Friday, November 16, 2007

Petite Modeling- freelancing with an Agency

Who is your agent?
Who are your signed with?
Who do you work with?

Theses are all questions I have got over the past years, and I find it funny because most of the time, I am my own agent. I do work with commercial print agencies but I never leave the work in another's hands, no promising, or promises in this industry.

Did you know you don't have to SIGN with an agency to get one?

You can freelance.

For fashion agencies they want you to sign because of competition and they want to focus on their main girls without worring that some other agency is going to steal them. But for commercial print modeling, for petite models, freelancing is great.

You can work with more than one agency and get work called upon, emailed, and booked by more than one agency. I work with 5 agencies, but mainly two call me very often, I never rely on one. And mostly I rely on myself!

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