Friday, December 28, 2007

Modeling Advice for Marketing with Diversity

These tips from from my own personal experiences:

1. Don't limit yourself to only one agent too soon, or one agency

2. Remember that there is no exuse for why you aren't in a magazine or working with brands and products yet. To be a model it can involve making it happen for yourself.

3. Do you homework, research, promote yourself, mail your photos out, contact photographers, be ambitious, and be honest with yourself about where in the modeling business you fit.

4. Modeling is for everyone. No joke. It is for the older man whistling on the street corner, and the high school girl modeling prom dresses in Seventeen magazine.

5. Be open minded, if you want to get ahead you have to think positive and focus on honestly what you can bring to the modeling business.

6. Making money as a model most likely wont be your only income, but getting paid what you are worth can come down to practice, to skip the mistakes, ask a lot of questions before you get booked on the job, ad campaign, photo shoot, commercial, music video. Sometimes a job is worth taking even if it doesn't pay that much because it will benefit your reel and lead to bigger jobs, I think the tear sheet and building your portfolio and reel are more important that getting a paycheck in the start, but once you are getting paid, make sure you have all the details for usage and the day rate and over time.

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