Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 Facts about Modeling

Forget being discovered, discover yourself and make what you want to happen!

1. It starts with Research –there is more than the Elite Fashion agencies out there, there are over a hundred commercial print modeling agencies in NYC.

2. Visit ,sign up for casting notices, and also read the articles on tips and advice for the entertainment business.

3. Buy a Ross Reports at Barnes and Noble- lists casting directors and agents. Worth the buy.

4.Or Google some modeling agencies in your hometown or city, also google, marketing companies, small businesses, aspiring designers and brands in your town that might need a model too.

5. Show a modeling agency photo that sells you,- not just any old photo- look at the agency website, it is a good research tool for what you NEED when it comes to photos as a model.

6. Submission process, mailings should include your photo, headshot, beauty shot, or compcard or headshot, and your phone number and stats.

7. Include your height, age, hair color, eye color, shoe size, dress size on your photo or compcard

8. Most agencies will want to meet you before they send you on a casting, wear just a normal outfit, jeans, a dress, something simple, not too fashiony, and not too sexy.

9. Some agencies won’t meet you ahead of time and they will send you out even before they meet you.

10. The agency won't hand you everything, you should expect to make your own marketing tools, compcard headshot and compcard, and modeling portfolio book.

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