Friday, October 19, 2007

Petite Models: Are great for Swimwear

Swimwear modeling is great for Petite models. I don't just mean bikini modeling for men's magazines. Why not look into print,editorial, ad campaigns and trade shows. Swimwear trade shows welcome you into a brand and you might end up as their ad campaign model, and the money is pretty good. At least you will make 100$ a day. And you usually get to keep the swimwear too.

Research some dates of shows and contact the exhibitors and ask if they need a model, it is worth a shot. Pitch your own rate and start being your own business.

good luck!


xenswimwear said...

There is a big market for petie women as photographic models but to get designers to recognize this is near impossible.

Xen swimwear for instance will only use well formed petite models as they are easier to fit and their bodies are usually well proportioned.

I would never loose heart as there are many petite ramp models such as Kate Moss who is unusually short for a ramp model.

Anonymous said...

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