Friday, August 1, 2008

The Model and Photographer Internet exchange and the sloppy mess and danger of it

Well the internet is a great place to research and find information but it can be a sloppy and even dangerous place to mingle with photographers and models. That being of both sexes. Although I do NOT suggest an aspiring model or photographer who is serious and want to have a serious photography career stick to promoting themselves on the web and use social sites to do so. That is just not industry standard and although the web might sound intriguing and like the perfect way to network is can also lead to bad experiences. Very bad ones. And if you are trying to keep a good reputation and web is a perfect place that can ruin it. All it takes is one person to ruin your image.

Beware of the amateurs with bad intentions. A lot of social sites let those who are not serious title themselves with model and photographer, but the majority are not serious, and by serious I mean “shoot as a full time job or shoot with the intention and goals and actions of getting their work published, and working with legit brands, and magazines."

As a model you have to be more picky who you work with. Analyze the portfolio of the photographer, the credits, ask about their experience if it isn’t obvious.

Always meet the photographer beforehand, before you shoot, discuss your ideas, and bring idea to your meeting, and meet at a social place: a coffee store, a book store, somewhere where there is people. If the photographer has a studio ( a studio meaning a real studio as a working photo studio, not an apartment) feel free to bring a friend along if you feel weird about it, because you want to impress the photographer but you also need to know the photographer is worth your time, serious and not a scumbag.

The web offers an exchange of wanna be models and wanna be photographers, but as an aspiring model, you do not want to be categorized as a wanna be or amateur, you want to stay serious, ambitious and only work with the best. You are only as good as the photos and work you present in your modeling portfolio.

I do not suggest a model uses the web as a sole way to promote herself, and I only suggest her/him using the web if they are very,very, very ,extremely picky about who they work with. It would be better to stop by a photography school or call a modeling agency and ask about a photographer they can refer you to. And to only work with serious photographers who make a living doing photography.

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