Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting a Modeling Agency is Easy if Your Savvy

Modeling agencies are acceptance into the modeling world, but they are not the door into the modeling world. A lot of girls think if they can just get an agency then their life and modeling goals will be answers and easy, but this is simply not true. In today's world having a modeling agency is just part of the hustle to be a model, just one little step. Although it is helpful, no one should ever rely on someone else, to really care about whether you succeed or not as a model. You can't hope someone is going to make your dreams come true, but an agent is helpful when it comes to getting booked for jobs with brands you originally couldn't have found yourself. Put your mind in the agents perspective, and think about the phone calls that agent gets each day, from magazines, products, ad agency's, the people in need of models. There is a lot of work out there, but the agents job is just taking the best talent they have and submitting it, working hard to get the job booked and get you as the model can get paid. You are sort of catagorized and then a number, a name on the roster, and hopefully you will be picked today, sent out to the casting and booked, but it is hard enough sometimes to get an agent in the first place but here are three tips:

Photos: Do you have photos that bring forward your best features?
Modeling Agency and Talent Agencys- don't forget there are talent agencies that accept petite models as well. Check out the Ross Reports for names and addresses ( Google it)
Using more than just your Face: There is also Voice over work and also Parts modeling, shoe modeling, and hand modeling that can get you into the door.

If you can't get an agent the first time, you should still try ten more times, or how ever long it takes. If you have energy and you are driven, you will get an agent on that alone!

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