Thursday, November 1, 2007

Petite Modeling Tips about Nude Modeling

If you want to use your body to get ahead refer to Ad campaigns, magazines, commercials, product posters in stores when the body is used in modeling.

Store like Sephora has a beautiful layout of posters of the nude body, of both a male and female. Look at both male and female fitness magazines or health magazines and you will find whether it is a women's magazine or a men's both are used in the magazines.

So body part work is for male models as well. Maybe a male model isn't tall and fashion appealing but for body part modeling, just like a female men are needed.

Consider having yourself shot in beauty and health ways. Fitness shots, even a shot of you putting on your makeup is an editorial shot similar to what you see in Self magazine or Cosmo magazine. Think of nudity and skin as more than just sex. It is also so many other things and done in so many ways. Even Allure magazine shows butts and breasts and and bare skin but it is done is a storytelling way or done with a body part shot. The shot is still sometimes sexy but is isn't pushed over done and cheesy.

Did you know a women shoe model is a size 6 shoe.
Did you know a mens shoe model is a size 8 shoe.

Most of these models are needed for ad campaigns and print work as well because it saves the brand money to use the sample shoes which are always a size 6 for commercial shoes. For high end fashion shoes I think it is a size 9 for women.

If you are petite but you have a great body, or good even skin color and tone,consider body part modeling.

Jump in your bikini, or bra and favorite pair of panties and share it with a magazine.

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