Monday, November 26, 2007

The Small Business of You

Like a small business modeling is about making opportunity for yourself. Sometimes this can mean tooting your own horn and flaunting what it is you can give the modeling industry. To feel like a model you can use the Internet and quickly in a matter of seconds now be one and have your own little modeling page but to get work, to get ahead it involves a lot more work.

I really think of modeling like owning a small business that is you. If you think of your goals with modeling like this you will start to get ahead. Imagine a handbag designer trying to launch her product and get inside department stores? Image her not having huge funds to pay for a publicist and starting the business out of her own apartment. Making the designs from scratch and really grass rooting her self. Well one of my best friends did this and does this and does it every day. She thinks beyond the box and has even walked up to celebrities and handed them her bags on the spot. And she can be a similar an example of how a model can market herself. And the thinking that needs to be applied to your own pursuits.

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