Thursday, November 22, 2007

The WORK of a Model

No matter your height modeling is work. Modeling means getting up and seriously pursuing with research and thinking of yourself as a business. Alot of girls end up shooting with no-name photographers and forget how easy it is to get an agency and really start getting modeling work that is true modeling.Or They rely on photographers to get them ahead and they never take the time to really make it happen for themselves. Just by shooting a few times, and then downloading your photos on an Internet wont always really make you a model. I take modeling very seriously, I am very active with my pursuits and every job, opportunity and connection I have is not from a friend or someone handing it to me, I have had to work from scratch to call myself a model and modeling, getting your tear-sheets and portfolio updated and comp cards prepared and mailing them out and getting an agency and getting to model for magazines, and representing a brand as a spokemodel all takes ALOT OF WORK. I don't have the phone ringing every day, every second and there isn't an agency always calling for me castings, but that doesn't mean I wait. I know the products I want to model for, and I research them and even contact the marketing department, I really get into my pursuits, and I wonder...don't models know...modeling is a lot of work? Being petite doesn't mean you can't start doing the research and grunt work and really taking action towards your career, there is no rule saying you can't make your own dreams happen, why haven't you called the agencies in your town yet? Why haven't you researched photographers who shoot for newspapers and advertising clients? Use Google!! Take ahold of it! and Start to get ahead.

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