Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Modeling Industry is a Bitch

The Industry of modeling is a very short lived business if you are not open minded and you don't market yourself the right ways. Or you could model for 60 years!

Your choice!

The two shots you need of your self to really get ahead as a petite model is a nice clear, honest shot of your face. Mouth slightly parted, just YOU, your eyes, and the camera. Focus on working with a photographer that really knows his lighting and craft, work with a photographer that loves portraits, not really headshots. A photographer who wants to shoot YOU as YOU.

The next shot you need is a body shot. I don't mean it has to be sexy, I do mean it needs to be strong and represents your personality, shape. Whether you are in deed naked, or in a dress or jeans, the shot needs to be telling a story, the less you try to be cute and the more you focus on your persona making a statement you will then get the shot.

Petite modeling is a bitch sometimes with the standards, but you set your own when you say you can't. You have to say... I can. I can.I can. You have to push it, and try and bend the envelope, and push down the door until you get the results you need.
Whether it means getting an agent
Getting better photos
Getting in a magazine
Getting in an ad campaign

Focus on your goals and focus on your images

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