Monday, October 22, 2007

Modeling Industry Photo Shoots

Putting together a comp card with your images to then be sent to an agent should include a really nice face shot. A headshot or portrait can be so dull and same old. And sometimes staring into a camera lens makes you look like a deer facing head lights after awhile. Make a Duhhhh face.

Here are some prop ideas for styling your face shoot.

1. Use a scarf or a piece of fur to wrap around your neck.

2. Lay down on the ground and look up at the camera

3. Be nude and look over your shoulder or wear a sweater or shirt that is a boat cut and lets your shoulders show.

4. Use a hood from a jacket or sweater to frame your face

5. Put a scarf around your head and tame down your hair and make the shot more
about your eyes.

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