Monday, November 5, 2007

Modeling Scams

On the phone she said " Are you still interested in modeling?"

This was a sure sign that it was a scam because if this person even looked for a moment at my website or images they would see that I am very much in deed striving as a model and have been doing well.

I sometimes test out castings on websites and even on Craigslist to see if they are scams and to weed through the bullshit and to give advice and insight from my experiences.

If when talking to an agency they ask " ARE YOU INTERESTED IN MODELING?" when your email you sent said directly " I am interested in modeling." then hang up the phone...and keep focusing on getting with the real program. Get an agent that understands your ambition right off the bat and no agency will ask you for money up front if it is legit.

Sometimes websites will ask for 10 bucks to post photos like but if a website asks for hundreds, please click another link and don't do it!

To get ahead you need to work with people who have ambition and that costs nothing!

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