Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting an Agent Made Easy

I don't care what your height is, it is possible to get an agent.

Here are some questions to ask even after you have been turned down.
A fashion agency is less likely to smile at your photos, but a commercial print agency is more willing. So infront of an agent, or over the phone you can ask.

1. Monkey See, Monkey Do!
Maybe you should ask before you leave and shut the agency door for good.
"Do you have a sample compcard, or images from models you work with that I can see and use for improving my portfolio and images?" It is good to see what the agency likes, what intrigues them, what shots and models are they using. You can also look on their website perhaps too.

2. If your want to model, even if you are short, you must have some energy and interest and you must show it, so express it, tell the agent how ambitious you are and how hard you will work to get the images you need to be accepted. Even ask, " what photographers do you use?" or " what type of modeling do you think I would be good for?"

3. Mail mail mail your images over and over, it might take a year to get an agent, but it shouldn't if you research the agencies that might accept you more than a fashion agency. There are plenty of commercial print modeling agencies, and talent agencies. I would say the more commercial looking and girl next door your photos are, the more natural and smiling, and fun you look the more you will get ahead. Because The Girl Next door, the natural beauty, the girl with spunk and personality, will never go out of style and is always needed for commercials and print work.

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