Sunday, December 2, 2007

Think Big Petite Models, Think Local

Being the face of an ad campaign might be your goal, and to get some tearsheets which can lead to that, think local!

Is there a newspaper in your town that uses models for their ad section?
Do you notice any new stores opening in your town?

When you are interested in modeling and starting out, it is ok to look local.
It leads to the bigger jobs.

As always photos are the most important thing, you can call a modeling agency in your town and ask if they can suggest a photographer, or go to a local college ( I have mentioned this before and it works!) or research photographers in your town who do photography full time. They will be more professional to work with and unless you can manage yourself, I would stay away from modeling sites until you can handle meeting someone you don't know. And it is always ok to bring a friend with you.

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