Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Models are Seeking through the Scams

Fighting to get ahead as a petite model, is sort of like creating your own business.
Launching it, marketing it, meeting the right people, building your portfolio and building your resume and credits.

I ask myself daily " what is modeling really, and what isn't?"

Are girls who use the Internet to get places, verse the girls who have agents calling them everyday not models?

I think the difference is that as petite models, the Internet is our outlet alot of the times, our marketing tool, sometimes our only way, and instead of a store that we open every day, we show up with our fruit cart and push it daily trying to break through the barriers of acceptance. Petite models might run into more scams because the path isn't paved for us, we have to create it ourselves.

From getting images, to getting representation, to getting ahead and getting work. It is a hustle every day.

But dont get discourage, to every jerk you meet along the path you are paving, there is a purpose to continue on.

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