, start googling names of brands you like, could be a aspiring shoe company and try to get in touch with them….think big. Don’t settle.

Many models and aspiring models forget to consider that some modeling jobs can even hurt you. Think about gaining a modeling job or even modeling contest, which might sound nice...but then will that experience lead to more. How can you carry yourself to the next job and not be categorized under one image. Which is why I figure it is best to NOT enter a million internet modeling contests and to not only be one type of model, doing basically the same type of work ALL the time. I think it is best to have diversity, to have a longer pursuit of modeling you will have to show your diversity…in your photos…but also in your credits.

Be picky about what you choose to do, who you choose to work with and whether it is an agent or photographer, or an electronically done casting. ALWAYS try to fit in there the question of: how will this get me more.

You can be picky about your modeling work and you should be!

Working one amazing job for an ad campaign a year, is better vs. booking a lot of crappy jobs that get you no where.

You should take it into your hands. Listen to your agents, and people you trust, but have your own opinions and you should listen to your gut!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Modeling Tricks! Ideas for posing with Props at your photo shoots

Tell the photographer to back up! show some length in your images, grab a handbag and rock it show it off like it is an ad campaign. It is important that your photos look like ads and editorials because on your compcard and in your portfolio book it will show that you know how to "work" a product.

isobella jade

Models! Bend a Leg and create some Length

Even in a big warm winter coat I looked really long!

Bend a leg and make a statement. A little space between your legs, and arms and create depth which gives you length!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three basic beauty needs for your modeling shoots

Alot of girls ask me, "what kind of makeup do I need for my compcard?"
Well you don't have to spend big bucks! In the commercial print modeling world simple is best and simply for your pocket too!

Brands I love: Revlon, Maybelline, N.Y.C

Brands I love: Wet n Wild, Rimmel.


I like using Neurogena and St. Ives

Well, beyond modeling on my every day makeup routine, I keep it fresh, I like mascara, and curling my eye lashes, I like some lipgloss, and a nice powder!

Be your own Hairstylist for your modeling shoots

When you are starting out modeling it is a good idea to know how to do your own hair because you can save money on your test shoots/ if you can do your own makeup and hair.

A product I am trying out this week is called:

Got2B smooth operator, smoothing satin drops. $8.
By Schwarzkopf

Just by being able to flatten and shine your hair it will make all the difference for your shoots!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Modeling For the Ages on Model Talk Tonight

Listen in at 8pm and learn how you can actually model at any age and how being young is nice but also woman are modeling who are not in their 20's...but who are actually grandmothers!

On Model Talk tonight at you will learn how the modeling business is changing and is more commercial and this means that you can model if you have the right photos, market yourself the right ways and stay smart and driven about your pursuits and interests as a model

Modeling Posing Tricks: Showing your Curves in a Commercial Way

Enclosed are examples of how to pose and show your curves and do it in a commercial way that involves a product, such as a handbag. You can show your body, your curves in the right dress and make the shot look like an ad by using accessories and of course wearing the right dress!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ideas for the Jewelry modeling shot!

Here are some ideas for Jewelry modeling, which is a great type of modeling for a petite model.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The truth about Modeling Agencies. Tonight at 8pm

Tune into Model Talk today at 8pm.

I will be sharing the truth about working with modeling agencies.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Modeling Advice: Finding a photographer for your modeling shots

Sure there are a ton of modeling website where models and photographers mingle but there are other options too!

Calling newspapers and local magazines and asking what photographers they use.
Calling modeling agencies and asking what photographers they can suggest
Usually on acting sources like you can find photographers for headshots and compcard shots.
Looking inside magazines you want to be in and contacting the photographers who shoot for that magazine.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Trying to get a Modeling Agency, Modeling tips and advice

First you need photos. Good photography is important!

Next you need to print the images or make a compcard.

If you don't have a modeling compcard you can make one here
Nice headshot, nice smile, nice energy shot, ( could be laughing,dancing, or running, and shot that looks editorial, with a product or could be your jeans shot. (to show diversity). Or IT IS OK, to print out your photos and mail seperate photos to an agency. You wont find petite modeling agencies bluntly. You will find print modeling agencies, or commercial print modeling agencies.

I think it is always good to self serve and to look for your own modeling work to grow your modeling portfolio and resume. If you can go to an agency, or mail an agency with already a tearsheet or some modeling experience it will make you stand out.

An idea is to mail your photos to aspiring brands, or smaller magazines or newspapers in your hometown. Go to events and tradeshows, even craft shows, and try to meet aspriing brands for who you could model for. Bring some photos or compcard and try to book your own modeling work. Of course there is but you have to be careful.

I will have a post soon about "HOW TO MANAGE Craigslist as a MODEL," which you might want to check out. There is also and other websites like:

And have modeling work too. And you can find a list of modeling agencies and talent agencies too.

I would google: modeling jobs
modeling work
modeling print work

But I would always be VERY careful when searching online and think through every submission, because there are ALOT of scams out there.

Also I wouldn't be afraid to print up some of your photos, (a good source is

Then with your printed images, write a cover letter stating the type of modeling work you would be good for: Commercial work, fitness, swimwear, etc and don't forget to sell your personality and any hobbies you have and your interests. Show you are driven and capable.

I hope this helps!
Isobella Jade

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wet n Wild Contemporary Art, Eye Expressions for Photoshoots

If you need a perfect compact eye shadow kit, then one not to miss is called Eye Expressions by Wet n Wild, and it is called Contemporary Art, which can express how much the colors blend. The compact shares eye shadows called collectively:
Sun Kissed

Not to miss if you want a quick beauty fix for under 6 bucks!
Other compact shades are called:
Pop art
Abstract Art

For more details click here

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Focusing on your Modeling photos

Your photos are what an aspiring model should focus on. Targeting your self and striving to get modeling work by being smart about your photo shoots, who you work with and the type of promotion you need to do for yourself.

Self promotion means so much when it comes to becoming a model, and working as a model. Just having a compcard and a portfolio book or website isn't enough.

The best thing to do is to bring an advertising and editorial feel to your shoot.
To make a compcard and to mail it out. To target yourself to agencies that work with models similar to your look. There are modeling agencies out there for you!

Modeling Photos All Models Need

Here is an example of a modeling photo that all models need!
The energy shot, the action shot and the smile.

isobella jade

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why can't models be short? Model Talk at 6pm Tonight

Have you seen any successful Shorter models? Well there are more out there than you think. Models are not all 5'7" or 5'10 and are not all towering Giraffes or tall. Models are all sizes but maybe you aren't noticing enough where the shorter models are...and instead dwelling on where they aren't.

Tune in tonight to MODEL TALK where I will be talking about the Heights of a Model, and where the short girl, the short model, can find modeling work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting Modeling Work and Modeling Castings means Being with the Right Agencies

If you want to model with brands and magazines you have to work with the right agencies so do NOT be so desperate to get an agency that you basically end up naked with your photo on some sketchy agency website.

If your goals are to be in magazines then you need to target your photos to look like you should be in one. No matter what one it is, you need to target yourself to be where you want to be!

Hint for Submitting to Modeling Agency

Just a hint: " Most legit modeling agencies do not advertise. So if you see a casting on the Internet, always submit with questions like (doesn't have to be in this order):

1. What is the name of your agency.
2. Is there a fee to model
3. Do you have a website
4. Type of jobs they have gotten models within the past month.

IF THESE CAN NOT BE ANSWERED either by email, phone or on the website then do not waste your time. There are too many modeling scams out there, too many modeling network sites that cost money to join, and to many ways you can get mixed in with the wrong people and the wrong agencies.

The Real Shoe Modeling Job: NOT The Pretty Girls With Pretty Feet Wanted -- $100+ per hr Jobs

With the Internet comes scams...but when it comes to shoe modeling and using your feet to model, - which is a great thing for petite models......Don't fall for this foot fetish shit. There are so many weirdos out there. If you really want to shoe model or use your feet to model then get some nice commercial looking photos of your feet, look at ads for nail care or shoe ad for Jimmy Choo, and get some ideas. Don't waste your time with jobs that wont bring you forward...unless your goal is to be the most sought after foot fetish model? Yuck!

If you want to make money with your feet you can make $1000 dollars for a few hours of your time, if you feet look nice. Don't waste your time will things that wont get your ahead as a model. Skip the crap. Focus on where there is print work waiting for you.
isobella jade

Monday, March 10, 2008

Petite Modeling Agencies

There are not always modeling agencies that bluntly say "we accept petite models," but there are commercial print modeling agencies and you should consider these when it comes to submitting to get an agent. Also the word model might mean for you to be modeling sunglasses, handbags, shoes, or even just your thumb! A lot of brands, from dish soap, to tissues need models and actors and you should open your eyes to what modeling really is.- which is so many things.

Start noticing where models are that do not involve fashion. Start noticing the ads and commercials, brochures, etc. Even Tiffany's uses a "parts" model for their current ads with The Frank Gehry Collection. The jewelry hangs from the models neck ad you can't tell her height. Modeling is many things.

What kind of model are you? And do your photos say this?

Petite Models should use their HEAD to get ahead

The easy crop shot is ok for your headshot, but also try to plan your shoots to be based around your torso and up. Using your shoulders, and your eyes, the angle of your head as the focus of the shot. You can add jewelry, makeup or a funky hair style too. Over the shoulder is a sexy way to show your face. The makeup company called Shiseido has a cool ad out now with a girl who only has seagreen eyeliner on, it is sooo hot, a beautiful shot. I could stare at it all day. But instead I will take the idea and apply it to my own shoots.

You should do the same, get inspired by the images you see. This shot is an example of an over the shoulder.

Stand Tall Petite Models, Print is your Passage

Petite models should focus on what they do have. Above is a shot of myself in Luna magzine where the photographer did a great job making me look taller than I actually am. And proportioned, remember that the way you stand can really make your short body look taller. Your torso needs to be stretched and your legs should be apart to give some air and space and length to your body. The photographer should also shoot you at a distance and in a way that allows you to not look short.

State what you want and bring ideas and samples to the table. If you are very short, you might want the photographer to focus on your other parts, ' like your hands, feet, eyes, hair, " and let the shoot be based around the features you have that stand out. Being a natural model is very popular and commercial print modeling and the print modeling world is the passage for the petite model. Focus on your images number one,-number two,-focus on your marketing and keep trying to get an agent and try to book modeling work with aspiring brands and don't be afraid to promote yourself...yourself to magazines and brands.

Isobella Jade

Modeling casting tales and tips

Today at a modeling casting a girl asked me if I had a nail file. It reminded me of all the things we don't think we need but really do to prepare for a casting. Even if it is for a hand modeling job!

1. Nail file
2. Handcream
3. clear nailpolish

other items to keep handy are FRESH compcards without an agency sticker on it, what if you only have a few cards left and they all have the name of the other agency you work with and you have a casting from a different one. Wait to place stickers until you get a casting.

Also tweezers and a comb go a long way in a rush!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Modeling Poses and Tricks

Something just moving your arm a few inches, putting some extra space in -between your upper arm and your side, or inhaling to arch your body a little more, - can make all the difference to look more porportioned and taller in your shoots. I would look at yourself in the mirror, a full length mirror is nice and you can play infront of it before your shoots, or before the shot, because you want to know your body, sometimes the photographer will tell you how to pose but other times you need to know as well,-this goes for shooting with a national magazine or brand, and a test shoot!

Body Part Modeling Photo Samples

When it comes to creating a parts card for body part modeling, enclosed are some samples for the type of shots you might want to consider for your compcard. Some of these shots could even be taken at the Kitchen table!

Modeling Podcast with Tips for Modeling

(PRLog.Org) – Mar 03, 2008 – Models tend to share beauty tips, but not many models share real life modeling advice for the aspiring model of the Internet generation today. Although Isobella Jade, petite model and author, is an exception as she offers a voice for the aspiring and petite model. You can get a history of modeling, learn how to find a modeling agent, how to work as a model as any height, how to market yourself as a model, and how to find your own modeling work, - all -in –one, at one place- at Isobella Jade’s Model Talk pod cast.

Isobella’s tips are meant for the real hustlers, the ambitious and the unconventional aspiring models who seek answers about the modeling business. Isobella is turning her own experience as a model into quick fifteen minute sessions of free modeling advice. Giving real honest lived through tips of how to be a model despite the so-called-standards of the modeling business and telling you that you can in deed beat the odds, as she gives a business-like approach to being a model and explains how to target yourself as a model.

Isobella says about the segments, “Today a girl can download her picture and call herself a model in a matter of seconds but really getting work with magazines and brands is a whole different story. The modeling business, and being a model, is about self promotion and I think of the pod cast as a quick pick me up for the aspiring models and the girls who want to learn about the underdog’s view of the modeling business. A lot of girls think they can’t model- or don’t try, because they feel they are too short, but I am very short and I have been able to get a lot of modeling work by thinking like a marketer and promoting myself as a model in areas of the modeling business that work for me, not against me.”

In a world where America’s Next Top Model and other reality shows give a perspective into the life of a model and what it takes to be one, Isobella shares a different perspective and portrayal of what it means to be a model and the real marketing that is involved with being a model.

“I try to give advice that I wish someone would have given me. It is a lonely, dodgy, seedy business and entering it alone and trying to weed through the scams, the jerks, and not make mistakes, and get work, can be hard...but it is very possible.”
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Isobella Jade is a petite model living in NYC, her modeling memoir Almost 5'4' is about being a petite model and using the Internet to get ahead, she recently was featured in Mac Directory Magazine. She has been featured on many national media outlets. Isobella’s Model Talk can be heard here: or you can find her on her website

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Isobella Jade Featured in Mac Directory Magazine

In the Winter/Spring issue of Mac Directory magazine I am featured and interviewed about how I wrote my modeling memoir at the Apple Store, -this was also such a fun photoshoot with photographer Robert Caldarone.

Christi Harris Cleans Up Your Crazy Eyebrows

Some people think the eyebrows shape the face and for aspiring models your eyes should speak in your photos, which is why you should have clean eye brows.

While walking through Columbus Circle Shops yesterday I noticed a little stand in the entry way, it was a hub for Christi Harris, - a specialized eyebrow shop, where you can learn about the shape of your eyebrows, and how to maintain the natural shape you have.

Alot of girls tweeze too much, or they don't tweeze their eyebrows enough and this is a good spot to check out for some advice on shaping your eyebrows without waxing or tweezing, they have a new approach towards the eyebrow industry and can give you some tips for keeping your face looking fresh!


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