Sunday, October 21, 2007

Petite Modeling means your Photos Sell you

The photos are your portable business card, and it usually isn't just one photo shoot that will get you somewhere. Seek out photographers that know how to shoot you to look your best, a talented photographer can handle that you might be 6 inches shorter than a super model!

Work with a photographer who can bring your best assets forward.

Getting representation is important to get ahead, but also reading magazines, and paying attention to what types of models are working, and posted on the billboards can give you a better understanding of how to market yourself. Today it is abotu natural sexuality, natural smiles, and being happy with an edge for being who you are. Look at the ad's for Banana Republic even, those girls have smiles but also sass. Look at a commercial for Verizon or Cingular, even those models and actors have personality, spunk. Not every model is tall, hot and stunning, but they have a spark to them. An admired personality seen within the photo.

When shooting use our whole self not just one side. Show your personality.

Ask your self: What are my goals. And focus on being a better model and being active within your own pursuits.

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