Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Being a Picky Bitch is Ok

It is ok to say " no sorry I don't want to work with you." It is ok to be picky and want to shoot with a talented photographer and not some phony. Here are few tips when it comes to researching and finding a good photographer which will get you ahead as a model.

First: Your goals are important -so set them. And stick to them.
Second: Think big, not small. You might need the Internet to get your foot wet in modeling, but the Internet is only one tool, you need to meet the right people and sell your ideas, personality, look and ability to be the best model for the job.
Third: You also have the upper hand, it isn't only about the photographer picky you, it is about YOU picky the photographer.

If your goal is to be in a magazine, then focus on what magazines you like and want to be in and focus on the images you need. Whether you are personally submitting yourself or submitting your images to an agent you need to first work with a photographer to get it rollin' - Unless you are 5'10 and you walk into Ford Models and they love you!

1. Ask the photographers shooting history, how long has he/she been shooting ??
2. Ask him what he/she typical likes to shoot ?
3. Ask the photographer if he/she has ever shot for a magazine ?
4. Ask the photographer if he/she has make up artists?
5. Ask the photographer if he/she has any ideas he wants to shoot ?
5. Ask how long it takes to get the images on a CD or Prints, -that day? a week? a month?

If the answers are appealing and you feel they will get you ahead plan a shoot, if not, then pitch your ideas but don't waste your time pitching an idea to an asshole or someone who isn't as driven as you!

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