Saturday, November 24, 2007

Being Discovered

BEING Discovered, is really Being a persistent, go-getter.
When a girl asks herself or myself “How can I start modeling?” My answer is marketing. It shocks me when girls want to be models but they don’t know anything about it. It makes me wonder where the “want to be a model” comes from? When I started modeling I had a need to feel admired and wanted and seen and I grew obsessed with it, ( counting the hits and clicks on my modeling page on the Internet) but that will get you no where fast. You have to get with the modeling program and be where the client will be. And think about the industry from the clients perspective. Client meaning, the magazines, and products you want to model for. They all have marketing professionals who are planning the next campaign and promotional tool. Basically what it comes down to is change, even with the Internet, the industry hasn’t changed all that much. Regardless if the access to the modeling world is found through the Internet and it is so easy to feel like a model, do you think the marketing team at Nike or Gucci go on the Internet to find their models?

The old fashion agency way is still the way. Being discovered is a word for those who are tall, and expected in modeling. But You can still promote yourself and get your own work as a petite model if you keep working hard, and Make it happen for yourself. If you want to do something ( like modeling) and it is difficult or it makes you the underdog by trying it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

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