Friday, December 14, 2007

Becoming a model: lingerie modeling

Becoming a print model for modeling lingerie in magazines, editorials, catalogs and ad campaigns takes having the right photos. The best way to get ahead is to pay attention to what is already selling and what is already working, For example this can even mean reading the magazines you want to be in, so if you want to model lingerie, sure take the pictures...but even reading Lingerie trade magazines and finding out about any aspiring lingerie companies who might need models would be a good idea too. You should be hunting on Google to get intouch with Lingerie brands you want to model for. A lot of lingerie ads are designed to look sincere, soft, and whispy, not really posed hard and edgy, a lot of lingerie ads and intimates brands don't use models with huge breasts either. Just because you are an A cup or B cup doesn't mean you can't model lingerie

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