Monday, December 31, 2007

Can I be a Model?

Yes you can. The Internet allows anyone to promote themselves and with careful persistance one can promote themselves and get seen and exposed and get modeling work. I always believe that one source isn't the answer and you need to be promoting yourself in many ways, on the web, through agents and with your own efforts towards mailing magazines, brands, and companies you want to model for. I don't believe in waiting. So grab your bootstraps this year and make 2008 the time to get your dreams to start rolling and coming true.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Modeling Advice for Marketing with Diversity

These tips from from my own personal experiences:

1. Don't limit yourself to only one agent too soon, or one agency

2. Remember that there is no exuse for why you aren't in a magazine or working with brands and products yet. To be a model it can involve making it happen for yourself.

3. Do you homework, research, promote yourself, mail your photos out, contact photographers, be ambitious, and be honest with yourself about where in the modeling business you fit.

4. Modeling is for everyone. No joke. It is for the older man whistling on the street corner, and the high school girl modeling prom dresses in Seventeen magazine.

5. Be open minded, if you want to get ahead you have to think positive and focus on honestly what you can bring to the modeling business.

6. Making money as a model most likely wont be your only income, but getting paid what you are worth can come down to practice, to skip the mistakes, ask a lot of questions before you get booked on the job, ad campaign, photo shoot, commercial, music video. Sometimes a job is worth taking even if it doesn't pay that much because it will benefit your reel and lead to bigger jobs, I think the tear sheet and building your portfolio and reel are more important that getting a paycheck in the start, but once you are getting paid, make sure you have all the details for usage and the day rate and over time.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Isobella Jade in the New York Times

Today I was featured in The New York Times, the story was based on the Apple Store and the experience I had writing my book there. It was a very emotional and important part of my pursuits and I will always be impressed with that store, with the way Apple has a hand on being creative with retail, selling, and exposure, the give and take method works, only I haven't bought a computer yet from the store, but one day soon...I will!

Until then you can read the article in The New York Times today, click here:

Modeling Advice and Goals

Although it is ok to pose nude, flaunt in a bikini and show it off, as long as you can have a goal involved, and you don't limit yourself, I still always believe that modeling involves a product, a story, sure it is easy to take a photo and flaunt it, but do it with a purpose, with a statement, because no matter what type of modeling you want to do, whether it is hand modeling, or nude modeling if you are serious and focused you will get ahead, get tearsheets, get exposed and be able to market yourself, but remember that modeling is an outlet of expression and it is best to express yourself in many ways, modeling shouldn't be just the one goal you have in life, having many goals and keeping them in order and being persistant and doing your homework and putting in the hours, and taking a chance and mostly thinking BIG is the key to any success.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How tall are you?

As a short girl, it is ironic that I am asked all the time about my height, it is one of the most common questions I get during my pursuits as a model. A lot of girls who are trying to be models worry about their height, their weight and if they can be models without being the standard. My answer is yes!

Tonight I talk about modeling misconceptions on my modeling podcast called Model Talk.

Listen in here:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Googling the Words Modeling Agency

First results of a google search of the words Modeling Agency are not very inspiring for a petite model. It is FORD MODELS and Wilhelmina Models, then Elite Models. Which all have very strick height requirement. But there is so much more a petite model can consider but sometimes it isn’t blunt on the page or a Google search.

Don't forget talent agencies, not just fashion modeling agencies, but submit yourself to places where you will be accepted.

First thing I booked with Funny Face Today, FFT was a job on As the World Turns, they needed a girl who was comfortable in a bathing suit, and I was, and I booked another job through another agency called R and L for Teen Vogue fit modeling.

Getting a Modeling Agency is Easy if Your Savvy

Modeling agencies are acceptance into the modeling world, but they are not the door into the modeling world. A lot of girls think if they can just get an agency then their life and modeling goals will be answers and easy, but this is simply not true. In today's world having a modeling agency is just part of the hustle to be a model, just one little step. Although it is helpful, no one should ever rely on someone else, to really care about whether you succeed or not as a model. You can't hope someone is going to make your dreams come true, but an agent is helpful when it comes to getting booked for jobs with brands you originally couldn't have found yourself. Put your mind in the agents perspective, and think about the phone calls that agent gets each day, from magazines, products, ad agency's, the people in need of models. There is a lot of work out there, but the agents job is just taking the best talent they have and submitting it, working hard to get the job booked and get you as the model can get paid. You are sort of catagorized and then a number, a name on the roster, and hopefully you will be picked today, sent out to the casting and booked, but it is hard enough sometimes to get an agent in the first place but here are three tips:

Photos: Do you have photos that bring forward your best features?
Modeling Agency and Talent Agencys- don't forget there are talent agencies that accept petite models as well. Check out the Ross Reports for names and addresses ( Google it)
Using more than just your Face: There is also Voice over work and also Parts modeling, shoe modeling, and hand modeling that can get you into the door.

If you can't get an agent the first time, you should still try ten more times, or how ever long it takes. If you have energy and you are driven, you will get an agent on that alone!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Petite Models ask Can I Model That?

You might not rock the runway, or wear the latest fashions for the Chanel ad campaign, but if you focus on your images, and letting your personality come through in your images you will get modeling work. You need to stop waiting for things to happen and start making them happen. No matter your size, height, weight, ect, if you are energetic there is modelig work for you. They set standard height requirements because most girls who are 5'7" are thin, or so-the-agency-thinks, but also girls who are taller and shorter than 5'7' can be models no matter their height and weight. I think so much pressure is put into being a certain height when honestly if your images are quality, if your personality shines through there is modeling work for you. You might not be working every single day as a model for an ad campaign, or print magazine, but you will be getting modeling work. And if your images are great you will be able to get an agency. So yes you can model that!

Petite Models can Advertise Products

Just because you are shorter than most, doesn't mean you can't model products. Alot of models wonder, how can I model for an ad campaign, or model in a magazine, or model a product, and these are good questions but to get there you have to focus on only shooting images that will benefit you and your future, shoot for the jobs yet to come, not for where you are today, and don't waste time with shooting without a purpose. Make plans, make the shoot count, set goals, and stay ambitious.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Modeling Advice: Chapter one

In my modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" I highlight the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly of trying to be your own agent. After all my hustling I have come to still know that the work never ends. Just because you have a dream doesn't mean someone is going to find you and make it happen. Just because your body looks great, your energetic, upbeat and capable, doesn't mean you have it easy. Modeling is beyond beauty, it is a constant run of selling, selling and selling yourself and seeking the opportunity.
Really trying.
Set your goals high, but know the pit stops along the way to make them happen, nothing may happen over night, but then again sometimes do with persistance!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Becoming a model: lingerie modeling

Becoming a print model for modeling lingerie in magazines, editorials, catalogs and ad campaigns takes having the right photos. The best way to get ahead is to pay attention to what is already selling and what is already working, For example this can even mean reading the magazines you want to be in, so if you want to model lingerie, sure take the pictures...but even reading Lingerie trade magazines and finding out about any aspiring lingerie companies who might need models would be a good idea too. You should be hunting on Google to get intouch with Lingerie brands you want to model for. A lot of lingerie ads are designed to look sincere, soft, and whispy, not really posed hard and edgy, a lot of lingerie ads and intimates brands don't use models with huge breasts either. Just because you are an A cup or B cup doesn't mean you can't model lingerie

Modeling advice For headshots

A nice clean, beautiful face shot is important. I recently shot one and to relax I laid on the couch and put my face against the arm of the couch and focused on the lens of the camera and looked through it as if I was looking ito the eyes of someone else and telling them " I understand you." It might sound corny but if you think of a calm situation when you are shooting the images WILL look better, calmer, and more like an ad. Also bringing the tear sheets with you from magazines that show face shots of models for creams and makeup is a good idea.

Relaxing and giving a calm look is work! It does take a minute to get into Model-mode and be able to give your honest expression for a really nice headshot.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fitness Shots

Petite Models can be great for fitness modeling. Instead of just a bikini shot, focus on also getting a fitness shot. You might not have long legs but you can rock your fitness moves for a fitness magazine or editorial in a woman's magazine.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do you want a tearsheet? Modeling Advice and Tips for Magazines

Do You Want a tear sheet! Here is a link to my model podcast I did tonight on how to get a tear sheet, it might give you some ideas.


Modeling Advice: Smaller is better sometimes

Sometimes the smaller modeling agencies are actually better for you than the big ones. Especially if you are petite. If a smaller agencies, boutique agency, that gets a decent amount of jobs for models accepts you, then go for it! Just because the agency isn't known world wide doesn't mean it isn't worth it. Sometimes it can be just the in you need. Also at a small modeling agency, if you are liked, sent out and start booking work, you will get more attention more often.
Commercial print modeling agencies and talent agencies accept models of all heights, colors, weight and size. Focus on the print market, the commercial market.
It is more fun to rock your personality in a Mc'Donalds commercial or hair company hair commercial, than to be all stiff and hung liek a hanger anyways. Focus on what a petite model can do...and don't limit yourself. Shoot with diversity, and create a compcard that shows your range. Imagine each picture being an ad or in a magazine, that is how you can decide which photos are best to submit. And keep submitting!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hair Modeling can get you in the Door

Dear petite models,
I think you should look into gettting photos of your hair styled in ways that are used for prom or wedding etc...and send them to magazines. The makeup, hair and wedding market is huge and there is a lot of opportunity. Everything from Wedding magazines, to hair magazines, to Woman's magazines, and there are tearsheets out there you can model, you just need to focus on your images and looking as natural and as easy going as possible. People might think modeling is about posing and being all stiff and un-moveable, but personality and great style sells!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting an Agency Isn't Enough

Ok, so you want an agency, and then you finally get one. But then what?

You have two choices:

1. you can sit and wait for the phone to ring.

2. or you can continue to hustle and pursuie and work on your images and submit to magazines and not leave your dreams up to one person, agency, etc.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Modeling Advice on

Modeling advice can be also found on Models-fashion-advice, you can post your question there and also learn about what other models are going through and doing.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

So You Want to Be a Model in a Magazine?

A lot of girls have goals to be in a magazine but they don't know how to make it happen. Here are 3 tips:

1. LOOK at the magazine. Understand what type of shots the magazine uses, is it an Urban magazine, what do the clothing look like, how is the hair, the pose, the model, the makeup. This can tell you what they look for and what the concept of the magazine is and although each issue is different, each issue needs models.

2. Submit: Submit the magazine a photo of your body, your face and then you doing something editorial looking. Talking on the phone, laughing, even cooking, something to show your personality and energy. A Smile is nice. (Girls don't smile enough)

3. Research who is the photographer of the editorials in the magazine, look in the front of the magazine at the magazine Masthead and you will see a list of editors. Submit your images to the photo editor, bookings editor, fashion editor, featured editor, and include a note that says a little about your experience, and highlights that you would be a great model for the magazine.

Submit to all types of magazines too, not just fashion ones, remember that ALL magazines need model, even Knitting magazines.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Petite Model Isobella Jade poses infront of NEW Apple Store

The Apple Store is where I penned my book called: Almost 5'4"- and this week I did a shoot infront of the New Apple Store on 14th Street and I love it over there in the Meatpacking area, nice cobblestone street, good smells, and now The Apple Store@
Media Bistro has kindly followed my story and today they posted the photos from my photo shoot!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hand Modeling and Guido Daniele's Animal Hands

These are not my hands, they are Guido's hands and his work. I love it! The animal paintings Guide Daniele create inspires me to share how hands can be used for unique hand modeling jobs. You wouldn't think your hand could look so artist, but it can. It might inspire some ideas for putting together a portfolio of your hands for hand modeling.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Managing yourself as a Model

I think of modeling like a business. The Photos, the research, the investment not only out of your pocket, but also in your heart,mind and body. From running around, to preparing for shoots, putting together a perfect compcard, and trying daily. Getting the jobs, not getting the jobs, waiting, not waiting, rushing, and thinking of what is next.

Inspiration to strive comes from the challenge I chase. As a petite model the challenge to model might be on your mind. Think of yourself as an underdog but there is a lot of opportunity out there, you just have to create it yourself.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Compcard hustling

After googling the word compcard I found a great compcard place called
go figure!
I think petite models would enjoy the advice and helpful tips the designers give you as well as the price!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Modeling and Acting tips

Maybe you want to be in commercials, or do some television work or even want to just learn to be more comfortable infront of a camera. It will help your modeling too.

Check out this link. Sometimes the word model is followed with rolling eyes, but modeling is work! I think modeling takes a lot of work, practice, and over and over shooting and focusing on marketing yourself. It is similar to actors, constantly working on their craft. They need a headshot, they have to market it out and stay driven.

I think modeling and acting go together. I think modeling is about telling a story and so is acting. If you want to take an acting class and you don't have huge funds, check out the link enclosed for Affordableacting classes.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Think Big Petite Models, Think Local

Being the face of an ad campaign might be your goal, and to get some tearsheets which can lead to that, think local!

Is there a newspaper in your town that uses models for their ad section?
Do you notice any new stores opening in your town?

When you are interested in modeling and starting out, it is ok to look local.
It leads to the bigger jobs.

As always photos are the most important thing, you can call a modeling agency in your town and ask if they can suggest a photographer, or go to a local college ( I have mentioned this before and it works!) or research photographers in your town who do photography full time. They will be more professional to work with and unless you can manage yourself, I would stay away from modeling sites until you can handle meeting someone you don't know. And it is always ok to bring a friend with you.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hair Wigs and Weaves for your Modeling Shoots

Hair Wigs and weaves are also for white girls. Don't be narrow minded, you might be able to plump up your hair instead of shooting again your thin dry blond locks at your next shoot. Or change your look quickly from short hair to long! On The View today they mentioned unique weaves and hair wings, I have worn both at my shoots, for example see the photo enclosed!

Straight up Star- Modeling truths.

If you want to model because you want to be a Star, or wicked famous, or get back at a boyfriend or something that is the wrong mindset. Model because you love it, enjoy it, it excites you and you believe in yourself that you could get ahead, but not only for the fame, or to feel like you did something with your life. Strive to model for yourself, but also don't expect it all to be rosy, all the time.

Preparing Modeling Goals for 2008

Even though Thanksgiving just passed, it is time to start thinking about your goals for 2008. Create a list, grab a notebook and make some goals for the New Year that include your modeling pursuits.

New pictures?
Submitting to more agents?
Consider getting a headshot along with your comp card?
Research the magazines you want to be in and plan to submit?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Marketing of Yourself

No matter your dream or pursuit you have to start chasing it,forget dwelling and waiting, you have to self serve and make it happen. I spoke last night with Marion Maneker from Harper Collins about marketing books and the publishing industry. My book is about the hustle of being a petite model and how I published it is whole other inspiring story.

Here is the video:

isobella jade

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three tips for the Petite Models

Stop thinking being petite is a negative. Yes, by pursuing the modeling industry you will be considered "too short," but only in the eyes of those who are short sighted. The biggest question I get is "How do I become a Model when I am so short?" My answer can be broken down into 3 tips.

1.Marketing Yourself: Getting a modeling agency should be your goal, but there is a lot you can do for yourself to make this process go faster. The first thing is marketing yourself in ways that make you appear very sellable. Sellable as in an agent will have to sell you, your smile, your look, etc to certain casting and jobs. If the agent doesn't think you are sellable then you won't be able to get an agent. Sometimes this can mean getting quality photos that enhance what you do have and hide or distract from what you don't (height). Your images are going to sell you so matter if you are five foot or five foot ten you need quality images. You should focus on what you have to offer the industry. Modeling isn't about only being confident in yourself it is also about knowing yourself. What do you have that will make an agent or brand, magazine, or product interested in having you represent it, or model for it? Whether it is your smile, your body, or your hair, your beautiful eyes, no matter your height there are features you have which can be sellable.

2.Getting quality photos: The next thing you need once you know what you have to offer the industry is photos. Don't just leave it up to the photographer to discover you. The Internet can make networking and connecting with photographers easier but be alarmed, because you only want to work with photographers who are just as ambitious as you. It is even better if these photographer's already work with magazines, and have gotten advertising, print, or commercial work through their photography. Working with photographers who are driven and take photography seriously will lead to quality images and also sometimes to work. ( for example: My first tear sheet didn't come from an agency it came from a photographer who worked with Woman's World Magazine.)

3.Take Control of your Goals: Just like a person starting their own business, modeling is a small business for you. So when you start pursuing modeling and having the interest remember that just doing a photo shoot or even getting one tear sheet in a magazine doesn't really make you a model. Being a model, especially when you are petite is about marketing and self promotion. A lot of models wait for the phone to ring and being active in your pursuits and goals is like launching a product. If you had a product you wanted to sell, would you just let it sit and wait? No, you pick up the phone, you could research and you could consider all the options for yourself. Alot of girls want to model and really it is as simple as getting involved with your goals. If you want to be in a magazine, why not research the editors and mail your photos, if you want to represent a product why not contact the product directly, the marketing department and research online the website and contact information and ask where the company finds their models and if you could submit to them and be one! It is about taking control of your modeling and your goals and making them happen for yourself.

Petite Model Speaks about Marketing and her Book

I am speaking about my book at 6:30 today, and discussing writing it at the Apple store, publishing it and the process of marketing myself!

This is a free event for anyone who wants to learn more about marketing their books and themselves at the Bowery Poetry Club, hosted by Bookspoke,

Speakers: Isobella Jade and Marion Maneker
When: Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 6:30 PM
Where: Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (@ Bleecker)
New York, NY 10003

isobella jade

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hair Tips for Models

Modeling hair style tips and advice from Bill Schrlau

As a freelance model sometimes I have had to style my own hair at my photo shoots when there wasn't a hair stylist, and without knowing any unique tricks the results really did effect the shoot and it was bad! I wished I had a hair professional helping me but I didn't know where to turn. I have learned over the years that modeling isn't about one thing, it takes the whole package to create an amazing shot and hair is so very important. Bill Schrlau, an award winning hairstylist and professional,shares advice for petite models and models who need some tips at their shoots for making their hair have personality. I met and worked with Bill during a hair modeling job I did at Wella and it is nice to hear advice from someone whose forte is hairstyling and hair fashion trends.

Okay keep in mind I would always recomend that you use a professional,
they can see your hair unlike you can on your own. However we all
understand that their are moments when you need to do the work yourself.
These are the looks I would recomend and you should be able to
replicate on your own. Also if you are paying for a haircut, eventually, your
hairstylist should be willing to spend the time to help you learn these
looks. It only looks good for the hairstylist if you can recreate the
look on yourself.

1. Slicked backProduct & tools; comb, gel or light gel, water bottle
How to; A.Prep hair with water, B.apply product, C.comb through and smooth. Longer hair use ponytail fastener to hold back. Short hair comb toward center back, use bobby pins to fasten if needed. Keep in mind the angle of the photographer.
The hair does not have to be perfect in the back if the back is not seen, stop wasting time making it perfect, LOL.

2. Ponytail
Product & tools; comb, gel, best product I have worked with for
the wet pony is "Styling lotion, by Bumble & Bumble", "Does it all"
hairspray by Bumble & Bumble, comb, cushion brush (maison Peirson $125- is the best quality, or you can get by with a denman $under $20-the quality is good, just not as good as M.P.), another product that will help with a smooth finish is, Bumble & Bumble "Defrizz". Use it at finish lightly though, to smooth any fly aways around the hairline, follow with hairspray. How to; A.Prep by brushing first. B. dirty the hair- with either hairspray (does it all) or styling lotion. Then make sure
the hair is dry. On days that static is an issue use cooler air and keep the air flowing downward. C.In front of mirror comb into back center into a ponytail, keeping in mind that there are three definate positionings for a ponytail and each says something different about your look. High is more youthful
and sometimes juveniela(sp). Medium crown- gives you a lift in the face but not as youthful or too young. Low- nape area-screams class. It is a bit more elegant so for those shoots that you need a classy look this is the way to go, keep it
low. D.once in place- fasten with a fastener (keep it
soft,so that it is not too tight on the hair, this can eventually cause breakage.)

3. Upwork Product & tools, brush, comb, hair fasteners, bobby pins, hairspray, defrizz. How to; Prep hair get it dirty (not too dirty, but with texture so that it is easier to fasten with bobby pins), then brush into ponytail. Then back comb the pony tail (tease it), then twist a few bobby pins into the teased hair and fasten along the edge of the ponytail. You will have hair sticking up all over the place,or you can smooth the teased hair before fastening with bobby pins,this will give a more put together look. This one is a much
more difficult look but be simple and if you need to push and prod the hair then go ahead, make it work for you, rough it up a bit to get that once over slept in look.

I hope this helps.

The best part of this advice is to have them get help from their hairstylist. Set a price on it. If you pay $80 or more for a cut your hair stylist should be giving you this help without being asked- at least two different looks on each visit. If they are not it may be time to seek another hairstylist out.

Thank you,
Bill's services and eye has been used for national brands and is a nationa leader published in American Salon, Modern Salon, Salon Today Magazines.
He even offers his services to you and you can visit his website at

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Small Business of You

Like a small business modeling is about making opportunity for yourself. Sometimes this can mean tooting your own horn and flaunting what it is you can give the modeling industry. To feel like a model you can use the Internet and quickly in a matter of seconds now be one and have your own little modeling page but to get work, to get ahead it involves a lot more work.

I really think of modeling like owning a small business that is you. If you think of your goals with modeling like this you will start to get ahead. Imagine a handbag designer trying to launch her product and get inside department stores? Image her not having huge funds to pay for a publicist and starting the business out of her own apartment. Making the designs from scratch and really grass rooting her self. Well one of my best friends did this and does this and does it every day. She thinks beyond the box and has even walked up to celebrities and handed them her bags on the spot. And she can be a similar an example of how a model can market herself. And the thinking that needs to be applied to your own pursuits.

Petite Modeling Discounts

I think jewelry modeling is a great thing for petite models and Corazon Latino uses petite models for their advertising and since I blog about petite models and support the underdogs the founder is giving all petite models 10 percent off any jewelry.
She sent me an email saying:

"To support Isobella and to thank her for her support of Corazon Latino, I would like to offer you, her "readers" a special 10% off introductory discount on our entire range. Just visit our site, and take a look at the range. If you see something you like, just head to the checkout & when you register enter coupon code INTRO307 into the coupon code box for a 10% discount off your order. You can check out the prices in US & Can (just click the flag & choose your currency). You can pay by all major credit cards safely & securely & we will ship worldwide within a week."

Enjoy! Catherine D'Arcy - Founder - Corazon Latino.

When it comes to body part modeling or your portfolio shoots, remember that Jewelry is great to decorate and add some personality to your shoots. - isobella

Craigslist can bring GOOD for Models

There should be many tools you use as a petite model but I have
used Craigslist to build my book. These jobs have been the results.

Coheed and Cambria
Wella- hair modeling – 250-400 each time
Jewelry commercial for Distraction Jewelry, it paid 500 dollars
Elvis Martinez: Univision
Fuji Tv
Brown Show
Playgirl: editorial
Shoreline America- jewelry catalog
Background work on Sapranos.
Urge commercial
My American Heart
Fitness book for Mind Over Muscle
White Mountain Shoes-Shoe shows
A&E video clip…lead to video trailer for my book

And I have even gotten castings for Glamour magazine on

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Being Discovered

BEING Discovered, is really Being a persistent, go-getter.
When a girl asks herself or myself “How can I start modeling?” My answer is marketing. It shocks me when girls want to be models but they don’t know anything about it. It makes me wonder where the “want to be a model” comes from? When I started modeling I had a need to feel admired and wanted and seen and I grew obsessed with it, ( counting the hits and clicks on my modeling page on the Internet) but that will get you no where fast. You have to get with the modeling program and be where the client will be. And think about the industry from the clients perspective. Client meaning, the magazines, and products you want to model for. They all have marketing professionals who are planning the next campaign and promotional tool. Basically what it comes down to is change, even with the Internet, the industry hasn’t changed all that much. Regardless if the access to the modeling world is found through the Internet and it is so easy to feel like a model, do you think the marketing team at Nike or Gucci go on the Internet to find their models?

The old fashion agency way is still the way. Being discovered is a word for those who are tall, and expected in modeling. But You can still promote yourself and get your own work as a petite model if you keep working hard, and Make it happen for yourself. If you want to do something ( like modeling) and it is difficult or it makes you the underdog by trying it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

A Petite Model uses her Beautiful Skin for Corazon Latino

The founder of Corazon Latino speaks about her petite model, Terry.

"The model in all our shots; Terry Bird, is Petite. Around 5ft tall and about a size 2I would guess. We chose Terry the first time because she had beautiful skin, curves in the right places & great bones which is exactly what you need to show off jewellery. Her skin tone was great for our "latino" feel & it set off the jewellery & showed people that brunettes could wear silver not just gold. We worked with her on the second range, because not only was she the perfect body for our jewellery she was also the perfect model. No drama, no tantrums. A true professional. She would hold a position for hours, she would really try and understand the jewellery & suggest shots that might work. She put in 12 hour days & she never complained no matter how much we asked of her. How many catwalk prima donnas could do that?" Catherine D'Arcy. Founder - Corazon Latino.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The WORK of a Model

No matter your height modeling is work. Modeling means getting up and seriously pursuing with research and thinking of yourself as a business. Alot of girls end up shooting with no-name photographers and forget how easy it is to get an agency and really start getting modeling work that is true modeling.Or They rely on photographers to get them ahead and they never take the time to really make it happen for themselves. Just by shooting a few times, and then downloading your photos on an Internet wont always really make you a model. I take modeling very seriously, I am very active with my pursuits and every job, opportunity and connection I have is not from a friend or someone handing it to me, I have had to work from scratch to call myself a model and modeling, getting your tear-sheets and portfolio updated and comp cards prepared and mailing them out and getting an agency and getting to model for magazines, and representing a brand as a spokemodel all takes ALOT OF WORK. I don't have the phone ringing every day, every second and there isn't an agency always calling for me castings, but that doesn't mean I wait. I know the products I want to model for, and I research them and even contact the marketing department, I really get into my pursuits, and I wonder...don't models know...modeling is a lot of work? Being petite doesn't mean you can't start doing the research and grunt work and really taking action towards your career, there is no rule saying you can't make your own dreams happen, why haven't you called the agencies in your town yet? Why haven't you researched photographers who shoot for newspapers and advertising clients? Use Google!! Take ahold of it! and Start to get ahead.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Instead of the word Model

There are hundreds of girls trying to be models, thousands, millions if you count Myspace, and girls who aren't so serious but still want to try or call themselves one, so sometimes a new word is needed when you are promoting your self in a serious way.

If there is a company, brand, or magazine you want to model for, instead of saying " I want to model for your brand, company or magazine," say " I want to be involved with your editorials, ad campaign, advertising, etc."

Or " I want to model for your advertising."

It gives you an edge and also serious vibe which is received well.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Putting your Best Short leg Forward

Without an agent it might seem impossible.

Maybe you will wonder, is it worth it, all the effort, self promotion, waiting, trying, but if you want something you fight for it, even when it seems impossible...even when it comes to modeling.

Let each acomplishment lead you to more, the smaller ones shouldn't be dis-included, -Include all of your credits, each is a step in the right direction.

Focus on the type of modeling you want.
Focus on reality.

If you want to do hair modeling, focus on it, if you want to model swimwear, focus on it, if you want to model fitness, focus on it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting an Agent Made Easy

I don't care what your height is, it is possible to get an agent.

Here are some questions to ask even after you have been turned down.
A fashion agency is less likely to smile at your photos, but a commercial print agency is more willing. So infront of an agent, or over the phone you can ask.

1. Monkey See, Monkey Do!
Maybe you should ask before you leave and shut the agency door for good.
"Do you have a sample compcard, or images from models you work with that I can see and use for improving my portfolio and images?" It is good to see what the agency likes, what intrigues them, what shots and models are they using. You can also look on their website perhaps too.

2. If your want to model, even if you are short, you must have some energy and interest and you must show it, so express it, tell the agent how ambitious you are and how hard you will work to get the images you need to be accepted. Even ask, " what photographers do you use?" or " what type of modeling do you think I would be good for?"

3. Mail mail mail your images over and over, it might take a year to get an agent, but it shouldn't if you research the agencies that might accept you more than a fashion agency. There are plenty of commercial print modeling agencies, and talent agencies. I would say the more commercial looking and girl next door your photos are, the more natural and smiling, and fun you look the more you will get ahead. Because The Girl Next door, the natural beauty, the girl with spunk and personality, will never go out of style and is always needed for commercials and print work.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Petite Modeling- freelancing with an Agency

Who is your agent?
Who are your signed with?
Who do you work with?

Theses are all questions I have got over the past years, and I find it funny because most of the time, I am my own agent. I do work with commercial print agencies but I never leave the work in another's hands, no promising, or promises in this industry.

Did you know you don't have to SIGN with an agency to get one?

You can freelance.

For fashion agencies they want you to sign because of competition and they want to focus on their main girls without worring that some other agency is going to steal them. But for commercial print modeling, for petite models, freelancing is great.

You can work with more than one agency and get work called upon, emailed, and booked by more than one agency. I work with 5 agencies, but mainly two call me very often, I never rely on one. And mostly I rely on myself!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Petite Models need Extra Inches

There is a great shoe company I have discovered during my modeling pursuits called Nina shoes.

If you notice their ad campaigns, the look is sassy, and sexy, and stimulating.

I think looking at images, ad campaigns, print editorials is a great idea for any petite model when it comes to building her book and creating images that will sell her.

Nina shoes are very sexy, colorful, diverse and affordable.

Wearing high heels just make a petite girl feel good so if you get a chance check out Nina, they are a great shoe company and I wear Nina shoes when I model and I feel amazing wearing them for those extra inches!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Models are Seeking through the Scams

Fighting to get ahead as a petite model, is sort of like creating your own business.
Launching it, marketing it, meeting the right people, building your portfolio and building your resume and credits.

I ask myself daily " what is modeling really, and what isn't?"

Are girls who use the Internet to get places, verse the girls who have agents calling them everyday not models?

I think the difference is that as petite models, the Internet is our outlet alot of the times, our marketing tool, sometimes our only way, and instead of a store that we open every day, we show up with our fruit cart and push it daily trying to break through the barriers of acceptance. Petite models might run into more scams because the path isn't paved for us, we have to create it ourselves.

From getting images, to getting representation, to getting ahead and getting work. It is a hustle every day.

But dont get discourage, to every jerk you meet along the path you are paving, there is a purpose to continue on.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Model Control

Make sure when you shoot, you are in control. I don't just mean bossing the photographer around and speaking up about the shots you want and need. I mean...when you shoot, shoot to please you, not just the man behind the camera.

Shoot to get a photo that will tell a story and focus on your eyes, your expression, the face, deep breathes, and relax. It is hard sometimes to relax and give a serious face, sometimes it seems serious means stiff, but if you exhale, close your eyes and open slowly...and stare through the lens, like your eyes are speaking you will give a powerful shot.

Alot of times the Internet model entrance leaves girls thinking it is all about pleasing the photographer when really it is about please you, feeling enpowered!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Petite Models Building a Book

Your portfolio book is what sells you, it says what you are capable of and what you should be booked for. Put together only the best shots you have and if you aren't certain about a shot then don't include it. Confide in friends and agents, and listen carefully but also listen mostly to what is inside of your mind. If the image doesn't sell more than your pretty face, then it isn't selling. Focus on putting some personality, and a story into your shots. Because what you show off, is an example of what you are seeking and where you are going.

Modeling isn't an ego or beauty thing, it is also a marketing thing.

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Petite Modeling Game of Playing it Safe

Trust yourself first before you trust anyone. Go on your gut and keep names and numbers safe.

A few times I have not kept numbers and when it came to getting my images, or following up with a photographer it was a nightmare.

Also sometimes when something goes well and you want to keep in touch and build a business relationship, or modeling venture, that could lead to more work, it is good to keep names and numbers handy.

Also you can use your email account as a great way to save addresses and notes, and letters which can be proof of the job, the date, and what was said.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Petite Models and Actors preparing for Headshots

Getting a headshot doesn't have to be a pain anymore. If you have in mind ahead of time your ideas and plan.

To get inspired pay attention to television shows, commercials, and ads you like.

Take a look at magazine covers to get inspired too. Usually the eyes are strong and the face is intriguing, the smile is refreshing and welcoming. Even bringing the magazine or commercial idea to the shoot is a good idea.

Consider when looking at the characters on TV or Music Videos or Soaps or Commercials: What are they wearing in the shot, commercial, or television show? What color? How is their hair? What do their eyes say?

Think of the roles you want to portray, and bring this mind set to your shoot.

Don't just say "cheese!" and there is the shot, put some personality into your shot can be as simple as paying attention to the business you want to be in. And the jobs you want to get.

You should have diversity too.

A nice fun going smile
But also a serious and edgy shot too. Show your persona and range.

You want to give your agent, and yourself opportunities to be sellable.

Having one bland look will not get you far.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hand Modeling and Shoe Modeling, Body Part Modeling

There is a lot of money to be made for just using your petite hands and feet! If you have a size six shoe there is a ton of shoe modeling your can do, from shoes to print work, and for hand modeling there is also ad campaigns for beauty and lifestyle products. Ever see a nail polish ad? Here are some shots to inspire your photo shoots to be including body part shots for you to put together a body part card.

Petite Modeling Parts Shots

Here are some ideas for photo shoots involving your petite parts for putting together a parts comp card. All agencies usually have a PARTS or BODY or FITNESS division and these shots might be helpful to get an idea of what you can shoot for your petite body, and parts card. You need a shot of your Skin, and Your Curves, and making the most out of your petite parts. Like your hands, and feet and stomach and neck. Put your petite parts to use!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Petite Models Getting a No isn't a NO WAY

Getting a No shouldn't be the end all.

If you are 5'1" - 5'6" you have to understand the mindset of the industry. But beyond the agents you have to understand the client who is hiring the models.
Most of the time they are asking for a girl who is 5'7" because in the "mind" it sounds lean, tall, and perfect for their shoot. So they will call an agency and ask for all the girls who are brown hair ,etc, and 5'7" or taller. You won’t be asked to come to this casting of course. You won't even know it happened.

Remember being a petite model already means a challenge.

It is a short sighted industry so you have to push to get your self in the door.
Maybe your photos and your face or height were dissed but don't quit. Don't let ONE or TWO or one Hundred NO's hold you back. Instead focus on your photos. Being a petite model is like creating your own business. If you can impress an agent with your images, your height won’t be such an issue.

You need to start thinking beyond the norm, typically a shorter model becomes " another Internet Model" and forgets her real chances....Not just for hourly photo shoots where you wonder if you will get paid, but for modeling in ways that can get her ahead. It involves marketing yourself as a model and putting your best features forward. You might not ever be the model you want to be, but what about the model you are already? Are you considering all of the types of modeling, or are YOU also being narrow minded? Are your images making your look shorter? Are you not selling yourself with diversity? Are you only a sex pot, or are you also a girl who can model watches, handbags, and shoes?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Modeling Scams

On the phone she said " Are you still interested in modeling?"

This was a sure sign that it was a scam because if this person even looked for a moment at my website or images they would see that I am very much in deed striving as a model and have been doing well.

I sometimes test out castings on websites and even on Craigslist to see if they are scams and to weed through the bullshit and to give advice and insight from my experiences.

If when talking to an agency they ask " ARE YOU INTERESTED IN MODELING?" when your email you sent said directly " I am interested in modeling." then hang up the phone...and keep focusing on getting with the real program. Get an agent that understands your ambition right off the bat and no agency will ask you for money up front if it is legit.

Sometimes websites will ask for 10 bucks to post photos like but if a website asks for hundreds, please click another link and don't do it!

To get ahead you need to work with people who have ambition and that costs nothing!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Petite Models

Let every shoot, event, promotional modeling jobs, casting, person you meet inspire something to lead to something bigger.

Even if you know you are better than handing out that stupid promotional flyer for 20 bucks an hour, start thinking of ways to skip the middle man and get into the door of the product you are already marketing.

Ask who the marketing coordinator is?
Ask if the brand ever needs print models?
Ask if you can submit your photos to the marketing department?

Why not?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Petite Modeling Tips about Nude Modeling

If you want to use your body to get ahead refer to Ad campaigns, magazines, commercials, product posters in stores when the body is used in modeling.

Store like Sephora has a beautiful layout of posters of the nude body, of both a male and female. Look at both male and female fitness magazines or health magazines and you will find whether it is a women's magazine or a men's both are used in the magazines.

So body part work is for male models as well. Maybe a male model isn't tall and fashion appealing but for body part modeling, just like a female men are needed.

Consider having yourself shot in beauty and health ways. Fitness shots, even a shot of you putting on your makeup is an editorial shot similar to what you see in Self magazine or Cosmo magazine. Think of nudity and skin as more than just sex. It is also so many other things and done in so many ways. Even Allure magazine shows butts and breasts and and bare skin but it is done is a storytelling way or done with a body part shot. The shot is still sometimes sexy but is isn't pushed over done and cheesy.

Did you know a women shoe model is a size 6 shoe.
Did you know a mens shoe model is a size 8 shoe.

Most of these models are needed for ad campaigns and print work as well because it saves the brand money to use the sample shoes which are always a size 6 for commercial shoes. For high end fashion shoes I think it is a size 9 for women.

If you are petite but you have a great body, or good even skin color and tone,consider body part modeling.

Jump in your bikini, or bra and favorite pair of panties and share it with a magazine.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Modeling Industry is a Bitch

The Industry of modeling is a very short lived business if you are not open minded and you don't market yourself the right ways. Or you could model for 60 years!

Your choice!

The two shots you need of your self to really get ahead as a petite model is a nice clear, honest shot of your face. Mouth slightly parted, just YOU, your eyes, and the camera. Focus on working with a photographer that really knows his lighting and craft, work with a photographer that loves portraits, not really headshots. A photographer who wants to shoot YOU as YOU.

The next shot you need is a body shot. I don't mean it has to be sexy, I do mean it needs to be strong and represents your personality, shape. Whether you are in deed naked, or in a dress or jeans, the shot needs to be telling a story, the less you try to be cute and the more you focus on your persona making a statement you will then get the shot.

Petite modeling is a bitch sometimes with the standards, but you set your own when you say you can't. You have to say... I can. I can.I can. You have to push it, and try and bend the envelope, and push down the door until you get the results you need.
Whether it means getting an agent
Getting better photos
Getting in a magazine
Getting in an ad campaign

Focus on your goals and focus on your images

Monday, October 29, 2007

Is Modeling Based on Clicks or Tearsheets?

Because of the Internet modeling is made simple right? Or maybe it is made harder?

Myspace, facebook, have even become modeling and promotional sites. Do you have a page yet? I am sure you do.

Although with all the Internet minds and models, what makes one stand out among the rest?

Is it the photos you have on your page that are more revealing,impressive, or Photshopped?

Is it your tear sheets?

Is it your diversity as a model?

Is it all of these things or are you seeking to get an agent, an agency and get into the magazine, and get exposure with an ad campaign on your resume too?

Ask yourself... What are you doing -actively to effect your own career, pursuits and hobby of modeling?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ethnic Models

Dear Ethnic Models,
I was recently asked how ethnic models can get ahead.

I think one thing to keep in mind is that most ad campaigns like to include ALL races, colors and this means the chances to get work are higher.

Pay attention to ad campaigns, most ads and commercials always have an ethnic model/actor in the shot.

I think beyond hair magazines, sexy men's magazines, there is also
Latina Magazine
Heart and Soul Magazine
O magazine
Self magazine
Allure magazine

And All of beauty magazines have work for the ethnic models.

Focus on getting a nice headshot and then a shot of you in a dress or jeans natural, as you are and submit both to all of these magazines editorial departments or Google
Ethnic Modeling agencies or Commercial print modeling agencies and you will find that MOST agencies do need ethnic models because the demand in that market is high.
Not just for Univision and BET but for products like:
hair products,
Skin care
Ad campaigns for lifestyle products like Verizon, McDonalds, ect

There is ALOT out there.


Art Schools are great places for models to get free images and quality images.

Try hitting up a photography department at a college and ask if they need models for their lighting classes. You will also get photos and also since all of the students will be shooting you, you will also get diversity and get to warm up to modeling in a creative way.

This is a great way for a newbie to modeling to break into being comfortable infront of the camera.

The Internet is a great tool but there are ways to get images beyond,,,, and although these sources can be helpful it is best to not stick to ONLY one source to get ahead.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Challange of Being You

It is a challenge to be a petite model. But there is a lot of opportunity if you stay driven! A lot of the success you will find will be find through yourself and once you accept that you will find reason to think beyond the typical model box and standards.

The Tools aren't just The Internet and The Photographers. The Biggest TOOL is you, and the research you do, the networking, the pitching,selling and marketing of yourself as a model.

Also I wouldn't say you are a petite model in a bad way.

For example refrain from these sentences:

" I know I am so short..."
" I don't know if I can model."
" I know I am petite."
"...I am a good model for a short model."
" I don't know if I should submit to an agent, I am so short."

Instead pronounce your traits...great eyes, hair, skin tone, energy, great at posing, at conceptualizing ideas, your curves, your proportioned body not your short body.

Sometimes simply being on time and easy to work with will get you the job, or opportunity.
Focus on who you are beyond your height and so will everyone else.

Being a Picky Bitch is Ok

It is ok to say " no sorry I don't want to work with you." It is ok to be picky and want to shoot with a talented photographer and not some phony. Here are few tips when it comes to researching and finding a good photographer which will get you ahead as a model.

First: Your goals are important -so set them. And stick to them.
Second: Think big, not small. You might need the Internet to get your foot wet in modeling, but the Internet is only one tool, you need to meet the right people and sell your ideas, personality, look and ability to be the best model for the job.
Third: You also have the upper hand, it isn't only about the photographer picky you, it is about YOU picky the photographer.

If your goal is to be in a magazine, then focus on what magazines you like and want to be in and focus on the images you need. Whether you are personally submitting yourself or submitting your images to an agent you need to first work with a photographer to get it rollin' - Unless you are 5'10 and you walk into Ford Models and they love you!

1. Ask the photographers shooting history, how long has he/she been shooting ??
2. Ask him what he/she typical likes to shoot ?
3. Ask the photographer if he/she has ever shot for a magazine ?
4. Ask the photographer if he/she has make up artists?
5. Ask the photographer if he/she has any ideas he wants to shoot ?
5. Ask how long it takes to get the images on a CD or Prints, -that day? a week? a month?

If the answers are appealing and you feel they will get you ahead plan a shoot, if not, then pitch your ideas but don't waste your time pitching an idea to an asshole or someone who isn't as driven as you!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Modeling Industry Photo Shoots

Putting together a comp card with your images to then be sent to an agent should include a really nice face shot. A headshot or portrait can be so dull and same old. And sometimes staring into a camera lens makes you look like a deer facing head lights after awhile. Make a Duhhhh face.

Here are some prop ideas for styling your face shoot.

1. Use a scarf or a piece of fur to wrap around your neck.

2. Lay down on the ground and look up at the camera

3. Be nude and look over your shoulder or wear a sweater or shirt that is a boat cut and lets your shoulders show.

4. Use a hood from a jacket or sweater to frame your face

5. Put a scarf around your head and tame down your hair and make the shot more
about your eyes.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Modeling means your Photos Sell you

The photos are your portable business card, and it usually isn't just one photo shoot that will get you somewhere. Seek out photographers that know how to shoot you to look your best, a talented photographer can handle that you might be 6 inches shorter than a super model!

Work with a photographer who can bring your best assets forward.

Getting representation is important to get ahead, but also reading magazines, and paying attention to what types of models are working, and posted on the billboards can give you a better understanding of how to market yourself. Today it is abotu natural sexuality, natural smiles, and being happy with an edge for being who you are. Look at the ad's for Banana Republic even, those girls have smiles but also sass. Look at a commercial for Verizon or Cingular, even those models and actors have personality, spunk. Not every model is tall, hot and stunning, but they have a spark to them. An admired personality seen within the photo.

When shooting use our whole self not just one side. Show your personality.

Ask your self: What are my goals. And focus on being a better model and being active within your own pursuits.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Short girls can model -The First Steps

So maybe you have been told your too short? Maybe you are interested in modeling but don't know where to start. Well get ready to be your own business and start researching about the modeling business. Being petite is a challenge, it isn't easy to start modeling when you aren't the standard, but there are chances and opportunities out there for you. You just have to find them.

Google will become your best friend and sort of like starting a business from scratch you will learn how to market yourself as a model. This blog shares some tips and advice for petite models and The first thing you will need are photos.

A Head shot, a body shot, a smile, and an action shot are a good way to start off.

And to skip paying for a photographer if you are low on cash there are easy ways to get a photographer to shoot you for free or very little money.

1.-Try your local colleges photo departments- ask if the students need a model. Usually you will get good results to get you going
2.-Sign up for a free modeling website like Modelmayhem or but for these sites you will need to be careful about who you work with and picky, since not all photographers on these sites are professional.
3. Even have a friend take some basic photos of you with their digital camera.
4. Call up local modeling agencies and ask if they can refer you to a photographer
5. Call up a local newspaper and ask if they can give you the name of a freelance photographer

The more professionals you work with the more professional you will be so focus on that.

You will quickly learn the modeling lingo and one of the first things you will learn is the symbol
TFP- which means TIME FOR PRINT, which means the photographer wont pay you, you wont have to pay them but you both will be able to use the photos.

I would get on Google and research photographers in your town or city and email them or call and ask if they TEST. Testing means a photographer might have an idea they want to try out on a model or it means similar to TFP they are testing you out as a model and it could lead to future work but at least for now you will get a CD of images which you can use to start marketing yourself online or to make a composite card with-(which is a 5 by 7 inch card -photo -business card sort of, that is used by modeling agencies to promote you to their clients) or with these images you can start making a portfolio book.

Petite Models: Are great for Swimwear

Swimwear modeling is great for Petite models. I don't just mean bikini modeling for men's magazines. Why not look into print,editorial, ad campaigns and trade shows. Swimwear trade shows welcome you into a brand and you might end up as their ad campaign model, and the money is pretty good. At least you will make 100$ a day. And you usually get to keep the swimwear too.

Research some dates of shows and contact the exhibitors and ask if they need a model, it is worth a shot. Pitch your own rate and start being your own business.

good luck!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Diversity is needed in Any Petite Model's Book

When your considered short it is easy to only do nude work or sexier work, which is fine but to expand your range and have more opportunity I would try to get all types of shots.
-riding a bike (seriously)
-with hair up and down
-with makeup on and off
-smiling and with a laptop or holding a handbag for a more conservative look
-a shot of just you wearing shoes, not just heels but sneakers and flip flops all kinds
- a shot of you at the gym
- a shot with another model, male or female
-wearing a gown
-wearing a suit
-wearing nothing is fun but there is a lot more you can pursue if you test out your diversity.

Petite Modeling: Angling your body for length

Posing at an angle like in this shot gives your whole body length and also it makes your stomach appear strong and flat.

Petite Modeling Posing to look lean and delicate

A natural pose is usually when you aren't even looking. Using jewelry is your shots also creates more color and personality.
Arching your back makes you appear leaner and taller.
This is a great shot from photographer Michael McCabe.

Petite Modeling: Tips for posing on a Couch

Here is a photo to give an example of a good way to give length to your legs, create spaces to give your legs a leaner look. Being petite means the thighs need to always be seperated when shooting or else you will look even shorter!

Modeling Photos

When showing off your modeling photos on Internet website be aware that every thing you download does have the chance to never be removed from the Internet, and just because you delete it doesn't mean it is ever really gone. If you were to download a photo of you now and then forget about it...5 years later it will most likely still be somewhere on the web. So be careful of what images you let to be exposed on the web.

Petite modeling source for advice and tips on modeling and modeling photos and inspiration for the petite models.